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Ivar Lazzaro ff7623f3c9 Embrane LBaaS Driver
Implements blueprint embrane-lbaas-driver

This commit implements Embrane's driver for LBaaS,
which uses Embrane's heleos(tm) appliances to provide Load Balancing.

Change-Id: Ia76fbc8881d178cfe6df11a2cfe8e77d3f36094f
9 years ago
Youcef Laribi 7bad5158fa Implements an LBaaS driver for NetScaler devices
This driver for the Neutron LBaaS plugin allows for
using the Citrix NetScaler loadbalancing devices
to provide Neutron LBaaS functionality in OpenStack.

Change-Id: Ibfeb54c4402943fb3696a1c599fa373e42e520d4
Implements: blueprint netscaler-lbaas-driver
9 years ago
Avishay Balderman 3ae0171834 Removing workflows from the Radware driver code
Removing workflows handling from the driver code.
Removing workflow related files
Modifying tests to support new behavior

Change-Id: Icbb6106db07e5b33c37192aa53d088e67bd4a795
Closes-bug: #1239288
10 years ago