14 Commits (ca0c2746a89e6a9d0e7c333d798088b90a336518)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Yuki Nishiwaki b803195a99 Dont use dict.get() to know certain key is in dict 4 years ago
Miguel Lavalle f7064f2b6c Add binding activation to the Linuxbridge agent 4 years ago
Brian Haley c3b83a9ca6 Fix all pep8 E265 errors 4 years ago
Boden R 0822b0aef4 consume common constants from lib 5 years ago
Kevin Benton 01a97d926c Remove deprecated prevent_arp_spoofing option 5 years ago
Kevin Benton 5aa7192ffa Common Agent loop: Catch delete_port extension failures 5 years ago
Boden R 0e2b667bf1 use neutron-lib callbacks 5 years ago
Béla Vancsics 7deba33bf3 Use more specific asserts in tests 6 years ago
Kevin Benton c17c78df7c Port device events for common agent 6 years ago
Kevin Benton e7e8a4e938 Don't interrupt device loop for missing device 6 years ago
Henry Gessau 4148a347b3 Use constants from neutron-lib 6 years ago
Kevin Benton 7afbd3a6b8 Check tap bridge timestamps to detect local changes 6 years ago
Andreas Scheuring 7d153a671b Moving Common Agent into separate module 7 years ago