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Hunt Xu 29edea0588 Fix errors in PrefixDelegation.remove_stale_ri_ifname
Firstly fix a typo (iteriterms -> iteritems) introduced by [1]. Then a
"dictionary changed size during iteration" RuntimeError is reported by
the newly added unit test.

[1] I17df98128c7a88e72e31251687f30f569df6b860.


Change-Id: I70c548eab2264b3f94ba1a215f933046345411a7
Signed-off-by: Hunt Xu <>
6 years ago
Robert Li bb3c0e8285 Add PD support in HA router
The following enhancements are added:
  -- PD keeps track of status of neutron routers: active or
     standalone (master), or standby (not master),
  -- PD DHCP clients are only spawned in the active router. In the
     standby router, PD keeps track of the assigned prefixes, but
     doesn't spawn DHCP clients.
  -- When switchover occurs, on the router becoming standby, PD
     clients are "killed" so that they don't send prefix withdrawals
     to the DHCP server. On the router becoming active, PD spawns DHCP
     clients with the assigned prefixes configured as hints in the
     DHCP client's configuration

Closes-Bug: #1651465
Change-Id: I17df98128c7a88e72e31251687f30f569df6b860
6 years ago
Brian Haley 7b5f01c2e5 Add IPv6 Prefix Delegation support for DVR
Unlike Legacy routers, DVR Edge Routers have their gateway
interfaces in the SNAT namespace as opposed to the router
namespace.  Added a new method to the router_info class,
get_gw_ns_name(), so callers can determine which namespace
the gateway device lives in.  This can then be over-ridden
in the DVR Edge router class.

The Prefix Delegation code will also now listen on the
update_router event from the l3-agent and reset the namespace
name if it changes.

Closes-Bug: #1541406
Change-Id: If6ada5027d0483fac7fc3ff935fee1edfc6e2759
6 years ago
Assaf Muller a158d62f30 Fix Prefix delegation router deletion key error
Change-Id: I1b7008bc6a9dd7d23a651023fd540eec3e46f072
Closes-Bug: #1489576
8 years ago