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Henry Gessau 61cc14fd67 Switch to neutron-lib for model_base
Change-Id: If5b2b4cc0346515ddef3da1255ab49327c8e5732
2016-08-31 11:12:18 -04:00
Dariusz Smigiel df9411dc11 Rename DB columns: tenant -> project
All occurences of ``tenant_id`` across the database are renamed
to ``project_id``. Both options are equally valid, but ``project_id``
is preferred.
To inform external users about the change, HasTenant class was

Partially-Implements: blueprint keystone-v3

Change-Id: I87a8ef342ccea004731ba0192b23a8e79bc382dc
2016-08-03 14:34:37 +00:00
Carl Baldwin bf2f1f1f87 Remove references to model_base through models_v2
I saw a patch set [1] that was running in to circular imports and
removing these.  I thought it'd be better to remove them all in one


Change-Id: If1a9ba3091ac99f01f73b98a7459358c3efd4dd5
2016-01-06 16:12:29 -07:00
Salvatore Orlando 3c584084c3 Introduce usage data tracking for Neutron
This patch introduces application logic support for tracking
Neutron resource usage data, thus introducing a different
way of enforcing quota limits, which now relies on records
tracking resource usage for each tenant.

When these records go "out-of-sync" with actual resource usage,
the quota usage table entry is marked "dirty".
And it will be resynchronized the next time a resource count is
requested. Changes in resource utilization are detected using
SQLAlchemy events.

This patch however does not automatically enable resource usage
tracking for any plugin. Plugins must explicitly declare for which
resources they wish to enable tracking. To this aim, this patch
provides the @tracked_resources decorator.

As some operators might wish to not use resource usage tracking, this
patch adds the track_quota_usage configuration option. If set to
False, DB-level usage tracking will not be performed, and
resources will be counted as before, ie: invoking a plugin method.

Usage tracking is performed using a new resource type,
TrackedResource, which can work side by side with CountableResource,
the one Neutron used so far. To this aim a ResourceRegistry class
has been introduced for registering and managing resources. Most
of the resource management code previously embedded in the
QuotaEngine class is being moved to ResourceRegistry as a part of
this patch.

Partially implements blueprint better-quota

Change-Id: If461399900973a38d7b82e0b3ac54fc052f09529
2015-07-28 11:55:03 -07:00