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Felipe Monteiro b5f7bd333e Add missing policy actions to policy.json file 3 years ago
Doug Wiegley 3e0f090b5b Update neutron files for new over-indentation hacking rule (E117) 4 years ago
Miguel Lavalle 8287d7f546 Disallow router interface out of subnet IP range 4 years ago
Boden R 9235937098 use callback payloads for PRECOMMIT_UPDATE events 4 years ago
Gary Kotton bab1ae8812 L3: prevent associating a FIP to a DHCP port 5 years ago
Boden R 54444407f4 use l3 api def from neutron-lib 5 years ago
Dongcan Ye 088e317cd2 Honor both floating_ip_address and subnet_id when creating FIP 5 years ago
Lucas Alvares Gomes 98dfdc24bb Add CREATE_PRECOMMIT notification for Floating IPs 5 years ago
Lujin 9566810b38 Integration of Floating IP OVO 5 years ago
Boden R b834bd5048 use external net api def from lib 5 years ago
Boden R 1d468ef7ca revert base extension unit test param removal 5 years ago
Boden R 277996b68d cleanup unit test usage of api extension maps 5 years ago
Boden R 72b6db9379 use dns api def from neutron-lib 5 years ago
Aradhana Singh d00a50aad1 Refactoring config options for ml2 config opts 5 years ago
Gary Kotton 83bcc8832d Add callback BEFORE_DELETE for delete_router 5 years ago
Boden R 0a1405794f use service type constants from neutron_lib plugins 5 years ago
Dongcan Ye 0415f4f50c Fix bug when checking duplicated subnets for router interface 5 years ago
Adam Harwell d0e56d79af Allow fip associate to different tenant port if admin 5 years ago
Kevin Benton 8f2aad8fe1 Use SUBNET instead of SUBNET_GATEWAY event in L3 5 years ago
Boden R 0e2b667bf1 use neutron-lib callbacks 5 years ago
Henry Gessau b3c0d5f239 Eliminate lookup of "resource extend" funcs by name 6 years ago
durga.malleswari d5556a5e4e Floating IP association without subnet gateway IP 6 years ago
Cedric Brandily 67f3977454 Use registry.receives decorator in neutron.db.l3_db 6 years ago
Boden R 7bd521e7ce use neutron_lib's portbindings api-def 6 years ago
liyingjun 0e99b057df Handle empty body in add_router_interface 6 years ago
liyingjun 5554d9c5b0 Use router tenant for interface attach 6 years ago
Henry Gessau e7cd868c20 Decouple hook and func registration from CommonDbMixin 6 years ago
Armando Migliaccio ca751a1486 Spin off context module 6 years ago
Kevin Benton 1f5ee0e894 Get rid of ML2 inheritance of delete_network 6 years ago
John Schwarz e4b0b9f8be Refactor L3 scheduler (unify code paths) 6 years ago
Kevin Benton 4c636bd1e6 Retry on routerport delete race 6 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi e9572eabc0 test_l3: Enable native pagination and sort 6 years ago
Kevin Benton a7c633dc8e Decompose router extra attr processing 6 years ago
Gary Kotton 526816d49c neutron-lib: use L3 constant 6 years ago
James Anziano dd36243cae Added UT for floating ips with dns 6 years ago
Kevin Benton a5a8a37344 Check for unbound ports in L3 RPC handler 6 years ago
Kevin Benton e91561e97e Add filters support to constant queries test 6 years ago
Kevin Benton 6948467b77 Add janitor to cleanup orphaned fip ports 6 years ago
Kevin Benton 9e006cbe64 Capture NotFound Exceptions in subnet postcommit 6 years ago
LIU Yulong 46430ab9a0 Get rid of floating IP bgp next_hop query 6 years ago
Armando Migliaccio 17563a802e Adopt neutron-lib plugin directory 6 years ago
Hunt Xu 7962dd49ef Metering: sync only active routers hosted on the same host 6 years ago
Kevin Benton c9358687ca Separate floating IP port creation from transaction 6 years ago
Kevin Benton 03f7ec38b6 Use callbacks to create DVR floating GW port 6 years ago
Manjeet Singh Bhatia 2b66c6a2ed Relocate L3 DB Models 6 years ago
Dariusz Smigiel dd5976b7ab Accept and return project_id for API calls 6 years ago
Lujin Luo a9c3b7ef08 Add a composite unique key to floatingip table in Neutron database 6 years ago
Kevin Benton b5fe13afa8 Only schedule routers from drivers that need it 6 years ago
Gary Kotton 9f09f27c5d Fix deprecation warnings 6 years ago
Béla Vancsics 7deba33bf3 Use more specific asserts in tests 6 years ago