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Jenkins 6a2ec32805 Merge "L3 Agent can handle many external networks" 10 years ago
Salvatore Orlando 4af2163bd4 Make timeout for ovs-vsctl configurable
This patch adds a new configuration variable for the timeout on
ovs-vsctl commands, and sets the default timeout to 10 seconds.
This is aimed at allowing users to tune the agents in order to avoid
timeout errors on their deployments.

Change-Id: I73ea0d0de49a4b4a118bc2d68ad9c093ea122717
Closes-Bug: #1254520
10 years ago
Sylvain Afchain b5092af696 L3 Agent can handle many external networks
With this patch a l3 agent can handle
any networks by setting the neutron
parameter external_network_bridge
and gateway_external_network_id to

Related-Bug: #1234750
Related-Bug: #1194350

Change-Id: Id260a239df23951da730513f40cda490002effc3
10 years ago
Carl Baldwin 7336f3bd27 Optionally delete namespaces when they are no longer needed
Adds a configuration option to tell the network agents to delete
namespaces when they are no longer in use.  The option defaults to
False so that the agent will not attempt to delete namespaces in
environments where this is not safe.

This has been working well in deployments where iproute2 has been
patched with commit 58a3e8270fe72f8ed92687d3a3132c2a708582dd or it is
new enough to include it without being patched.

Change-Id: Ice5242c6f0446d16aaaa7ee353d674310297ef72
Closes-Bug: #1250596
Related-Bug: #1052535
10 years ago
Darragh O'Reilly 4a6e77e316 Update send_arp_for_ha default in l3_agent.ini
The default for send_arp_for_ha was 3 and is now 0.
This patch changes the comment in l3_agent.ini to
show the new default.

Change-Id: I77370350ffee6ad7b94aa7db341c062ebc0b7d89
10 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong e0f78bf025 Add metadata_proxy_socket into configuration files
Change-Id: I76856c2f804be92fa8cc667b4653d2e5e58e422a
Fixes: Bug #1215261
10 years ago
Yong Sheng Gong 9c21ae2c41 sync some configuration items with codes
Bug #1210173

Change-Id: I3622a45f0907e49391156322553665845978a551
10 years ago
ZhiQiang Fan 3313448f2d Avoid overwrite value of deprecated name in conf.
See bug/1194064 #2 Mark McLoughlin's comment

Fixes: Bug #1194064

Change-Id: I421d2decfa8829796fe7b6c14f954f3cccc17215
10 years ago
Mark McClain ee3fe4e836 Rename Quantum to Neutron
This change renames everything to Neutron while providing backwards
compatible adjustments for Grizzly configuration files.

implements blueprint: remove-use-of-quantum

Change-Id: Ie7d07ba7c89857e13d4ddc8f0e9b68de020a3d19
10 years ago
gongysh a299091d00 Add a configuration item to disable metadata proxy
Bug #1166543

Change-Id: If7aee8d79b7ca275f89cf9299eac1f76d5500fcc
10 years ago
gongysh 32a029bc5e Allow DHCP and L3 agents to choose if they should report state
Bug #1143195
blueprint quantum-scheduler

Change-Id: Iba7bf82d7130462be4dda6c1c5f9a0fc5633707d
10 years ago
Akihiro MOTOKI aeec6f1283 Change the default l3_agent_manager to L3NATAgent
This is a l3-agent version of 349aa3ef35.

The combination of the plugin without agent extension support
and L3NATAgentWithStateReport results in an error:
"AttributeError: No such RPC function 'report_state'".

This patch changes l3_agent_manager to be L3NATAgent instead of
L3NATAgentWithStateReport since all plugins do not support
L3NATAgentWithStateReport and having this as the default breaks
all current deployments that upgrade source without changing
their config files.

Fixes bug 1139726

Change-Id: Ibb5c04c89bfad741ec43a372cbf97445f7b3d76c
10 years ago
Gary Kotton 5483199b2a Add default state_path to quantum.conf
Fixes bug 1132793

Change-Id: I7af0b773105443672ede30b352d3b207f1ae7c5d
10 years ago
Gary Kotton 1b7565b83c Define root_helper variable under the [AGENT] section
Fixes bug 1105523

The patch set adds 2 new functions:
1. register_root_helper - this enables all wanting to use
the root_helper variable. This is under the section AGENT.
2. get_root_helper - this is a helper function that returns the
root_helper. This should be used when the application used to
have the root_helper defined under the section DEFAULT. This
ensures backward compatability.

Change-Id: Iba72c4fc89ba5329ea045483287012f82b306250
10 years ago
Isaku Yamahata 9917275360 dhcp_agent.ini, l3_agent.ini: update dhcp/l3_agent.ini
Bug 1089223
RyuInterfaceDriver is eliminated, so update the example of
dhcp_agent.ini, l3_agent.ini for Ryu plugin and other OVS
based plugins.

Change-Id: Icc95c213ecd96946bd5a90d5d60df88c94cc1454
11 years ago
gongysh b836e71eb1 l3 agent rpc
On one hand, we sync router data (including routers,
their gw ports, interfaces and floatingips) from l3_agent
to quantum server periodically if needed.

On the other hand, we notify l3 agent from quantum server when
we delete or update a router's stuff, such as floating IP,
interface and gwport and router itself.

blueprint rpc-for-l3-agent
bug #1080286

Change-Id: I60f3081975fc7164b22f9e9fa941e702a3f4c663
11 years ago
Mark McClain e56f17466c add state_path sample back to l3_agent.ini file
fixes bug 1086012

A prior change incorrectly removed the sample state_path from the
l3_agent config file.  This change adds the correct sample value to the

Change-Id: I10455706442c004e5d0337834b5baa3b794af5e7
11 years ago
Mark McClain dc107a5ba5 update state_path default to be the same value
fixes bug 1085249

This patch sets the default state_path to match a reasonable deployment
value instead of the devstack default.

Change-Id: Ib0c10621d91760588a68a62df8a60682d780e015
11 years ago
Mark McClain 0c3dd5af4c add metadata proxy support for Quantum Networks
blueprint metadata-overlapping-networks

Adds Metadata for guest VMs running on Qunatum networks.  This requires
a companion patchset for Nova to test.

Change-Id: I524c6fdcd6a44e46da08395fd84c1288052a69ea
11 years ago
justin ljj e1130a9674 support 'send_arp_for_ha' option in l3_agent
Fixes bug 1042046

Sending gratuitous ARPs when a external router or a floating
IP was added in order to facilitate HA.

I am using iputils-arping package to send ARP packets. You will need
to install iputils-arping on Ubuntu and iputils on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS.
Arping locates in /usr/bin/arping on Ubuntu and locates in /sbin/arping
on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS.

Change-Id: I125dbc57b90027dc5e99ff0a5d6877843a0b02a5
11 years ago
Takaaki Suzuki 70e684fd90 Fix flag name for l3 agent external network id
Bug #1056720

Change-Id: I744da7e1584d5230a23c4fc8b6fc258814babfa9
11 years ago
Gary Kotton 2d20ad3588 Update l3-agent.ini with missing configuration flags
Fixes bug 1051349

Change-Id: I7f977c21dbe6bf6fbb8665648a50cd8954c737be
11 years ago
Dan Wendlandt 6606c6b288 allow multiple l3-agents to run, each with one external gateway net
bug #1042028

Allows user to invoke L3-agent in a way that limits the agent to
implementing only routers associated with a particular external network.
Thus, it is possible to have a deployment with multiple external networks,
since you can run one agent per external network.

Also makes l3-agent pay attention to router admin_state_up field.

Change-Id: Ia79d29301530718bc381c8e5a9d197de9452bce2
11 years ago
Gary Kotton 3c8b8ce101 L3: make use of namespaces by agent configurable
Fixes bug 1042104

The fix follows the patch that was done on the DHCP agent to enable
the user to configure the usage of namespaces. In the event that
namspaces are disabled the agent is limited to running only one
router. The agent needs to define the router_id that is supported.
The process in this case is:
1. create router
2. start agent with router id

Change-Id: I2a71dc009c5aea285ff9f903b3faa99b0c9f820f
11 years ago
John Dunning 193d699727 Update rootwrap; track changes in nova/cinder
Fix bug 1037815

Summary: Copy/paste the essential parts of the rootwrap
  mechanism from nova/cinder into quantum.  This includes
  the core changes to and which deal
  with loading filters from files pointed to by
Detailed changes:
  Transliterate the old rootwrap/* files to
  new format, and put the results in etc/quantum/rootwrap.d
  Delete the * files.
  Add conf to point to etc/quantum/rootwrap.d
  Add a unit test cribbed from nova to exercise the filter
  Add a unit test to exercise the actual filtered execution
Note that as written, this patch does not set the default
  execute mechanism (in the agent .ini files) to rootwrap,
  leaves it as sudo.  That can be done in a followon
  change, or in distro specific packaging.
Note also that there is still work to do around finishing
  and testing the filter specs themselves.  We've decided
  that that is out of scope for this patch.

Change-Id: I9aba6adc5ba40b6145be5fa38c5ece3b666ae5ca
11 years ago
Dan Wendlandt 3005d16fe3 quantum l3 + floating IP support
bp quantum-l3-fw-nat

router & floating IP API calls, plugin db, and agent implemented
and unit tested

Change-Id: I6ee61396d22e2fd7840aa2ff7d1f6f4a2c6e54d4
11 years ago