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Ihar Hrachyshka 3e341a9941 Fix post gate hook to accommodate for new os-testr
New os-testr uses stestr under the hood, which creates .stestr but not
.testrepository directory in the current dir. Other than that, it
doesn't seem like there is any difference in the format or names of
files generated in the directory.

Change-Id: I82d52bf0ad885bd36d2f0782a7c86ac61df532f2
Closes-Bug: #1716746
2017-09-12 14:20:12 -06:00
Ihar Hrachyshka fb6dd2bbe3 python3: fix log index for test case messages
The script was not ready for job suffixes like

Change-Id: I9abf09f9ac2b572f610e07a439b8e5f6f63e1405
2017-05-31 20:48:36 +00:00
Miguel Angel Ajo 75612f200b Bump os-log-merger version in post_test_hook
The 1.0.6 version of os-log-merger exploded in cases where
log files contained \0 characters. 1.1.0 fixes such issue.

Change-Id: I470d38dfd5dd7e9cf6317d9f2f32875f33f3a996
Closes-Bug: #1672921
2017-03-15 11:54:09 +00:00
Ihar Hrachyshka a457949bf7 Guard against os-log-merger failure
At the moment, the tool may crash parsing some files, which renders the
whole run failed. Until we fix that in the next os-log-merger, just
ignore failures and proceed. Of course, that will mean no -index.txt
file generated, or with incomplete data. Still better than just
invalidating the test run.

Change-Id: I28300de31ed49b1a21e4c1ed1f7d10f90943878b
2017-03-08 06:09:35 +00:00
Ihar Hrachyshka cfd47928ff Generate index file containing oslo.log messages for all tests
The file will then be used to populate logstash index.

Change-Id: I59c11085d1645283f329e5fb22cc2988e19e8298
2017-03-13 13:12:41 +00:00
Victor Morales a14439549f Add bashate support
Bashate is a style checker program for bash scripts.  This addition
improves the quality of the current bash scripts and ensures that
any future change will follow the same standards.

Change-Id: Ia346f77632d4ac7beb288fa3aacea221d7969c87
2017-02-25 06:29:55 +00:00
Assaf Muller 8adc737cd1 Delete post_test_hook.generate_test_logs
Log files as .txt files, don't zip them, and put them where
they need to be instead of copy them there in the post gate
hook. The benefit to doing this is that we'll get logs
for tests even if the job timed out.

Change-Id: I4bfd27534c827aed3cbd7b43d7d1289480ea4806
Related-Bug: #1567668
2016-05-04 11:11:46 -04:00
Armando Migliaccio 965e1d18a7 Move away from invoking api tests explicitly
Since adoption of the Tempest plugin framework, this
extra plumbing is no longer necessary in tree.

Related-bug: 1555356

Depends-on: If5f7ea82c45494953452f728fabb7403d0b6e14e
Change-Id: I5377f33c5a7b29f97f00878e048d154378a4fe34
2016-04-15 17:13:59 +00:00
Ihar Hrachyshka 317f5b2dfc Remove unused -constraints tox targets
Now that gate does not rely on -constraints targets [1], we should be
safe to remove them.

[1] Iea3a0b1f740d5679ebfa135f2bf5b89c52008716

Change-Id: I59855f1b15d54323dcc7c4759904be7124a1df1a
2016-03-07 17:21:05 +01:00
Kevin Benton d4931045b5 Update devstack hooks to work with pecan jobs
Update the post_test_hook conditional to check for the API job
to also look for the api-pecan job and correct the section
name in the gate hook for the neutron.conf web framework setting.

Change-Id: I8816bb6efa45b9e1bd8bb1a826f82ff45d960cec
2016-02-18 04:09:02 -08:00
armando-migliaccio fce50f3beb Run functional gate jobs in a constrained environment
This patch modifies the gate hooks to run jobs with upper constraints.

Change-Id: I9eb1eb8e61381e9bb45678af8a24fa88a99e2c8f
2015-12-22 19:31:59 -08:00
Cyril Roelandt 62cdfee42f Python 3: make post_test_hook work with more tox targets
This makes it possible to run the script with different "flavors" of
"dsvm-functional" and "dsvm-fullstack". In particular, this is needed to
have a dsvm-functional-py34 gate running (see

Change-Id: I38cadeecff6a8c0c55c103095c045a3e0c39bee1
Partial-Bug: #1500400
2015-10-14 11:59:41 +02:00
armando-migliaccio a97fd4dabb Retain logs for functional test cases
This helps greatly the debugging process in face of race conditions.

Change-Id: I74235307183cbb15a7179b18b417b38ffb1d2cc9
2015-09-03 10:50:38 -04:00
armando-migliaccio 7629285630 Switch to using os-testr's copy of subunit2html
Since Ib65c41fc5f137eedb21fccfcee1e96b6990ae30d removes the local
jenkins slave script copy of subunit2html we must start using the
version packaged in os-testr.

Change-Id: I7b7908986eb503a0d2ae8e2365b34516e6e68f92
2015-08-26 15:21:27 -07:00
Assaf Muller 408af3f7da Prepare for full stack CI job
Related-Bug: #1467275

Change-Id: I90f4794f48ae151a888f37df26c087a7fdcd9d31
2015-06-22 11:47:54 -04:00
John Schwarz 2fcbbf3031 Move full-stack logs post-tests
Currently, it's up to the developer who wants to run full-stack on his
machine to make the directory in question (/opt/stack/logs). However,
this also means that the files don't get compressed at the end of a gate
run. Now, each full-stack test will have each own log directory in /tmp.
Once the logs are there, can run 'gzip' on all the log
files before moving them to /opt/stack/logs on its own.

Change-Id: I5c04d0af0b9858722ae0c4baf0ee478ffb078e02
2015-05-28 12:58:40 +03:00
Maru Newby e37dcd4c76 Remove check for bash usage
Arbitrarily restricting ourselves from using bash because developers on
platforms like netbsd don't want to install bash from ports doesn't
make sense.  Any non-trivial shell script is likely to use features
like arrays or string manipulation that are poorly supported (if at
all) by sh, and the continued bumping of the number of expected bash
scripts is an indication that the check is not serving its purpose

Along with removing the check, all shebang references to /bin/bash
have been replaced with /usr/bin/env bash in an attempt to be more
compatible across different hosts.

Change-Id: Ief72dc380cc88af38959c330897e2c127e33c332
Closes-Bug: #1440824
2015-04-07 15:15:33 +00:00
Maru Newby 30c6f56365 Add script to copy neutron api tests from tempest
This change adds a script to automate the copying of api tests from
tempest in the style of oslo_incubator.  The target path will be
neutron/tests/tempest and no manual modifications should be made to
this path until such time as neutron api test development is frozen in
tempest and development can proceed in the neutron tree.  Until that
occurs, a policy of manual once-daily synchronization is suggested.

The target path includes the name 'tempest' as a clear indication that
this is not part of neutron, and that once development is allowed to
proceed, its contents should be rewritten and removed until there is
nothing left.

So long as the tests exist in both the tempest and neutron trees,
testing effort will be duplicated.  The larger goal is to have the
tests in question removed from tempest as per the qa guidelines [1],
so this should be temporary.


Change-Id: I3cd55983e610a1d61aae565f88fe5017edba1090
2015-03-06 19:57:27 +00:00
armando-migliaccio 0edd89fc56 Fix outstanding failures with Neutron API job
In order to run the API job successfully, must be installed and
configured. Today when using this means that
Tempest will run as well, which we do not want. To fix this problem
there are changes needed both in project-config and devstack-gate.

As a stop-gap solution, we bring in the scripts required and run
them directly within the gate hooks that we already have.

Once changes in devstack-gate and project-config will be accepted, this
solution can be dropped.

Supports-blueprint: retargetable-functional-testing

Change-Id: If04641ca6a12e956d7baff427e50816fd1a65fbe
2015-01-17 00:24:24 -08:00
armando-migliaccio 46a34469b2 Limit permission change
A failure was observed where the functional job would fail with error

chmod: changing permissions of ./neutron/agent/metadata/namespace_proxy.pyc
Operation not permitted

We should limit the permission change to logs only to avoid this potential

Change-Id: I28f4060bab0edd1cd0c4e25eec9017601f4bdf24
2015-01-08 19:27:35 -08:00
armando-migliaccio 787fab3053 Tweak gate hooks scripts to handle both functional and api jobs
With this change both the API and Functional job will benefit
from the use of gate hooks. This is especially useful to make
the API job emit the test results the same way other jobs do.

NOTE: Changes are applied to both contrib directories under
neutron/tests and neutron/tests/functional; these two directories
are supposed to be in sync until change [1] merges, after which
we can drop neutron/tests/functional/contrib, in favor of
neutron/tests/contrib. This was done because of the symlink issue
caused by [2].


Change-Id: I0b823b17d6317e9409fd9b5872c5f4674c1b6824
2015-01-05 18:32:55 -08:00
armando-migliaccio 7bc56f030c Move contrib directory to base test directory
This is needed to have post hook apply to both functional and api jobs.

This is aimed at fixing the output for the dsvm-api job in preparation
of the retargatable testing blueprint.

Change-Id: I39e2a7521a7b545a124b1cd42dc79da8986eff93
2014-12-17 13:53:54 -08:00