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Dirk Mueller 933498e861 Rename to Neutron in sample init.d script
Related to LP Bug #1199794

Change-Id: I809a4d6c8e2ab047a1530f3fd6ef9aa60c0c638f
10 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron
This change renames everything to Neutron while providing backwards
compatible adjustments for Grizzly configuration files.

implements blueprint: remove-use-of-quantum

Change-Id: Ie7d07ba7c89857e13d4ddc8f0e9b68de020a3d19
10 years ago
Brad Hall 6a08320031 Second round of packaging changes
This change condenses the directory structure to something more similar to
what we had before while producing similar packages.

It also introduces which allows us to get the version from git tags
(or a fallback version if not available).

Fixes lp bug 889336
Fixes lp bug 888795

Change-Id: I86136bd9dbabb5eb1f8366ed665ed9b54f695124
12 years ago