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Ihar Hrachyshka 1bed055efc Adopt rpc_api devref to new oslo_messaging namespace
Change-Id: Ib6f58cffae882652da52962c9e61298193b50d62
8 years ago
armando-migliaccio b35c004204 DHCP agent restructuring
Wrap dhcp agent into its own module and break out configurations and
entry point for better seperation. This lead to some test cleanup
that revealed that options were registered unnecessarily.

When/if the dhcp agent goes through a restructuring along the same
lines of the L3 agent's, this would be the step to start from.

Related-blueprint: restructure-l3-agent
Related-blueprint: core-vendor-decomposition

Change-Id: I87d9f1079ed4e71c731984ec00e2f785024fd5f8
9 years ago
Russell Bryant 9a276e05a2 Update rpc_api docs with example version update
Update the rpc api devref docs to include an example of what a change
that includes a minor version increment looks like.  I hope this will
help clarify for people what all is included in an API change that
requires a version bump.

Part of blueprint rpc-docs-and-namespaces.

Change-Id: I9c53d3518b200412701b19958d7cbf1ed03d643e
9 years ago
Russell Bryant c52840e516 Add some basic rpc api docs
The devref docs had a placeholder file for rpc API docs.  Now that
both a client side and server side interface have been converted from
the rpc compat layer to oslo.messaging APIs, add some docs that give
an overview of what the client and server sides look like.

Also include a section that describes the code layout of where you can
find client and server api implementations in the neutron code base.
It starts by discussing the DHCP agent related APIs.

Part of blueprint drop-rpc-compat.

Change-Id: Ib391958252077365a81bcb881ab27a078f71fdec
9 years ago
Sean M. Collins 72398f1f69 Developer documentation
* Turns TESTING into a rst file, that we include in the developer
  documentation, for instructions on how to run the unit tests.
* Link to a Vagrant project that sets up Neutron inside a VM.
* Adds a section for how to debug with Nose
* Add new section for Neutron Internals
* Neutron L2 Agent documentation - currently only OVS
* Make the Security Group API extension an example of how an API
  extension is implemented

Implements bp developer-documentation

Change-Id: I9b452abc9da3b1a41ae65cff727967de0eab12fe
9 years ago