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Boden R 95f1e03446 use plugin constants from neutron-lib
neutron-lib contains a number of the plugin related constants from
neutron.plugins.common.constants. This patch consumes those constants
from neutron-lib and removes them from neutron. In addition the notion
of the dummy plugin service type is moved strictly into the test
package of neutron since it's not a real service plugin.


Change-Id: I767c626f3fe6159ab3abd6a7ae3cb9893b79bf66
6 years ago
Inessa Vasilevskaya 7322bd6efb Make code follow log translation guideline
Since Pike log messages should not be translated.
This patch removes calls to i18n _LC, _LI, _LE, _LW from
logging logic throughout the code. Translators definition
from neutron._i18n is removed as well.
This patch also removes log translation verification from
ignore directive in tox.ini.

Change-Id: If9aa76fcf121c0e61a7c08088006c5873faee56e
6 years ago
Boden R fde6710515 use MechanismDriver from neutron-lib + shim
The ml2 MechanismDriver is now in neutron-lib along with its associated
constants. This patch switches over to the lib versions of those, but
leaves a shim of the MechanismDriver that just ref's the driver from
lib. This shim allows our broad consumer base of the driver to switch
over at their leisure.


Change-Id: I99e3de6d933a1bb341394f85415fb07306a82a01
6 years ago
Kevin Benton 196e685278 Move get_vif_type hook point into mech_agent
This moves the get_vif_type hook point from OVS into the mech agent
base so other mechanism drivers can also return different VIF types
depending on the context of the binding.

This will be used by linux bridge in change

Change-Id: I3b695909c954158df90f436a7ed259890977d25a
6 years ago
Boden R 0e2b667bf1 use neutron-lib callbacks
The callback modules have been available in neutron-lib since commit [1]
and are ready for consumption.

As the callback registry is implemented with a singleton manager
instance, sync complications can arise ensuring all consumers switch to
lib's implementation at the same time. Therefore this consumption has
been broken down:
1) Shim neutron's callbacks using lib's callback system and remove
existing neutron internals related to callbacks (devref, UTs, etc.).
2) Switch all neutron's callback imports over to neutron-lib's.
3) Have all sub-projects using callbacks move their imports over to use
neutron-lib's callbacks implementation.
4) Remove the callback shims in neutron-lib once sub-projects are moved
over to lib's callbacks.
5) Follow-on patches moving our existing uses of callbacks to the new
event payload model provided by

This patch implements #2 from above, moving all neutron's callback
imports to use neutron-lib's callbacks.

There are also a few places in the UT code that still patch callbacks,
we can address those in step #4 which may need [2].


[1] fea8bb64ba7ff52632c2bd3e3298eaedf623ee4f
[2] I9966c90e3f90552b41ed84a68b19f3e540426432

Change-Id: I8dae56f0f5c009bdf3e8ebfa1b360756216ab886
6 years ago
Dongcan Ye 2d6290daf7 Add network_id in segment check log
For the purpose of debug, it will useful to know network_id in

Change-Id: I16c4a9da6ae0e32f82d1e454500e2d7236169238
6 years ago
Jenkins 45255dadd4 Merge "Use 'segment' instead of 'network' in log" 6 years ago
Lizhixin e3616cec7a Use 'segment' instead of 'network' in log
This logging statement is about segments, not networks.

Change-Id: I4753557f4530e45ed3eddffec5287ec0a1ae8ed8
6 years ago
Boden R 7bd521e7ce use neutron_lib's portbindings api-def
Neutron-lib 1.1.0 is now out and contains the portbindings
API definition (as per commit [1]). This patch moves neutron
references over to the neutron-lib version.

- Consumers using the public constants within neutron's
portbindings API extension must now use the values
from neutron-lib.

[1] 87e42f993c07ae320159d5123662ee9f3bd4d903

Change-Id: I669af9b4c712877772d91a03857ab108714001d4
6 years ago
Kevin Benton 7ff0a50ed9 Downgrade binding skip in mech_agent
When multiple mech drivers are loaded, it's very common to
have on not find agents on a host, we shouldn't emit a warning
in this condition. The mechanism manager will log an error if
there is an actual failure to bind a port.

Change-Id: Icb643f6ffc6699579394d1e5d42f7bbfdcad6de4
Closes-Bug: #1622559
7 years ago
Gary Kotton 993446bc23 ML2: use neutron-lib for PORT_STATUS_ACTIVE

Change-Id: I0a7dcb73ab1bb51aeda87520c117b6adecd3be30
Closes-bug: #1586780
7 years ago
Kevin Benton b672c26cb4 Add provisioning blocks to status ACTIVE transition
Sometimes an object requires multiple disjoint actors to complete
a set of tasks before the status of the object should be transitioned
to ACTIVE. The main example of this is when a port is being created.
The L2 agent has to do its business to wire up the VIF, but at the same
time the DHCP agent has to setup the DHCP reservation. This led to
Nova booting the VM when the L2 agent was done even though the DHCP
agent may have been nowhere near ready.

This patch introduces a provisioning blocks mechansim that allows the
entities to be tracked that need to be involved to make a transition
to ACTIVE happen. See the devref in the dependent patch for a high-level
view of how this works.

The ML2 code is updated to use this new mechanism to prevent updating
the port status to ACTIVE without both the DHCP agent and L2 agent
reporting that the port is ready.

The DHCP RPC API required a version bump to allow the port ready

This also adds a devref doc for the provisioning_blocks
module with a high-level overview of how it works in addition
to a detailed description of how it is used specifically with
ML2, the L2 agents, and the DHCP agents.

Closes-Bug: #1453350
Change-Id: Id85ff6de1a14a550ab50baf4f79d3130af3680c8
7 years ago
Jenkins 98c93a050b Merge "Make DHCP agent scheduler physical_network aware" 7 years ago
rossella c6db32e8a7 Improve logging for port binding
When binding a port fails, it's really hard right now to
understand the reasons of the failure, unless the log level
is set to debug. In addition to that many log statement
are duplicated.
The goal of this patch is to solve these problems.

Closes-bug: #1543510
Change-Id: I262973126e8ca5af2b20a3a5bc35dea4251c0a78
7 years ago
Assaf Muller 0267c6a5ac Make DHCP agent scheduler physical_network aware
Currently neutron DCHP scheduler assumes that that every server running
a dhcp-agent can reach every network. Typically the scheduler can
wrongly schedule a vlan network on a dhcp-agent that has no reachability
to the network it's supposed to serve (ex: network's physical_network
not supported).

Typically such usecase can append if:

* physical_networks are dedicated to a specific service and we don't
  want to mix dnsmasqs related to different services (for
  isolation/configuration purpose),
* physical_networks are dedicated to a specific rack (see example
  diagram, the rack interconnection can
  be handled outside of neutron or inside when routed-networks will be

This change makes the DHCP scheduler network reachability aware by
querying plugin's filter_hosts_with_network_access method.

This change provides an implementation for ML2 plugin delegating host
filtering to its mechanism drivers: it aggregates the filtering done by
each mechanism or disables filtering if any mechanism doesn't overload
default mechanism implementation[1] (for backward compatibility with
out-of-tree mechanisms). Every in-tree mechanism overloads the default
implementation: OVS/LB/SRIOV mechanisms use their agent mapping to filter
hosts, l2pop/test/logger ones return empty set (they provide to "L2

This change provides a default implementation[2] for other plugins
filtering nothing (for backward compatibility), they can overload it to
provide their own implementation.

Such host filtering has some limitations if a dhcp-agent is on a host
handled by multiple l2 mechanisms with one mechanism claiming network
reachability but not the one handling dhcp-agent ports. Indeed the
host is able to reach the network but not dhcp-agent ports! Such
limitation will be handled in a follow-up change using host+vif_type

[1] neutron.plugin.ml2.driver_api.MechanismDriver.\
[2] neutron.db.agents_db.AgentDbMixin.filter_hosts_with_network_access

Closes-Bug: #1478100
Co-Authored-By: Cedric Brandily <>
Change-Id: I0501d47404c8adbec4bccb84ac5980e045da68b3
7 years ago
Bhagyashri Shewale 88e899f7a0 Fix module's import order
Made corrections in import order for built-in, third party and
project specific modules as per OpenStack import standards [1].


Change-Id: I899deefd6ee4732d6c0afd17a5afbe42b0fa37ba
7 years ago
Jenkins 770624b13b Merge "Make port binding message on dead agents clear" 8 years ago
Kevin Benton 7dc718d1d7 Make port binding message on dead agents clear
The previous message was misleading because it made it
sound like port binding was being attempted even though
the agent is dead. However, the actual logic is that
binding will be completely skipped if the agent is dead.

This patch updates the message to make that clear and also
provides the port ID as part of the warning so operators
without debugging enabled can see which ports failed.

Change-Id: Ic5031ad8fb06062e9d12b87430d89fc37eb6cde0
Closes-Bug: #1522192
8 years ago
Doug Wiegley dd726ed494 Move i18n to _i18n, as per oslo_i18n guidelines
- This does NOT break other projects that rely on neutron.i18n,
  as this change includes a debtcollector shim to maintain those
  older entry points, until they can migrate.
- Also updates to the latest pattern defined by oslo_i18n
- Guidance and template are from the reference:

Partially-Closes-Bug: #1519493
Change-Id: I1aa3a5fd837d9156da4643a367013c869ed8bf9d
8 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 22328baf1f Migrate to oslo.log
It's mostly a matter of changing imports to a new location.

Non-obvious changes needed:
* pass overwrite= argument to oslo_context since oslo.log reads context
  from its thread local store and not from incubator
* don't store context at now that there is no code that
  would consume it
* LOG.deprecated() -> versionutils.report_deprecated_feature()
* dropped LOG.audit check from hacking rule since now the method does
  not exist
* WritableLogger is now located in oslo_log.loggers

Dropped log module from the tree. Also dropped local module that is now
of no use (and obsolete, as per oslo team).

Added versionutils back to openstack-common.conf since now we use the
module directly from neutron code and not just as a dependency of some
other oslo-incubator module.

Note: tempest tests are expected to be broken now, so instead of fixing
all the oslo.log related issues for the subtree in this patch, I only
added TODOs with directions for later fix.

Closes-Bug: #1425013
Change-Id: I310e059a815377579de6bb2aa204de168e72571e
8 years ago
Jenkins f2b1ef2c40 Merge "ML2: Driver API changes for hierarchical port binding" 8 years ago
Assaf Muller 72e285ac1a Improve agent-based flat/vlan ml2 port binding failure logging
Port binding failure is an error and should be reported as such.
Additionally, if a port binding fails on a host due to missing
bridge mappings, it's currently quite a mystery to find out. This
should be logged instead of requiring users to debug code. Not
everyone enjoys debugging Python, as weird as that is!

I refactored out the common code in check_segment_for_agent
in order to make logging more robust for all agent-based mechanism
drivers. The OVS and LB mech drivers already log due to a bridge
mappings mismatch and the other agent based mech drivers
will now log as well.

Closes-Bug: #1377710
Change-Id: I451a0763908adcd845721e8cda7f3189da6c8b81
8 years ago
Robert Kukura 4d143b710d ML2: Driver API changes for hierarchical port binding
The following ML2 driver API changes are required to support
hierarchical port binding:

* Add segments_to_bind PortContext property containing the list of
  network segments with which a mechanism driver should try to bind
  the port. All mechanism drivers that bind ports should now use this
  property in place of network.network_segments, which contains only
  the network's static segments.

* Replace several PortContext properties (bound_segment, bound_driver,
  original_bound_segment, original_bound_driver) with new properties
  (binding_levels, top_bound_segment, bottom_bound_segment,
  original_binding_levels, original_top_bound_segment,
  original_bottom_bound_segment) in order to represent hierarchical

* Add stubbed-out continue_binding() method to PortContext, allowing
  mechanism drivers to partially bind the port.

All existing drivers and unit tests are updated accordingly.

The DB schema changes and logic required for hierarchical port binding
will be implemented in dependent patches.

Gerrit Spec:

Partially-implements: blueprint ml2-hierarchical-port-binding

Change-Id: Icb1a016f4661e427cb6cfa3452802ba5e64b7124
8 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 3f44c9e278 Migrate to oslo.i18n
Mostly trivial import changes.

- oslo.i18n no longer provide install() method to inject _() into
  globals(), so removed all calls to it;
- removed Babel from dependencies (it will now be grabbed by oslo.i18n);
- updated tox.ini to ignore import violations for oslo.i18n.

Change-Id: I6623d551f512fb7fe9bf35ee734ed6d4c6cbc287
9 years ago
Romil Gupta 6d67c14e1a Update i18n translation for ML2 plugin log msg's
All the existing, LOG.warning, LOG.error and LOG.critical
messages should have _LI, _LW, _LE and _LC respectively.
 Also, debug level log shouldn't be translated.

This patch set will cover the ml2 directory under neutron/plugins.

Partial-Bug: #1320867
Change-Id: I9d78d23bbc14e7c536c6ddf2dc4f52c67faeb667
9 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 045ae35e51 ML2: Update a comment after the recent bind_port change
A missing comment update in
commit b1677dcb80.

No functional changes.

Change-Id: Icf1bd66a8c093d0b40632e22be662a3c8ba5c48b
9 years ago
Robert Kukura b1677dcb80 ML2: Bind ports outside transactions
The ML2 plugin now calls the bind_port() operation on the registered
mechanism drivers outside of any enclosing DB transaction. Ports are
created or updated in one transaction, then a binding is established
if possible, and finally a second transaction commits the binding

With [re]binding moved outside the DB transaction that triggered it,
it is now possible that multiple threads or processes will
concurrently try to bind the same port, or that the port will be
updated between transactions. Concurrent attempts to bind the same
port are allowed to proceed, which results are used is resolved in the
second transaction, and binding is retried if necessary.

Improvements to the Cisco Nexus driver and unit tests from Rich Curran
needed due to the binding changes are also included.

Closes-Bug: 1276391
Closes-Bug: 1335226
Change-Id: I65dafc330d6e812dad0667d2383858504d0ba299
9 years ago
Matthew Treinish 0755e7b379 Enable hacking H301 check
This commit enables the H301 hacking rule by removing all the
multiple imports in a single line from neutron.

Partial-Bug: #1291032

Change-Id: I7ba7f82fb36a433d73190eb3d568b6961ccb57c6
9 years ago
Robert Kukura a57dc2c30a ML2: Remove validate_port_binding() and unbind_port()
The API implemented by ML2 mechanism drivers included three methods
related to port binding that were called within DB transactions, but
that could potentially involve communication with controllers or
devices that should not be done within transactions. A subsequent
patch will move the calls to bind_port() outside of tranactions. This
patch eliminates the other two methods from the MechanismDriver API.

The validate_port_binding() method was previously called on the bound
mechanism driver to check whether an existing binding was still valid,
so that the port could be rebound if something changed. But since nova
has no way to handle changes to binding:vif_type or
binding:vif_details after a port is initially plugged, this turned out
not to be useful, so the method has been removed from the
MechanismDriver API. Now, once a port is successfully bound, the
binding remains until the port is deleted or any of it's
binding:host_id, binding:vnic_type, or binding:profile attribute
values are changed.

The unbind_port() method was previously called on the bound mechanism
driver as an existing binding was removed. This method was not used by
any existing mechanism drivers, and was redundant with the
update_port_precommit() and update_port_postcommit() methods that are
called on all mechanism drivers when an existing binding is removed,
so this method has also been removed from the driver API.

Eliminating the unbind_port() call allows the binding details to be
made available via the PortContext in delete_port_postcommit() calls,
completing the resolution of bug 1276395.

Closes-bug: 1276395
Partial-bug: 1276391
Change-Id: I70fb65b478373c4f07f5273baa097fc50e5ba2ef
9 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong 39beff9cf2 return false or true according to binding result
Change-Id: I23a47c6c7c9be989e65c144b2277c42eeaaade3f
Closes-Bug: 1294500
9 years ago
Bob Kukura be8a068943 Replace binding:capabilities with binding:vif_details
In addition to binding:vif_type, the neutron core plugin needs to
supply various information to nova's VIF driver, such as VIF security
details and PCI details when SR-IOV is being used. This information is
read-only, requires admin privileges, and is not intended for normal
users. Rather than add separate mechanisms throughout the stack for
each such requirement, the binding:capabilities port attibute, which
is a dictionary and is not currently not used by nova, is renamed to
binding:vif_details to serve as a general-purpose mechanism for
supplying binding-specific details to the VIF driver.

This patch does not remove or replace the CAP_PORT_FILTER boolean
previously used in binding:capabilities. A separate patch should
implement the specific key/value pairs carried by binding:vif_details
to implement VIF security. Another patch will implement the key/value
pairs needed for SR-IOV.

The ML2 plugin now allows the bound mechanism driver to supply the
binding:vif_details dictionary content, instead of just the
CAP_PORT_FILTER boolean previously carried by the binding:capabilities

DocImpact: Need to update portbinding extension API, but no impact on
user or administrator documentation.

Implements: blueprint vif-details
Related-Bug: 1112912
Change-Id: I34be746fcfa73c70f72b4f9add8eff3ac88c723f
9 years ago
Irena Berezovsky 9623e6c967 Add support to request vnic type on port
This patch adds support for requested vnic_type to be plugged to neutron port to ML2 plugin.
This patch contains:
1. New attribute 'binding:vnic_type' added to port binding extension.
   Possible values are 'direct', 'macvtap' and 'normal'.
   'binding:vnic_type' is allowed to be defined on port creation or changed
   on port update by admin or tenant user.
   'binding:vnic_type' can be also skipped in port defintion
2. Management of vnic_type by ML2 plugin, assuming default
3. Add 'vnic_type' to ml2_port_bindings DB table
4. Add supported vnic_types for MechanismDrivers that are capable to bind
5. Add DB migration script for ml2_vnic_type.

DocImpact: Need to update portbindings API docs and include in SR-IOV user docs

Change-Id: Ic88708fa9ece742f807c1d09bb49e499f99bd092
Implements: blueprint ml2-request-vnic-type
9 years ago
fujioka yuuichi 6096dd5892 Apply six for metaclass
__metaclass__ cannot be used in python3.
six be used in general for python 3 compatibility.

Change-Id: Ib0d71b9676dc01390679396443575c05975d3b58
Closes-Bug: #1236648
10 years ago
Bob Kukura 8bc02a7fbe Implement ML2 port binding
The ml2 plugin uses mechanism drivers to determine which network
segment and what VIF driver to use for a port. Mechanism drivers
supporting the openvswitch, linuxbridge, and hyperv agents are
added. The binding:host attribute is set on ports belonging to the
dhcp and l3 agents so that they can be bound.

To use with devstack until it is updated, set
"Q_ML2_PLUGIN_MECHANISM_DRIVERS=openvswitch,linuxbridge" in localrc.

The hyperv L2 agent does not currently implement the agents_db RPC,
and will therefore not work with its ml2 mechanism driver. This issue
will be tracked as a bug to be fixed in a separate merge.

implements blueprint: ml2-portbinding

Change-Id: Icb9c70d8b0d7fcb34b57adc760bb713b740e5dad
10 years ago