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LIU Yulong a5244d6d44 More accurate agent restart state transfer 4 years ago
huzhiling 90d96ccd74 Fix two spelling errors 6 years ago
Anindita Das 1e91b6392e Refactoring config options for plugin l2pop opts 6 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 2d8632e412 Use _ from neutron._i18n 7 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 7a2a85623d oslo: migrate to namespace-less import paths 8 years ago
Gary Kotton 7edf58495e Remove @author(s) from copyright statements 8 years ago
Sylvain Afchain 95bf8e6a40 Add l2 population base classes 9 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong f0f81ad7ad remove binaries under bin 9 years ago
Oleg Bondarev 1761fce9ea Register agent schedulers options in one place 9 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron 9 years ago
Gary Kotton c95e58b707 Enable network to be scheduled to N DHCP agents 10 years ago
Gary Kotton e4b44c2856 Replace "OpenStack LLC" with "OpenStack Foundation" 10 years ago
gongysh 0070b452f1 Add scheduling feature basing on agent management extension 10 years ago