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Sean M. Collins 08cf38e86c API layer documentation
* Discuss the WSGI layer of Neutron
* Describe the startup code that creates the WSGI application
* Briefly discuss the URL routing and resource creation

Change-Id: Id82a2a5679d7e29c0a19d1a20942a9249946b011
9 years ago
Sean M. Collins 72398f1f69 Developer documentation
* Turns TESTING into a rst file, that we include in the developer
  documentation, for instructions on how to run the unit tests.
* Link to a Vagrant project that sets up Neutron inside a VM.
* Adds a section for how to debug with Nose
* Add new section for Neutron Internals
* Neutron L2 Agent documentation - currently only OVS
* Make the Security Group API extension an example of how an API
  extension is implemented

Implements bp developer-documentation

Change-Id: I9b452abc9da3b1a41ae65cff727967de0eab12fe
9 years ago