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Édouard Thuleau 6dd1a370fe Update help message of flag 'enable_isolated_metadata'
Thanks to the commit c73b54e50b,
the way of DHCP agent determines how a subnet is isolated evolves.
But the flag help message wasn't updtated accordingly to this evolution.

Change-Id: If07d8e0802524f9babdee0c8cc07d40cb0803afb
Closes-bug: #1269722
9 years ago
Sylvain Afchain a269541c60 Allow multiple DNS forwarders for dnsmasq
This patch change the dnsmasq_server configuration option to a ListOpt
in order to enable user to specify multiple DNS forwarders for each
dnsmasq instance.


Change-Id: I21963b4a6c99e4edb11040d77a6aeaa35ff44641
Closes-bug: #1240027
9 years ago
Salvatore Orlando 4af2163bd4 Make timeout for ovs-vsctl configurable
This patch adds a new configuration variable for the timeout on
ovs-vsctl commands, and sets the default timeout to 10 seconds.
This is aimed at allowing users to tune the agents in order to avoid
timeout errors on their deployments.

Change-Id: I73ea0d0de49a4b4a118bc2d68ad9c093ea122717
Closes-Bug: #1254520
10 years ago
Jenkins e7b13fe3e9 Merge "Sync dhcp_agent.ini with the codes" 10 years ago
Hui HX Xiang 5c43242a13 Sync dhcp_agent.ini with the codes
Add an option item into dhcp_agent.ini to sync with the codes.
* Add ovs_integration_bridge in /etc/dhcp_agent.ini
* Add corresponding unit test

Change-Id: Ia78e7ca6c1fcbeca3e962f870a393e44183d719c
closes-Bug: #1256197
10 years ago
Carl Baldwin 7336f3bd27 Optionally delete namespaces when they are no longer needed
Adds a configuration option to tell the network agents to delete
namespaces when they are no longer in use.  The option defaults to
False so that the agent will not attempt to delete namespaces in
environments where this is not safe.

This has been working well in deployments where iproute2 has been
patched with commit 58a3e8270fe72f8ed92687d3a3132c2a708582dd or it is
new enough to include it without being patched.

Change-Id: Ice5242c6f0446d16aaaa7ee353d674310297ef72
Closes-Bug: #1250596
Related-Bug: #1052535
10 years ago
Mark McClain fbc02fd569 Dynamically adjust max number of leases
This change dynamically adjusts the maximum number of leases based on
the size of the subnets associated with a network.  The upper bound is
limited by a configurable option to keep the max reasonable and prevent
denial of service.

Closes bug: 1225200

Change-Id: I75c3907bcf45cd991eadf5dd8c8ad7f1eaab3c85
10 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong e0f78bf025 Add metadata_proxy_socket into configuration files
Change-Id: I76856c2f804be92fa8cc667b4653d2e5e58e422a
Fixes: Bug #1215261
10 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong 9c21ae2c41 sync some configuration items with codes
Bug #1210173

Change-Id: I3622a45f0907e49391156322553665845978a551
10 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong f11dbbe748 Sync dhcp agent configuration items
Implements: Bug #1205180

Change-Id: Ic5089087fb6dd7d71740556ab8d3d4d6b82920d1
10 years ago
Aaron Rosen 9d5c540b47 Improve DHCP agent performance
Previously when starting the dhcp agent the sync_state() process would
be extremely expensive as it would query quantum server for each network.
In order to improve performance a get_active_networks_info() was added
so this information could be retrieved in one query rather than doing a
query for each active network.

The second part of this patch optimizes the logic to avoid calling
get_dhcp_port(). Previously, this method was called once for each network
which makes a call to get_subnets() and get_ports() unnecessarily as
the dhcp agent can determine itself if it needs to update a port or create a
port for dhcp.

This patch also threads the inital sync process and maintains backwards
compatibility with the previous rpc api.

There was also a trivial change to the nvp_plugin where filters are assumed to
be a dict.

implements blueprint improve-dhcp-agent-performance

Change-Id: I3b631057f595250dad76516faa9b421789f60953
10 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron
This change renames everything to Neutron while providing backwards
compatible adjustments for Grizzly configuration files.

implements blueprint: remove-use-of-quantum

Change-Id: Ie7d07ba7c89857e13d4ddc8f0e9b68de020a3d19
10 years ago
gongysh 32a029bc5e Allow DHCP and L3 agents to choose if they should report state
Bug #1143195
blueprint quantum-scheduler

Change-Id: Iba7bf82d7130462be4dda6c1c5f9a0fc5633707d
10 years ago
Gary Kotton 5483199b2a Add default state_path to quantum.conf
Fixes bug 1132793

Change-Id: I7af0b773105443672ede30b352d3b207f1ae7c5d
10 years ago
Aaron Rosen 349aa3ef35 AttributeError: No such RPC function 'report_state'
This patch changes dhcp_agent_manager to be DhcpAgent instead of
DhcpAgentWithStateReport since not all plugins support DhcpAgentWithStateReport
and having this as the default breaks all current deployments that upgrade
source without changing their config files.

Fixes bug 1131446

Change-Id: I6415f85714b03e9bf59d597e8ec2397fedc92b02
10 years ago
gongysh 8869725c65 Modify dhcp agent for agent management extension
2nd part of blueprint quantum-scheduler

Remove openstack openstack listener on DHCP agent side.
Add DHCPagent notifier on quantum server side.

Change-Id: I196691650a99ba865bf06081a1fc4546f9fac7bd
10 years ago
Salvatore Orlando 24c77966b6 Metadata support for NVP plugin
Bug #1121119

Allows the NVP plugin to leverage the metadata proxy, by creating an
ad-hoc topology for allowing access to a metadata proxy from a NVP
router leveraging existing agents.

This patch also removes previous code for metadata support in the
NVP plugin, which was based on DHCP Option 121. This is now provided
by the dhcp agent as well.

Change-Id: If37ef388e063f40bb06908ee2f72c431f29dac31
10 years ago
Gary Kotton cc78724a1e Shorten the DHCP default resync_interval
Fixes bug 1128180

Change-Id: Ie63ef674b5e05fab659e675774a1b25cd57d4c41
10 years ago
Mark McClain f3307718c4 add non-routed subnet metadata support
implements blueprint metadata-non-routed

This patchset completes Quantum metadata support by adding metadata
proxy support for isolated network segments.  The support requires that
the guest instance request host routes, so that the DHCP port can be
used to proxy metadata requests. NOTE: The cirros image does not support
host router, so the UEC or equivalent required for testing and usage.

Change-Id: I962deef7c164ecb2a93b7af326ef8dca6e2b183a
10 years ago
Gary Kotton 1b7565b83c Define root_helper variable under the [AGENT] section
Fixes bug 1105523

The patch set adds 2 new functions:
1. register_root_helper - this enables all wanting to use
the root_helper variable. This is under the section AGENT.
2. get_root_helper - this is a helper function that returns the
root_helper. This should be used when the application used to
have the root_helper defined under the section DEFAULT. This
ensures backward compatability.

Change-Id: Iba72c4fc89ba5329ea045483287012f82b306250
10 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 9917275360 dhcp_agent.ini, l3_agent.ini: update dhcp/l3_agent.ini
Bug 1089223
RyuInterfaceDriver is eliminated, so update the example of
dhcp_agent.ini, l3_agent.ini for Ryu plugin and other OVS
based plugins.

Change-Id: Icc95c213ecd96946bd5a90d5d60df88c94cc1454
11 years ago
Mark McClain dc107a5ba5 update state_path default to be the same value
fixes bug 1085249

This patch sets the default state_path to match a reasonable deployment
value instead of the devstack default.

Change-Id: Ib0c10621d91760588a68a62df8a60682d780e015
11 years ago
Mark McClain 9890aa7c8d Add periodic check resync check to DHCP agent
fixes bug 1047605

This patch adds a periodic resync check to the DHCP agent that will
resync state with the Quantum server if any notification or rpc errors
have occurred since the last check.

Change-Id: I879662ff44f2991cd2ff07062bb4e770a2981528
11 years ago
John Dunning 193d699727 Update rootwrap; track changes in nova/cinder
Fix bug 1037815

Summary: Copy/paste the essential parts of the rootwrap
  mechanism from nova/cinder into quantum.  This includes
  the core changes to and which deal
  with loading filters from files pointed to by
Detailed changes:
  Transliterate the old rootwrap/* files to
  new format, and put the results in etc/quantum/rootwrap.d
  Delete the * files.
  Add conf to point to etc/quantum/rootwrap.d
  Add a unit test cribbed from nova to exercise the filter
  Add a unit test to exercise the actual filtered execution
Note that as written, this patch does not set the default
  execute mechanism (in the agent .ini files) to rootwrap,
  leaves it as sudo.  That can be done in a followon
  change, or in distro specific packaging.
Note also that there is still work to do around finishing
  and testing the filter specs themselves.  We've decided
  that that is out of scope for this patch.

Change-Id: I9aba6adc5ba40b6145be5fa38c5ece3b666ae5ca
11 years ago
Mark McClain 96827953be Convert DHCP from polling to RPC
blueprint non-polling-dhcp-impl

This requires a change to devstack/
See for the required changes.

Change-Id: I1ea22c8e1b80e630bcb83f27a31aaeef482aff6c
11 years ago
Aaron Rosen 2043c8d357 Make dhcp agent configurable for namespace
Bug #1035769

Change-Id: I9f0d48a73f059a4985d629c7f0209675f5b01bec
11 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 82187a476e dhcp-agent: Ryu plugin support for dhcp agent
This patch adds Ryu support to dhcp-agent.
fixes bug 1030830
Ryu devstack support is available at

Change-Id: I3f5fbe8600b4b674834e317e158bac1856b0349c
Signed-off-by: Isaku Yamahata <>
11 years ago
Mark McClain 43960ee448 implement dhcp agent for quantum
blueprint: quantum-dhcp

This change adds an agent to manage DHCP for Quantum networks

Change-Id: If3c62965550dc0b0a7982b01d3468e2e07e2b775
11 years ago