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Paul Michali 8a1d021943 VPNaaS Service Driver for Cisco CSR
This has the service driver part of the vendor specific VPNaaS plugin.
This version DOES NOT rely on the Service Type Framework code, which is
presently under review (client 53602, server 41827) and on hold due to
discussion over flavors. As a result, this changeset has modifications
so that the service driver is not hard-coded in the VPN plugin.

The device driver will be under a separate review and has the REST
client that talks to the Cisco CSR (running out-of-band).

Note: See review 74156 for more details on device driver portion of
      this blueprint.

Change-Id: I39b1475c992b594256f5a28be0caa1ee9398050e
Partially-implements: blueprint vpnaas-cisco-driver
9 years ago
Nachi Ueno bba99f29ad Reference driver implementation (IPsec) for VPNaaS
Implements blueprint ipsec-vpn-reference

This patch implements reference driver implementation for VPNaaS.
The driver uses openswan to manage vpn connections.

Future work: Support ikepolicy and ipsec update
Support service type framework
Intelligent updating of resources

This commit adds jinja2 for requirements.txt for
generating cofig file.

Change-Id: I8c5ed800a71ca014dc7bdbb6a57c4f8d18fa82e0
10 years ago