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Ihar Hrachyshka 22328baf1f Migrate to oslo.log
It's mostly a matter of changing imports to a new location.

Non-obvious changes needed:
* pass overwrite= argument to oslo_context since oslo.log reads context
  from its thread local store and not from incubator
* don't store context at now that there is no code that
  would consume it
* LOG.deprecated() -> versionutils.report_deprecated_feature()
* dropped LOG.audit check from hacking rule since now the method does
  not exist
* WritableLogger is now located in oslo_log.loggers

Dropped log module from the tree. Also dropped local module that is now
of no use (and obsolete, as per oslo team).

Added versionutils back to openstack-common.conf since now we use the
module directly from neutron code and not just as a dependency of some
other oslo-incubator module.

Note: tempest tests are expected to be broken now, so instead of fixing
all the oslo.log related issues for the subtree in this patch, I only
added TODOs with directions for later fix.

Closes-Bug: #1425013
Change-Id: I310e059a815377579de6bb2aa204de168e72571e
8 years ago
Robert Kukura d675fddb57 ML2: Hierarchical port binding
The ML2 port binding logic is modified to support hierarchical
bindings. If a mechanism driver's bind_port() calls continue_binding()
rather than set_binding(), the supplied dynamic segments are used for
another level of binding.

Gerrit Spec:

Implements: blueprint ml2-hierarchical-port-binding

Change-Id: Id741c2d6c443fa0eac5ecf8d964b3fc14b5d3abe
8 years ago
Robert Kukura 0b790f6496 ML2: DB changes for hierarchical port binding
To support hierarchical port binding, the driver and segment columns
are moved from the ml2_port_bindings and ml2_dvr_port_bindings tables
to a new ml2_port_binding_levels table. This new table can store
multiple levels of binding information for each port. It has the host
as part of its primary key so that it can be used for both normal and
DVR port bindings.

The cap_port_filter column is also removed from the
ml2_dvr_port_bindings table, since the adjacent driver and segment
columns are being moved, and this can trivially be done via the same
DB migration. It was included in the table by mistake and was never

The logic required for hierarchical port binding will be implemented
in a dependent patch.

Gerrit Spec:

Partially-implements: blueprint ml2-hierarchical-port-binding

Change-Id: I08ddc384763087fbac0fa3da3ed6e99b897df031
8 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 7a2a85623d oslo: migrate to namespace-less import paths
Oslo project decided to move away from using oslo.* namespace for all their
libraries [1], so we should migrate to new import path.

This patch applies new paths for:
- oslo.config
- oslo.db
- oslo.i18n
- oslo.messaging
- oslo.middleware
- oslo.rootwrap
- oslo.serialization
- oslo.utils

Added hacking check to enforce new import paths for all oslo libraries.

Updated setup.cfg entry points.

We'll cleanup old imports from oslo-incubator modules on demand or
if/when oslo officially deprecates old namespace in one of the next



Closes-Bug: #1409733
Change-Id: If0dce29a0980206ace9866112be529436194d47e
8 years ago
Robert Kukura f9cdb351c9 ML2: Use same port binding logic for DVR ports as non-DVR ports
DVR ports are now bound using the same function,
Ml2Plugin._bind_port_if_needed(), that is used to bind non-DVR ports,
so that concurrent binding attempts are properly handled and mechanism
driver update_port_precommit() and update_port_postcommit() methods
are called. The Ml2Plugin._commit_dvr_port_binding() function is
eliminated, and the DvrPortContext class has been folded into the
PortContext class, reducing duplicated logic.

A followup patch will address the duplication of ML2 DB schema for DVR
and further reduce the duplicated and special-case port binding logic
supporting DVR.

Closes-Bug: 1415526
Closes-Bug: 1416783
Partial-Bug: 1367391

Change-Id: Ic32241297c5f8c67dc77d0af836b1cc0a5df988a
8 years ago
Robert Kukura 4d143b710d ML2: Driver API changes for hierarchical port binding
The following ML2 driver API changes are required to support
hierarchical port binding:

* Add segments_to_bind PortContext property containing the list of
  network segments with which a mechanism driver should try to bind
  the port. All mechanism drivers that bind ports should now use this
  property in place of network.network_segments, which contains only
  the network's static segments.

* Replace several PortContext properties (bound_segment, bound_driver,
  original_bound_segment, original_bound_driver) with new properties
  (binding_levels, top_bound_segment, bottom_bound_segment,
  original_binding_levels, original_top_bound_segment,
  original_bottom_bound_segment) in order to represent hierarchical

* Add stubbed-out continue_binding() method to PortContext, allowing
  mechanism drivers to partially bind the port.

All existing drivers and unit tests are updated accordingly.

The DB schema changes and logic required for hierarchical port binding
will be implemented in dependent patches.

Gerrit Spec:

Partially-implements: blueprint ml2-hierarchical-port-binding

Change-Id: Icb1a016f4661e427cb6cfa3452802ba5e64b7124
8 years ago
gordon chung 1d9c7d5c79 switch to oslo.serialization
jsonutils has been moved to the oslo.serialization library. in this
patch we bring in oslo.serialization and switch all references to
the new library.

Closes-Bug: #1385353
Change-Id: I2898c4040abb2f208959049708e7bc093cfbaba7
9 years ago
Arvind Somya 6c38103e09 ML2 Type Driver refactor part 2
This commit builds on top of part 1 to introduce support for creating
dynamic network segments in ML2.

Change-Id: I399e1569baae6f24054aac15c4c51a2e44a20e5b
Partially implements: Blueprint ml2-type-driver-refactor
9 years ago
Vivekanandan Narasimhan dc658273e7 Fix to enable L2pop to serve DVR
This change fixes the information used by the L2pop
driver to populate l2pop rules that enables DVR to
route packets across compute servers that have
tenant VMs that belong to different networks.
It also fixes the case where VMs were not able to
obtain IP Addresses when such VMs are on DVR
hosted subnets.

Change-Id: Ib630e57c186da60eb15f9ffa6b1b0bfa74f48caa
Closes-Bug: #1350485
Closes-Bug: #1352857
9 years ago
Vivekanandan Narasimhan cd35b1904e ML2 additions to support DVR
This patch introduces the changes necessary to
support DVR at Layer 2 with ML2, and L2pop.

Partially-implements: blueprint neutron-ovs-dvr

Change-Id: I709d877e7df83728868e68e023e6a37bb2e11704
Authored-by: Vivekanandan Narasimhan <>
9 years ago
armando-migliaccio fdee780124 Encapsulate some port properties in the PortContext
Bindings to host or status may need further encapsulation
to avoid exposing mechanism drivers to underlying DB model
details. This was particularly true in the case of the
l2pop mech driver.

As a result, some docstrings were reworded, and the newly
introduced properties used directly in the mech drivers.

Partially-implements: blueprint neutron-ovs-dvr
Supports blueprint: ml2-hierarchical-port-binding

Change-Id: If2a373ef04d19b164585fb4bde4fe6e0cfaf43be
9 years ago
Robert Kukura b1677dcb80 ML2: Bind ports outside transactions
The ML2 plugin now calls the bind_port() operation on the registered
mechanism drivers outside of any enclosing DB transaction. Ports are
created or updated in one transaction, then a binding is established
if possible, and finally a second transaction commits the binding

With [re]binding moved outside the DB transaction that triggered it,
it is now possible that multiple threads or processes will
concurrently try to bind the same port, or that the port will be
updated between transactions. Concurrent attempts to bind the same
port are allowed to proceed, which results are used is resolved in the
second transaction, and binding is retried if necessary.

Improvements to the Cisco Nexus driver and unit tests from Rich Curran
needed due to the binding changes are also included.

Closes-Bug: 1276391
Closes-Bug: 1335226
Change-Id: I65dafc330d6e812dad0667d2383858504d0ba299
9 years ago
Robert Kukura a9e3074aa9 ML2: ODL driver sets port status
The OpenDaylight mechanism driver does not depend on an L2 agent to
plug the port. Now that nova waits for notification that the port
status is ACTIVE, the ML2 driver API is extended so that the mechanism
driver that binds a port can optionally set the port status, and the
OpenDaylight mechanism driver uses this to set the port status to

Closes-Bug: 1301449
Change-Id: I171c405f36b4f2354d9585e8ae3dfa50ddaa9a7e
9 years ago
Bob Kukura d1472deed5 ML2 mechanism driver access to binding details
The following properties are added to the PortContext object passed to
ML2 mechanism drivers for port operations:

* bound_driver - name of current bound driver
* original_bound_driver - name previously bound driver in an update
* original_bound_segment - network segment used in previous binding

Some issues with the existing ML2 port binding unit tests were also

The remainder of the fix for bug 1276395, making these binding details
available to mechanism drivers when a port is deleted, will be
addressed as part of the fix for bug 1276391.

Partial-Bug: #1276395
Change-Id: I9ecff4a4e044920ed2dde709c89aeb9bc773220d
9 years ago
Bob Kukura be8a068943 Replace binding:capabilities with binding:vif_details
In addition to binding:vif_type, the neutron core plugin needs to
supply various information to nova's VIF driver, such as VIF security
details and PCI details when SR-IOV is being used. This information is
read-only, requires admin privileges, and is not intended for normal
users. Rather than add separate mechanisms throughout the stack for
each such requirement, the binding:capabilities port attibute, which
is a dictionary and is not currently not used by nova, is renamed to
binding:vif_details to serve as a general-purpose mechanism for
supplying binding-specific details to the VIF driver.

This patch does not remove or replace the CAP_PORT_FILTER boolean
previously used in binding:capabilities. A separate patch should
implement the specific key/value pairs carried by binding:vif_details
to implement VIF security. Another patch will implement the key/value
pairs needed for SR-IOV.

The ML2 plugin now allows the bound mechanism driver to supply the
binding:vif_details dictionary content, instead of just the
CAP_PORT_FILTER boolean previously carried by the binding:capabilities

DocImpact: Need to update portbinding extension API, but no impact on
user or administrator documentation.

Implements: blueprint vif-details
Related-Bug: 1112912
Change-Id: I34be746fcfa73c70f72b4f9add8eff3ac88c723f
9 years ago
Bob Kukura 8bc02a7fbe Implement ML2 port binding
The ml2 plugin uses mechanism drivers to determine which network
segment and what VIF driver to use for a port. Mechanism drivers
supporting the openvswitch, linuxbridge, and hyperv agents are
added. The binding:host attribute is set on ports belonging to the
dhcp and l3 agents so that they can be bound.

To use with devstack until it is updated, set
"Q_ML2_PLUGIN_MECHANISM_DRIVERS=openvswitch,linuxbridge" in localrc.

The hyperv L2 agent does not currently implement the agents_db RPC,
and will therefore not work with its ml2 mechanism driver. This issue
will be tracked as a bug to be fixed in a separate merge.

implements blueprint: ml2-portbinding

Change-Id: Icb9c70d8b0d7fcb34b57adc760bb713b740e5dad
10 years ago
Zang MingJie 317c8f318f subnet calls of ml2 mechanism driver
Implements blueprint ml2-mechanism-driver-subnet-calls

Change-Id: Ib9a8009975959692f46f80fb2a850fcc2b22debe
10 years ago
Andre Pech 34798f3a1e Initial Modular L2 Mechanism Driver implementation.
Define the Mechanism Driver interface for create/update/delete
operations on networks and ports. For each of these event, the
Mechanism Driver provides one method that is called within the
database transaction of the ml2 plugin method, and one that is called
after the transaction is completed.

Support for mechanism drivers is still a work-in-progress, and the
interface is subject to change in future versions before the release
of Havana. However this initial version should be sufficient to enable
others to start defining their own mechanism drivers.

Change-Id: Ife30215589792ee27df9897d3b2bc04392638266
Implements: blueprint ml2-mechanism-drivers
Fixes: bug #1199977
Fixes: bug #1199978
10 years ago