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14 Commits (91f0bf3c8511bf3b0cc63746f767d8d4dce601bd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Nate Johnston 2dc61dfbcc Utilize bulk port creation ops in ml2 plugin 4 years ago
Nate Johnston 80b48ebd4a Add bulk port creation of DB objects 4 years ago
Kevin Benton acbabaa3db Make l2/l3 operations retriable at plugin level 6 years ago
Hong Hui Xiao 3e9c943f53 Use MultipleExceptions from neutorn-lib 6 years ago
Hong Hui Xiao 8398ec0d77 Add mechanism driver error details to MechanismDriverError 6 years ago
Henry Gessau ae5bad49cc Use exceptions from neutron-lib 7 years ago
Miguel Lavalle 93ac8b3a33 External DNS driver reference implementation 7 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński c615c6f3a7 ML2: verify if required extension drivers are loaded 7 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 2d8632e412 Use _ from neutron._i18n 7 years ago
Yalei Wang 08f0bb9ce5 Pass the extension driver exception to plugin 7 years ago
Yalei Wang 73845d564c Pass the extension driver exception to plugin 7 years ago
Pritesh Kothari 809e434d2d Moving VLAN Transparency support from core to extension 8 years ago
Pritesh Kothari 7dbe0d0486 Adding VLAN Transparency support for ML2 along with REST API changes 8 years ago
Weidong Shao 9334d1c98c Empty files should not contain copyright or license 8 years ago
Andre Pech 34798f3a1e Initial Modular L2 Mechanism Driver implementation. 10 years ago