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Jenkins 68c0e3d479 Merge "Break coupling between ML2 and L3 during create/update operations" 8 years ago
Kevin Benton f87a74bfa8 Revert "Revert "Remove port from ovsdb after its deletion""
This reverts commit 294019139d.

Change-Id: I7e3a3e063e57fe904f5c6703cfa5704a94fd87a0
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio 3f3874717c Break coupling between ML2 and L3 during create/update operations
This is an initial patch in a series that, by using an event framework,
cleans up the relationship between ML2 and L3, so that they are no longer
tightly coupled. A follow-up will take address the coupling during the
port delete operation.

The newly introduced notification hooks not only benefit the L3 service
plugin, but any other plugin that has an interest in knowing about port

Long term, the notification bits can move in a more 'common' place so that
other plugins can take advantage of them, but as mentioned in a parent patch,
the perestroika is not quite there yet.

Related-blueprint: services-split
Related-blueprint: plugin-interface-perestroika

Change-Id: I6527b1cb53a71a1f68329a7a3b1878094558f8c2
8 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 22328baf1f Migrate to oslo.log
It's mostly a matter of changing imports to a new location.

Non-obvious changes needed:
* pass overwrite= argument to oslo_context since oslo.log reads context
  from its thread local store and not from incubator
* don't store context at now that there is no code that
  would consume it
* LOG.deprecated() -> versionutils.report_deprecated_feature()
* dropped LOG.audit check from hacking rule since now the method does
  not exist
* WritableLogger is now located in oslo_log.loggers

Dropped log module from the tree. Also dropped local module that is now
of no use (and obsolete, as per oslo team).

Added versionutils back to openstack-common.conf since now we use the
module directly from neutron code and not just as a dependency of some
other oslo-incubator module.

Note: tempest tests are expected to be broken now, so instead of fixing
all the oslo.log related issues for the subtree in this patch, I only
added TODOs with directions for later fix.

Closes-Bug: #1425013
Change-Id: I310e059a815377579de6bb2aa204de168e72571e
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio 294019139d Revert "Remove port from ovsdb after its deletion"
Sentinel patch to establish whether commit [1] is at
fault of the sudden spike of DBDeadlock errors.

[1] d6a55c1736

Change-Id: I021e94e322f9b5eca665ea3aede41e034d3047cc
Closed-Bug: #1426543
8 years ago
Jenkins 9d5e2b9b01 Merge "Remove port from ovsdb after its deletion" 8 years ago
Romil Gupta 67c4c6d809 Stale VXLAN and GRE tunnel port/flow deletion
Stale GRE and VXLAN tunnel endpoints persists in neutron db this should be
deleted from the database. Also, if local_ip of L2 agent changes the
stale tunnel ports and flows persists on br-tun on other Compute Nodes and
Network Nodes for that remote ip this should also be removed.


Plugin changes:
The plugin side changes are covered in following patch-set

Agent changes:
Added tunnel_delete rpc for removing stale ports and flows from br-tun.
tunnel_sync rpc signature upgrade to obtain 'host'.
Added testcases for TunnelRpcCallbackMixin().

This patch-set agent deals with agent side changes.

Closes-Bug: #1179223
Closes-Bug: #1381071
Closes-Bug: #1276629

Co-Authored-By: Aman Kumar <>
Co-Authored-By: phanipawan <>

Change-Id: I291992ffde5c3ab7152f0d7462deca2e4ac1ba3f
8 years ago
Elena Ezhova d6a55c1736 Remove port from ovsdb after its deletion
When port is being deleted via API it is not removed
from ovsdb and corresponding iptables chains remain
even though the port does not exist.

This patch adds a notification for the ovs neutron agent,
upon which the port is deleted from ovsdb.

Co-Authored-By: Akash Gangil <>
Closes-Bug: #1333365
Change-Id: Iccda3bee98d561ef3a06d0317d3d68d6b1dfb76b
8 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 7a2a85623d oslo: migrate to namespace-less import paths
Oslo project decided to move away from using oslo.* namespace for all their
libraries [1], so we should migrate to new import path.

This patch applies new paths for:
- oslo.config
- oslo.db
- oslo.i18n
- oslo.messaging
- oslo.middleware
- oslo.rootwrap
- oslo.serialization
- oslo.utils

Added hacking check to enforce new import paths for all oslo libraries.

Updated setup.cfg entry points.

We'll cleanup old imports from oslo-incubator modules on demand or
if/when oslo officially deprecates old namespace in one of the next



Closes-Bug: #1409733
Change-Id: If0dce29a0980206ace9866112be529436194d47e
8 years ago
Jenkins f2b1ef2c40 Merge "ML2: Driver API changes for hierarchical port binding" 8 years ago
Robert Kukura 4d143b710d ML2: Driver API changes for hierarchical port binding
The following ML2 driver API changes are required to support
hierarchical port binding:

* Add segments_to_bind PortContext property containing the list of
  network segments with which a mechanism driver should try to bind
  the port. All mechanism drivers that bind ports should now use this
  property in place of network.network_segments, which contains only
  the network's static segments.

* Replace several PortContext properties (bound_segment, bound_driver,
  original_bound_segment, original_bound_driver) with new properties
  (binding_levels, top_bound_segment, bottom_bound_segment,
  original_binding_levels, original_top_bound_segment,
  original_bottom_bound_segment) in order to represent hierarchical

* Add stubbed-out continue_binding() method to PortContext, allowing
  mechanism drivers to partially bind the port.

All existing drivers and unit tests are updated accordingly.

The DB schema changes and logic required for hierarchical port binding
will be implemented in dependent patches.

Gerrit Spec:

Partially-implements: blueprint ml2-hierarchical-port-binding

Change-Id: Icb1a016f4661e427cb6cfa3452802ba5e64b7124
8 years ago
Ann Kamyshnikova d9f3e46633 Catch StaleDataError in update_device_down
For some reason sometimes at the same time for the same port
delete_port and update_device_down commands have been executed.
This arise StaleDataError in update_device_down. In other situations
these commands are executed one after another and the error doesn't

This errors does not show anything broken, but to avoid confusion
it will be skipped.

Closes-bug: #1405379

Change-Id: I4e5a3d1f1866b9cfba44d3cb7ccc5b2dee1d9633
8 years ago
Russell Bryant 14bc9c0568 Convert several uses of RpcCallback
Convert several places in the code that were using the RpcCallback
compatibility class.  This class eased the transition to
oslo.messaging.  This patch drops the usage of this class in favor of
direct usage of the appropriate oslo.messaging API.

Part of blueprint drop-rpc-compat.

Change-Id: I955958e836635d43dabc7b39d050c1418b18cf8f
9 years ago
Russell Bryant 1bc911ca8a Drop RpcProxy usage from ml2 AgentNotifierApi
Remove usage of the RpcProxy compatibility class from the ml2
AgentNotifierApi.  The equivalent oslo.messaging APIs are now used
instead.  A couple of other mixin APIs had to be converted at the same

Note that there is one very minor functional change here.  The base
rpc version is set to '1.0' now instead of '1.1'.  The right pattern
to use is to always set the base to be N.0.  Any method that needs a
newer version should specify it.

Part of blueprint drop-rpc-compat.

Change-Id: I640568e2d73c9eb7a9505db640dc1427a1ae2abe
9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 3f44c9e278 Migrate to oslo.i18n
Mostly trivial import changes.

- oslo.i18n no longer provide install() method to inject _() into
  globals(), so removed all calls to it;
- removed Babel from dependencies (it will now be grabbed by oslo.i18n);
- updated tox.ini to ignore import violations for oslo.i18n.

Change-Id: I6623d551f512fb7fe9bf35ee734ed6d4c6cbc287
9 years ago
Romil Gupta 6d67c14e1a Update i18n translation for ML2 plugin log msg's
All the existing, LOG.warning, LOG.error and LOG.critical
messages should have _LI, _LW, _LE and _LC respectively.
 Also, debug level log shouldn't be translated.

This patch set will cover the ml2 directory under neutron/plugins.

Partial-Bug: #1320867
Change-Id: I9d78d23bbc14e7c536c6ddf2dc4f52c67faeb667
9 years ago
Kevin Benton 4c2b42e217 Call DVR VMARP notify outside of transaction
The dvr vmarp table update notification was being called inside
of the delete_port transaction in ML2, which can cause a yield
and lead to the glorious mysql/eventlet deadlock.

This patch moves it outside the transaction and adjusts it to
use an existing port dictionary rather than re-looking it up since
the port is now gone from the DB by the time it is called.

Closes-Bug: #1377241
Change-Id: I0b4dac61e49b2a926353f8478e421cd1a70be038
9 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 8fb175bffd Fix comments in api.rpc.handlers
Follow-up patch of RPC refactoring of bug 1359416.
It addresses minor comments in the above patch series.

Change-Id: I2d6268db777f0f73fda61a5a7d0967a91bcb292b
Closes-Bug: #1359416
9 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 2781fce238 Make SecurityGroupsRpcCallback a separate callback class
RPC has a version of itself. In Neutron a plugin implements
several RPC interface, so a single RPC version doesn't work.
In Mixin callback class approach, RPC versioning depends on
each plugin implementation and it makes harder to maintain
RPC version appropriately. This patch series replaces mixin
RPC callback of server side with a separate class.

This commit handles server-side callback of security group
RPC interface.
* The server-side callback of Security group RPC is moved to
  api/rpc/handler and db/securitygroups_rpc_base now only
  contains a mixin class to add agent-based security group
  implementation with db operations.
* get_port_from_device method in server-side callback class
  is moved to a mixin class of plugin implementation
  (SecurityGroupServerRpcMixin) because it involves DB lookup
  and is tightly coupled with plugin implementation rather
  than RPC interface definition.

Most unit tests for SGServerRpcCallBackTestCase were skipped
in the base class before, but now they are no longer skipped.

The following items will be planned in later patches
to avoid drastic changes in a single patch.
* Merge security group RPC API and agent callback classes in
  agent/securitygroups_rpc into api/rpc/handlers/securitygroup_rpc
* Remove completely duplicated db access code in get_port_from_device
  and get_port_and_sgs

Partial-Bug: #1359416
Change-Id: Ia6535217d2e3b849a95667c1b53dd09675002892
9 years ago
Akihiro Motoki f872bbd4f4 Make DvrServerRpcCallback a separate callback class
RPC has a version of itself. In Neutron a plugin implements
several RPC interface, so a single RPC version doesn't work.
In Mixin callback class approach, RPC versioning depends on
each plugin implementation and it makes harder to maintain
RPC version appropriately. This patch series replaces mixin
RPC callback of server side with a separate class.

This commit handles server-side callback of DVR ML2 RPC interface.

Partial-Bug: #1359416
Change-Id: I1b6383f7b0af5d9aed18eda3a15f21d3504d0347
9 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 42a8770a49 Make DhcpRpcCallback a separate callback class
RPC has a version of itself. In Neutron a plugin implements
several RPC interface, so a single RPC version doesn't work.
In Mixin callback class approach, RPC versioning depends on
each plugin implementation and it makes harder to maintain
RPC version appropriately. This patch series replaces mixin
RPC callback of server side with a separate class.

This commit handles server-side callback of dhcp-agent RPC interface.
DHCP-agent server-side callback class is moved from db/ to
api/rpc/handlers because it doesn't involve any db operations
and defining all RPC interfaces in a single place sounds reasonable.

Note that moving other DHCP-agent related RPC interface class
to api/rpc/handlers can be done in a separate patch as this patch
focuses on reorganizing the server-side RPC callback class.

Partial-Bug: #1359416
Change-Id: Ifb2a1bc0b7971995aae2856c9d4cd88c6dbc22d6
9 years ago
Swaminathan Vasudevan 1deb787c15 Fix DVR to service LBaaS VIP Ports
Currently, DVR router namespaces are created only
when there is a valid VM port on the compute
node, or for the gateway-port on the service node.
But when an LBaaS VIP port is created the l3 agent
does not create a DVR namespace to service the VIP port.
This fix enables DVR namespaces to be created to
service the LBaaS VIP port.

Also, this fix enables L2 Agent running in DVR
mode, to add-in OVS rules to enable packets to
be routed to such LBaaS VIP Ports which are
resident on DVR routed interfaces.

Therefore, with this fix both East-West and
North-South traffic will be serviced by DVR
for LBaas VIP Ports.


Authored-by: Swaminathan Vasudevan <>
Co-Authored-By: Vivekanandan Narasimhan <>

Change-Id: I698b971d50721fb0512a11569f7d3139d0d456f3
Closes-Bug: #1356464
9 years ago
Jenkins 4bc2dfebde Merge "Fix PortNotFound error during update_device_up for DVR" 9 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi b5a2da73bc ML2: Make get_device_details report mac address as well
This will be used by ofagent to route packets to local VMs.

Partially-implements: blueprint ofagent-merge-bridges
Change-Id: Icaa26448a370dd75d09e95ed439df5b486a862cf
9 years ago
armando-migliaccio b025ccff2c Fix PortNotFound error during update_device_up for DVR
An agent's request to update the ARP entry for a VM port
may come after a deletion request has been processed,
resulting in a PortNotFound exception being raised.

This patch takes care of this condition. A test has
been added, which required a minor refactoring of the
test case class, in order to accommodate the use of
side effects for the objects being mocked.

Closes-bug: #1356120

Change-Id: I40d635bcf47c683663cb4dedf20323902dff2c7f
9 years ago
armando-migliaccio 3eee50510f Make dvr_vmarp_table_update call conditional to dvr extension
Without making this call conditional, every l3plugin that
integrates with the ML2 plugin will need to implement this
method and this must not be necessary.

Closes-bug: #1349638

Change-Id: Ie9ba3bad4152810f5bfa530be54be70139cebc0c
9 years ago
Vivekanandan Narasimhan cd35b1904e ML2 additions to support DVR
This patch introduces the changes necessary to
support DVR at Layer 2 with ML2, and L2pop.

Partially-implements: blueprint neutron-ovs-dvr

Change-Id: I709d877e7df83728868e68e023e6a37bb2e11704
Authored-by: Vivekanandan Narasimhan <>
9 years ago
Irena Berezovsky ad96e6e38d ML2 mechanism driver for SR-IOV capable NIC based switching, Part 1
This set of changes introduces the ML2 mechanism driver for SR-IOV capable NIC based switching.
Please see the blueprint for more information.
The review is submitted in two parts:
- Part 1 (this part)
    The Mechanism Driver to support port binding for SR-IOV virtual functions of
    SRIOV capable switching NICs, such as Mellanox ConnectX Family.

    Use configurable list of supported NIC vendor and product PCI ids to filter
    devices to bind the SR-IOV port.
    Use configurable agent_required option to require SRIOV L2 Agent
    for bort binding.

- Part2
    The SRIOV NIC Based L2 Agent.

Partially implements: blueprint ml2-sriov-nic-switch

Change-Id: If3d28df2a8ffe72ae512ddae076f42fca936cff7
9 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 8e31122d36 Fix DVR regression for ofagent
    ML2 plugin sometimes uses truncated port uuids.
    For example, in the case of ofagent and linuxbridge,
    if port id is 804ceaa1-0e3e-11e4-b537-08606e7f74e7,
    an agent would send "tap804ceaa1-0e" to the plugin.
    ML2 plugin's _device_to_port_id() would restore it to
    "804ceaa1-0e".  While it's still truncated, ML2 plugin's
    get_port() handles that by using "startswith".

The recently merged DVR change (
assumes that port_id is always a complete uuid (it's the case
for openvswitch) and fails to handle the above mentioned case.
This commit fixes the regression.

Change-Id: I9c0845be606969068ab5d13c0165e76760378500
Closes-Bug: #1343750
9 years ago
Vivekanandan Narasimhan 01bdb47199 RPC additions to support DVR
This patch introduces the RPC contract changes
required for both the server (plugin) and agent
to propagate and retrieve additional information
about Distributed Routers, like MAC addresses
and Port Bindings.

Partially-implements: blueprint neutron-ovs-dvr

Change-Id: I04a2ee5fceea79d2786c799178f8dd1675925a39
Authored-by: Vivekanandan Narasimhan <>
Co-Authored-By: Armando Migliaccio <>
9 years ago
Robert Kukura b1677dcb80 ML2: Bind ports outside transactions
The ML2 plugin now calls the bind_port() operation on the registered
mechanism drivers outside of any enclosing DB transaction. Ports are
created or updated in one transaction, then a binding is established
if possible, and finally a second transaction commits the binding

With [re]binding moved outside the DB transaction that triggered it,
it is now possible that multiple threads or processes will
concurrently try to bind the same port, or that the port will be
updated between transactions. Concurrent attempts to bind the same
port are allowed to proceed, which results are used is resolved in the
second transaction, and binding is retried if necessary.

Improvements to the Cisco Nexus driver and unit tests from Rich Curran
needed due to the binding changes are also included.

Closes-Bug: 1276391
Closes-Bug: 1335226
Change-Id: I65dafc330d6e812dad0667d2383858504d0ba299
9 years ago
Jenkins 29cb0ebefc Merge "Introduce bulk calls for get device details" 9 years ago
Rossella Sblendido 88638e6994 Introduce bulk calls for get device details
Allow to get multiple devices details instead of just one
This change introduces a new method in the rpc api.

blueprint bulk-get-device-details

Change-Id: I8497256d7f4f2fb48b5cb792e35aaedf63f129fc
9 years ago
Kevin Benton e8b9a11fd7 Remove __init__ method from TunnelCallback mixin
Removed an __init__ method from a mixin class that
made mixing with other classes fragile and inflexible.
This replaces it with an explicit setup method.

This allows the ML2 RPCCallbacks class to correctly
inherit the common RpcCallback class.

Closes-Bug: #1332041
Change-Id: I36cb7dcf57147468f252d61f846b2b28dd77c8ff
9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka b43307b768 Moved code back into
Most of this code will probably stay with us for quite some time, so
let's make things easier and consider them as our way of doing RPC.

blueprint oslo-messaging

Change-Id: Iaf353b23f9c54b82d1e02a6bd5a5960cec827c88
9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka b282574048 Removed create_rpc_dispatcher methods
Now that we don't have a special dispatcher class and we pass a list of
endpoints to corresponding functions instead, those methods are

blueprint oslo-messaging

Change-Id: If2b187fd8e553594212264f34b51b5b99c4630b2
9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka deb27d9c24 Port to oslo.messaging
Now that all preparations are done, actually port the code to use
oslo.messaging. This patch does as little as possible. Follow up patches
that refactor and cleanup the code and configuration files, will be
merged later. The reason for this is to make the patch as slim as
possible, to make review process more smooth and concentrated.

* neutron/common/
  - added init() and cleanup() to set global RPC layer state.
  - added utility functions: get_server(), get_client(), get_notifier()
    that wrap up oslo.messaging API a bit, enforcing eventlet executor
    and setting serializer, among other things.
  - removed PluginRpcDispatcher, instead introduced PluginRpcSerializer
    to use as a default serializer for API callbacks.

* neutron/common/
  - emulated incubator RPC layer behaviour thru previously introduced
    stub classes (RpcCallback, RpcProxy, ...) using new oslo.messaging
  - switched to using new oslo.messaging exception types.

* neutron/
  - expect multiple RPC listeners that are of MessageHandlingServer
    type, not GreenThread.

* neutron/common/
  - initialize RPC layer in init()

* setup.cfg:
  - added entry points for old notifier drivers to retain backward

* neutron/tests/...:
  - introduced fake_notifier to replace impl_fake.
  - faked out consume_in_thread() to avoid starting RPC listeners when
    running unit tests.
  - used 'fake' transport driver.
  - made sure neutron.test.* exceptions are caught.
  - initialize and clean up RPC layer for each test case.

* Ported all affected code from using neutron.openstack.common.notifier
  API to oslo.messaging.Notifier.

* rpc.set_defaults() was renamed to rpc.set_transport_defaults()

* other changes not worth mentioning here.

blueprint oslo-messaging


Change-Id: I5a91c34df6e300f2dc46217b1b16352fcc3039fc
9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka caf6044224 Introduce RpcCallback class
This class will be used to create proper with appropriate
API version once we migrate to oslo.messaging.

blueprint oslo-messaging

Change-Id: I1fb5eb0aaac0d115fd84630e58b333e695ad4f5f
9 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 98eb2a681b Added RpcProxy class
This class is intended for easy and iterative migration from
oslo-incubator RPC implementation to oslo.messaging. It will adapt
oslo.messaging API to old oslo-rpc interfaces.

Migrated all affected classes to the new RpcProxy class.

blueprint oslo-messaging

Change-Id: I1563c13b470b61eebc982ee81efee47732943d48
9 years ago
mathieu-rohon 809d9f3dc5 Send fdb remove message when a port is migrated
the fdb_remove rpc message is sent when the status
of the port goes to BUILD, that is when the new host
send a get_device_details which means that it owns
the migrated port. The fdb_add message will be sent
as soon as the new host send update_device_up

Closes bug: #1237841

Change-Id: Ibdc7768d8db922b7e6eb9dc505382168cbb8e55d
9 years ago
Irena Berezovsky 029057a870 Implement Mellanox ML2 MechanismDriver
This commit adds support for currently provided Mellanox Plugin
embedded switch functionality as part of the VPI (Ethernet/InfiniBand)
HCA as an ML2 MechanismDriver.
MechanismDriver adds support for VNIC_DIRECT and VNIC_MACVTAP vnic types.
MechanismDriver provides configurable default vif_type for neutron port created
with default VNIC_NORMAL vnic type till nova api support for vnic_type is available.

Implements blueprint mlnx-ml2-support

Change-Id: I16ad318f095b7af879e1b99dcc7f5f9e92facd2b
9 years ago
mathieu-rohon f0f87ca56b change port status only if port is bound to the good host
if host is set in the rpc message update_device_up/down sent by the agent,
the port status will be changed only if the port is bound to the host.

Change-Id: I0e607c734fbebf0b69f83c3bbd3e25a9783672dc
Closes-Bug: #1224967
10 years ago
Sylvain Afchain 95bf8e6a40 Add l2 population base classes
This patch initiates the blueprint l2-population
Implemented as a ml2 Mechanism driver.

OVS & LinuxBridge drivers will be added as dependencies.

Rebased on ML2 Portbinding.

Change-Id: Ia2345aa262ec791c9f38b6e41e1e4b46f69cadac
10 years ago
Bob Melander 715b16aca7 Adds support for L3 routing/NAT as a service plugin
- Adds L3 routing/NAT service plugin
- Removes L3 routing/NAT from ML2 plugin
- Moves "router:external" attribute to new extension "External-net"
- Introduces separate RPC topic for L3 callbacks from L3 agent

Implements: blueprint quantum-l3-routing-plugin

Change-Id: Id9af10c2910f9a1730b163203a68d101ffc3b282
10 years ago
Bob Kukura 8bc02a7fbe Implement ML2 port binding
The ml2 plugin uses mechanism drivers to determine which network
segment and what VIF driver to use for a port. Mechanism drivers
supporting the openvswitch, linuxbridge, and hyperv agents are
added. The binding:host attribute is set on ports belonging to the
dhcp and l3 agents so that they can be bound.

To use with devstack until it is updated, set
"Q_ML2_PLUGIN_MECHANISM_DRIVERS=openvswitch,linuxbridge" in localrc.

The hyperv L2 agent does not currently implement the agents_db RPC,
and will therefore not work with its ml2 mechanism driver. This issue
will be tracked as a bug to be fixed in a separate merge.

implements blueprint: ml2-portbinding

Change-Id: Icb9c70d8b0d7fcb34b57adc760bb713b740e5dad
10 years ago
Zang MingJie 9951318dd5 Corrects error in ml2 rpc log message formatting
Change-Id: Ic6f445408ef83c2aa0376c94f395363503412814
10 years ago
mathieu-rohon 6bdfccaf1b Add gre tunneling support for the ML2 plugin
This patch add the type_driver GRE to enable the creation of GRE
tunnels with the OVS agent.
No Endpoints ID are managed. Only Endpoint IP are stored in DB,
and this IP is proposed as an endpoint ID for the OVS agent.
It also fixes the bug 1201471.

Implements: blueprint ml2-gre
Change-Id: I1a33a4bd3ebc4c97eecf17a59ce16b8c2066ec66
10 years ago
Aaron Rosen 9d5c540b47 Improve DHCP agent performance
Previously when starting the dhcp agent the sync_state() process would
be extremely expensive as it would query quantum server for each network.
In order to improve performance a get_active_networks_info() was added
so this information could be retrieved in one query rather than doing a
query for each active network.

The second part of this patch optimizes the logic to avoid calling
get_dhcp_port(). Previously, this method was called once for each network
which makes a call to get_subnets() and get_ports() unnecessarily as
the dhcp agent can determine itself if it needs to update a port or create a
port for dhcp.

This patch also threads the inital sync process and maintains backwards
compatibility with the previous rpc api.

There was also a trivial change to the nvp_plugin where filters are assumed to
be a dict.

implements blueprint improve-dhcp-agent-performance

Change-Id: I3b631057f595250dad76516faa9b421789f60953
10 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron
This change renames everything to Neutron while providing backwards
compatible adjustments for Grizzly configuration files.

implements blueprint: remove-use-of-quantum

Change-Id: Ie7d07ba7c89857e13d4ddc8f0e9b68de020a3d19
10 years ago