243 Commits (a208b3409b577b8b45aa58a31335f8ac2ad15c4d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Slawek Kaplonski 512e5fa8ed Fix migration from the HA to non-HA routers 10 months ago
  Edward Hope-Morley f28788f777 Ensure fip ip rules deleted when fip removed 10 months ago
  LIU Yulong 71f22834f2 Not remove the running router when MQ is unreachable 1 year ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 2400a2b15b Handle properly existing LLA address during l3 agent restart 10 months ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 1e70b1cdff Mock check if ipv6 is enabled in L3 agent unit tests 2 years ago
  LIU Yulong 197c57cf23 Stop verifying unique external_net_id 2 years ago
  Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 9921c96218 Add radvd_user config option 2 years ago
  Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez adac5d9b7a Delay HA router transition from "backup" to "master" 2 years ago
  Miguel Lavalle 62e0bee820 Support multiple external networks in L3 agent 2 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan eded5d2d6a Packets getting lost during SNAT with too many connections 2 years ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 66eb1e29f3 Enable ipv6_forwarding in HA router's namespace 2 years ago
  Brian Haley 8e4f625da6 Fix pylint R1717 (consider-using-dict-comprehension) refactor messages 2 years ago
  Brian Haley eaf990b2bc Fix pep8 E128 warnings in non-test code 2 years ago
  Sławek Kapłoński b09b44608b Remove deprecated 'external_network_bridge' option 3 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan d9e0bab6ac DVR-HA: Unbinding a HA router from agent does not clear HA interface 2 years ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 6ae228cc2e Spawn metadata proxy on dvr ha standby routers 2 years ago
  Oleg Bondarev 1ee18775a9 DVR edge router: avoid accidental centralized floating IP remove 2 years ago
  LIU Yulong 5b7d444b31 Not set the HA port down at regular l3-agent restart 3 years ago
  Boden R 68fd13af40 remove neutron.common.exceptions 2 years ago
  Brian Haley 4bb78e8c21 Fix l3-agent usage of L3AgentExtension class 3 years ago
  Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 489dd18530 Implement IpRuleCommand.delete() using pyroute2 3 years ago
  Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez 87926fddc0 Implement IpRuleCommand.add() using pyroute2 3 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan cd0cc47a6a DVR: Centralized FloatingIPs are not cleared after migration. 3 years ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 5018d70241 Fix connection between 2 dvr routers 3 years ago
  Brian Haley 2b57f08576 Fix flake8 H404 errors 3 years ago
  LIU Yulong ee7660f593 Install centralized floating IP nat rules to all ha nodes 3 years ago
  Brian Haley d19dcf1ef2 Fix IPv6 prefix delegation issue on agent restart 3 years ago
  Hongbin Lu 12bb26fd0e Use constant IP_VERSION_4/6 in unit tests 3 years ago
  ZhaoBo de9b39ed2c [agent side] L3 agent side Floating IP port forwarding 3 years ago
  Brian Haley f24f3b6b7b Rename router processing queue code to be more generic 3 years ago
  aojeagarcia 9f2b40f2ce Dropping radvd process privileges 3 years ago
  Brian Haley 90cd939047 Fix W503 pep8 warnings 3 years ago
  Daniel Gonzalez 8c2dae659a Fix l3-agent crash on routers without ha_state 3 years ago
  Brian Haley 6941977827 Add iptables metadata marking rule on router init 4 years ago
  Brian Haley c62d54d0c2 Fix HA router initialization exception 4 years ago
  Armando Migliaccio b24013f569 Fix DNS connectivity issues with DVR+HA routers and DHCP-HA 4 years ago
  Boden R 502e99bca9 use PROVISIONAL_IPV6_PD_PREFIX from neutron-lib 4 years ago
  Brian Haley d2b909f533 Move check_ha_state_for_router() into notification code 4 years ago
  Brian Haley 099c9a018c Add some missing mocks in l3-agent tests 4 years ago
  Brian Haley 2cea213d94 Do not try and iterate [None] in l3-agent network_update() 4 years ago
  Cao Xuan Hoang d7e93c52bf Add a new method ha_state_change to L3 agent extension 4 years ago
  Boden R 0822b0aef4 consume common constants from lib 4 years ago
  Brian Haley 4f627b4e8d Change ip_lib network namespace code to use pyroute2 4 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan 27fcf86bcb DVR: Fix unbound fip port migration to bound port 4 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan 9c062c6999 DVR: get_router_cidrs not returning the centralized_floating_ip cidrs 4 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan afd1995d91 DVR: Fix agent to process only floatingips that have a host match 4 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 32d1f401a0 l3 agent: stop expecting old server when fetching service plugins 4 years ago
  Ihar Hrachyshka 7319c84455 Revert "DVR: _get_floatingips_bound_to_host throws KeyError" 4 years ago
  sindhu devale 51ca683797 Refactoring agent linux&ovsdb config 5 years ago
  Swaminathan Vasudevan 47fbc6157a DVR: _get_floatingips_bound_to_host throws KeyError 4 years ago