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Slawek Kaplonski 152364dbc8 Add neutron-status upgrade check command framework
This adds basic framework for neutron-status upgrade check commands.

For now it has only "check_nothing" check implemented.
Real checks can be added to this tool in the future.


Change-Id: Ib08119e1bb8de80856edb6a39769d4bc9d98c587
Story: 2003657
Task: 26144
5 years ago
chenxing a683978968 import content from cli-reference in openstack-manuals
The following commands are provided by the neutron repo,
so the corresponding CLI references are imported here.

- neutron-sanity-check
- neutron-debug

The purpose of this commit is just to import the CLI reference
related to the neutron repo as-is.

Co-Authored-By: Akihiro Motoki <>
Change-Id: Ib514b3653cff615ee5b14e087fdd5985d7c4285b
6 years ago