9 Commits (c3130f6df24e09d1c154674c722f33001596b5a6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Brian Haley 90cc4d087f Fix incorrect usage of '# flake8: noqa' 3 years ago
Doug Hellmann cf463cce43 tell pylint to ignore python2 version of gettext 3 years ago
Akihiro Motoki 44be13a2a6 Hacking rule to check i18n usage 6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 51d4d858ac Deprecate _ builtin translation function 6 years ago
Cyril Roelandt 8db41f04d5 Allow users to run 'tox -epy34' 6 years ago
armando-migliaccio c229b58cf2 Revert "monkey patch stdlib before importing other modules" 7 years ago
Terry Wilson 24b11ded7f monkey patch stdlib before importing other modules 7 years ago
liu-sheng b30c47233d Remove the useless vim modelines 7 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron 8 years ago
Gary Kotton e4b44c2856 Replace "OpenStack LLC" with "OpenStack Foundation" 9 years ago
Brad Hall 6a08320031 Second round of packaging changes 10 years ago
Tyler Smith 24b0207cbe blueprint quantum-packaging 11 years ago
Santhosh b5ff082337 Santhosh/Vinkesh | Added extensions framework 10 years ago
Santhosh fed70a5272 Santhosh/Vinkesh | Fixed all the pep8 violations. Modified the 'req' to 'request' across all the services and wsgi so that it's consistent with other projects 10 years ago
Salvatore Orlando 15a625ba16 Fixing pep8 errors 10 years ago