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Ihar Hrachyshka 754b99668f devref: consider sphinx warnings as failures
We previously introduced issues in our documentation due to not checking
for sphinx warnings [1], so let's enforce documentation validation.

This commit also fixes minor syntax issues caught by sphinx. Among
those, contribute.rst is now properly attached to ToC.

[1]: I48ab899077458d99eee6f643577d574106c1ca88

Change-Id: I9170883a20137c343f03d8b052399eacab4ae130
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio 9391526a58 Add developer documentation for plugins/drivers contributions
This is the initial step to provide documentation and
how-to for developers interested in contributing plugins and
drivers according to the core-vendor-decomp proposal.

Partially-implements: blueprint core-vendor-decomposition

Change-Id: Ib8b6cc5fd72eb1b8b4b4b2bdbda132062c81cbc1
9 years ago
Jeremy Stanley 25ef9258a8 Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
Replace URLs for workflow documentation to appropriate parts of the
OpenStack Project Infrastructure Manual.

Change-Id: I77aa4152a903a0f1f47de20bb1a006d29f5a1bf2
9 years ago
Sean M. Collins 72398f1f69 Developer documentation
* Turns TESTING into a rst file, that we include in the developer
  documentation, for instructions on how to run the unit tests.
* Link to a Vagrant project that sets up Neutron inside a VM.
* Adds a section for how to debug with Nose
* Add new section for Neutron Internals
* Neutron L2 Agent documentation - currently only OVS
* Make the Security Group API extension an example of how an API
  extension is implemented

Implements bp developer-documentation

Change-Id: I9b452abc9da3b1a41ae65cff727967de0eab12fe
9 years ago
Joe Harrison 4abf27a443 Fixes broken documentation hyperlinks
Several hyperlinks were incorrectly specified in one page of the docs.
These syntax typos have been fixed.

Change-Id: I1a4fe91ac05f51b71e01c001b76712752664ae74
Closes-Bug: #1268611
9 years ago
Jay Pipes de38cdafaa Start of new developer documentation
There is currently no useful developer-focused documentation in-tree
for Neutron. There are a smattering of useful documents on the
OpenStack wiki, however, there isn't a good organization to this
information, nor is there a condensed developer focus to a lot of it.
Some of the wiki pages are more proposals for features or bug fixes,
and there is a need for architecture, design, and code walk-through
documentation for Neutron to help with new (and existing) contribution.

This patch begins the process of adding developer documentation to Neutron.
It updates the main developer reference index.rst to pull in-line with what
Nova is doing, leaving some todo references for future patches. It also
adds a development.environment tutorial that is up-to-date with current
Neutron development, using tox/testr processes for running unit tests and
including a number of references to external wiki pages that have
instructions for using DevStack for OpenStack contribution/testing.

The next series of patches will add automodule documentation to the
developer reference for some of the major modules in Neutron.

Change-Id: I23aaa11d9a174f24242c49767b92540f5e25b48a
Addresses: blueprint quantum-developer-docs
10 years ago