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Miguel Ángel Ajo 13120bbd27 Cleanup recent generalization in post mortem debugger
Remove unnecessary default arguments and constants in
the post mortem debugger code.

Also remove exception internationalization in testing code.

Change-Id: I66ba3248a7ff502fa92e1c46f40e280c503524a2
9 years ago
Miguel Angel Ajo d37ff165f4 Support pudb as a different post mortem debugger
Post mortem debugger starts pdb at the assert failure place
when OS_POST_MORTEM_DEBUGGER is set and an exception or assert
failure happens.

This patch adds a neutron env variable OS_POST_MORTEM_DEBUGGER
to allow invocation of pudb instead of pdb. pudb module is not
a hard requisite as it will be only imported if you set

The old OS_POST_MORTEM_DEBUG env variable is removed now.

Change-Id: I5d40913add439cf9c30305bafc98af9f8cd4d12f
9 years ago
liu-sheng b30c47233d Remove the useless vim modelines
Change-Id: I41286e0b8f74c90b7078c3d3fb041b6586d95ab0
Closes-Bug: #1229324
9 years ago
Maru Newby f3461c76fe Add post-mortem debug option for tests
Post-mortem debugging, the ability to drop into a debugger with the
execution state that triggered the exception, is very useful in
diagnosing failure conditions.  Our previous test runner, nose,
provided the ability to enable post-mortem debugging on test
failures (via --pdb-failure) and errors (via --pdb).  testr
lacks these options at present, so this change adds support
for enabling post-mortem debugging via an environment variable.
All test-triggered exceptions will result in a post-mortem debugger
being invoked if OS_POST_MORTEM_DEBUG is set to "1" or "True".

Implements: blueprint neutron-pm-debug-on-test-failure
Change-Id: Iddbe1335b059d062c0286df2ad27aef7728461b7
10 years ago