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Miguel Lavalle 3d0f9f3f4f Removing remaining Tempest bits
All the Neutron Stadium projects are importing Tempest code from the
neutron-tempest-plugin repo. We can now safely remove the remaining
bits of Tempest code.

Depends-On: I34efe893b93240c4689de1dda978209926022dfd
Change-Id: I2cf6e1f60926f36384bf056066bcdd4e0301494f
5 years ago
Dongcan Ye 7eeec2a0c9 Add l3_agent_mode configuration in tempest
Add dvr_snat agent mode, this will works for
all types of routers.

Change-Id: I029504d53d4a6e4178c0384be9f21408f333ce20
Closes-Bug: #1731857
5 years ago
Chandan Kumar 813295f8cf Remove the bundled intree neutron tempest plugin
The plugin has been split into its own repository[1] in accordance with
Queens Goal "Split Tempest Plugins into Separate Repos/Projects[2]".
This patch removes the local copy as well as the setuptools entry point.
We can also now remove the autodoc_tree_excludes pbr option since
there's no more plugin to exclude and it defaults to [].

The patch leaves still in-tree base classes and constants in order to
avoid breakage of projects depending on such code. In the future, we
will deprecate those and gradually move affected subprojects to the new

List of affected repositories:
 - neutron-vpnaas
 - openstack-ansible-os_neutron
 - tripleo-quickstart-extras
 - networking-midonet
 - networking-l2gw
 - neutron-dynamic-routing
 - networking-vsphere
 - networking-plumgrid
 - networking-zvm


Depends-On: I371aa4d5f043f695df04b98b0f485c8f0548f2b3

Change-Id: Ia21aad29d0bbf779583964db6f1665c9b3b83161
6 years ago
Zuul 6e911a49a9 Merge "use qos api def from neutron-lib" 6 years ago
Zuul f3d64799dd Merge "Tempest: Add availability-zone for agent" 6 years ago
Zuul 983a2c4616 Merge "use metering api def from neutron-lib" 6 years ago
Dongcan Ye e774b88428 Tempest: Add availability-zone for agent
Change-Id: I586420488cc2db43e849132c0d2465185e4b32d0
Partial-Bug: #1684069
6 years ago
Boden R cc5ba37ed0 use qos api def from neutron-lib
The Qos extension's API definition was rehomed into neutron-lib with
commit I8ab3712850ec02278b3efb9161fc03236926b842
This patch consumes the API definition from neutron-lib.


Change-Id: I3bb987920008d5a1d73cf4c5f37895d7f917c368
6 years ago
Zuul 899aae21a4 Merge "tests: delete in-use security group" 6 years ago
Zuul 69d547083e Merge "Fix typo: allow_address_pair -> allowed_address_pair" 6 years ago
Roee Agiman 0b5ff2424a tests: delete in-use security group
The new test added is a negative test that verifies
the inability of deleting in-use security group.

Change-Id: I118f1998df2184f9a688213cbaf01006f0426909
6 years ago
Hunt Xu 675ecb8190 Fix typo: allow_address_pair -> allowed_address_pair

Change-Id: I16fe4da09bf1ce321645dc96734e9d39f6096f72
6 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 83e73e0e6f test_security_groups: Randomize SG names
To avoid conflicts with concurrent tests.

Closes-Bug: #1730271
Change-Id: Id33dc37118f57a0dbbfbe5ee71d1c7a48eefeb3e
6 years ago
Zuul f37f66d389 Merge "[Tempest] Testing remote_ip_prefix for security groups" 6 years ago
Boden R c6ed3bf819 use metering api def from neutron-lib
The metering extension's API definition was rehomed into neutron-lib
with commit I1b3285287be2429f7cf9913a7e6204db26371ced. This patch
consumes the API definition removing the rehomed code from neutron
and updating references to use lib's code.


Change-Id: Iacd69a3b332ee494946befc2f35638410e27cfb9
6 years ago
Genadi Chereshnya 0c205e2e05 [Tempest] Testing remote_ip_prefix for security groups
Configuring non-default remote_ip_prefix parameter in the rule list
for testing connectivity between VMs with such a rule.

Change-Id: I3f4b59f4fd3a0279d76cda2d2bf535c6e819adae
6 years ago
Zuul 76ec5ca105 Merge "tempest: Sprinkle extension checks" 6 years ago
Boden R 1b8664f8e1 use qos constants from neutron-lib
neutron-lib contains the QoS constants. This patch removes them from
neutron and replaces all such uses to lib's QoS constants.


Change-Id: I6ed379b178a2b79fd14385a1d1e87d87eb04bfb9
6 years ago
YAMAMOTO Takashi 907d539df6 tempest: Sprinkle extension checks
Closes-Bug: #1727180
Change-Id: Ie8fe87bc4b0b36dcf8b7c042149fbe8658e385b1
6 years ago
Zuul 979ecaef6b Merge "Add API tests for Tag resource with standard attribute" 6 years ago
Trevor McCasland 2a479053ec Security Groups: Test all protocols names and nums
The following operations are enforced by this change:
  * all v4 names/ints can be created in both v4 and v6 networks
  * all v6 names/ints can be created in v6 networks
  * no v6 names/ints can be created in v4 networks

This patch is a follow up to the doc chage:

Change-Id: I78dee3b665185d7da9d854a23f1a7c9d6dbe96de
Closes-Bug: #1692134
6 years ago
Zuul 048c880c30 Merge "consume common constants from lib" 6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 6ee650843e Don't pass trailing dash (-) to rand_name
It already adds it between prefix/name and randomly generated number.

As a nice side effect, this fixes test_dhcp_port_status_active test case
for plugins that don't support router names longer than 15 characters
(Cisco for Cisco Virtual Topology System is such a plugin).

If we need a test case that validates long names, there should be a
separate one that will validate it.

Change-Id: Ief08475787cb8fe2f13a78faac666fcad344f1f0
6 years ago
Boden R 0822b0aef4 consume common constants from lib
The neutron-lib commit I360545b6ee4291547e0c5c8e668ad03d3efa4725 moved
the externally consumed globals from neutron.common.constants into lib.
With the exception of PROVISIONAL_IPV6_PD_PREFIX all other constants
in neutron.common.constants should only be used in neutron, and will
hopefully remain that way. External consumers needing access to other
common constants should move them into lib first.


Change-Id: Ie4bcffccf626a6e1de84af01f3487feb825f8b65
6 years ago
venkata anil f571897225 tempest: check router interface exists before ssh
As explained in the bug, tempest DVR and HA migration scenario
tests are failing intermittently, as we are not checking if the
new router interfaces are ready after migration and might try
to use the old dataplane if the pre-migration router resources
(like interfaces, namespaces, etc) still exist and are not yet

We need to check that the pre-migration router interfaces are
deleted and the new interfaces are created and active (as we
can't check namespace existence on other nodes, we rely on port
status set by L2 agent after wiring the port) before
attempting ssh connectivity.

Closes-Bug: 1714802
Change-Id: I2a933d4cdd6de4e5ff31c8e3f97477819ba27afa
6 years ago
Brian Haley 2d6d64a4ef Switch to tempest.common.utils.requires_ext
The old (tempest.test.requires_ext) location is deprecated in Pike.
Somehow missed in a previous change.

Change-Id: I8e18732443b1f01649a0a98a4765dafc5dc9bb7a
6 years ago
Jenkins 63d38e97d7 Merge "[Tempest] Scenarios for several sec groups on VM" 6 years ago
Jenkins 9035298379 Merge "Fix _verify_gateway_port() in multiple subnets" 6 years ago
Jenkins 6a8486a716 Merge "[Tempest] Check connectivity between VM with different MTU size net" 6 years ago
Jenkins daae5c2c2b Merge "Ensure default security group before port update" 6 years ago
Jakub Libosvar da66b197dc Replace default subnetpool API tests with UT
As existence of default subnetpool is required for auto allocated tests
and other tests in Nova, it is created by devstack. Default subnetpool
API tests perform create operations and tests are skipped in case
default subnetpool already exsits in the system.

This patch replaces coverage of skipped API tests, that are never run on
the gate, with unittests using extension testing.

Change-Id: I04986aaf06525db45290b0b838cc491ee99b751f
6 years ago
Genadi Chereshnya 8fd1aa9198 [Tempest] Scenarios for several sec groups on VM
1) Creating VM with 2 security groups on its port
2) Check that both security groups with their rules apply, meaning
ICMP and ssh connectivity work as expected
3) Update port to have only security group with ssh rule
4) Check ICMP is not working anymore, while ssh does.

Change-Id: I9897722b7858071207a196a53ffb727e6cb1d436
6 years ago
Dongcan Ye 3d1b33633f Fix _verify_gateway_port() in multiple subnets
The original code asserts that gw port's fixed_ips allocated from
the first subnet of external network. This will fails if external
network have multiple subnets.

Change-Id: I1a2d433b36a0cb72fc3e6dc3b377e0ca56fc6f7a
Closes-Bug: #1714007
6 years ago
Kevin Benton 017185496c Ensure default security group before port update
The default security group can be deleted and updating
a port will recreate it. However, we should do this in
the BEFORE_UPDATE event handler rather than waiting for
it to happen inside of the port update transaction which
violates the transaction semantics of the security group

Closes-Bug: #1718282
Change-Id: I1ce8b558b0a831adcebead512d97554173423955
6 years ago
Genadi Chereshnya bc32d85bfb [Tempest] Check connectivity between VM with different MTU size net
Having environment that supports different MTUs for networks,
check connectivity between 2 VMs with such networks

Change-Id: I5721a9ee35235c15bef1a9e8d62568abbfb5dc45
6 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara 140b99812e Add API tests for Tag resource with standard attribute
This patch added some api tests for tag resource with standard
attribute, which are securitygroup, floatingip, trunk, and policy.

In TagFilter test, identifier of resource was changed from name to
id because floatingip doesn't have name attribute.

Change-Id: I3a20abe00d4cb32b1a84aeb7b05429e776244c3e
Related-bug: #1682775
6 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara b01d5aeacf Switch to tempest.common.utils.is_extension_enabled
The tempest.test.is_extension_enabled() has moved to
tempest.common.utils.is_extension_enabled() in Pike.

Change-Id: I82cf40f5c11f8c20dcf7437f42d9fa526ccc5947
6 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara b9d0c5418d Fix missing super's skip_checks()
The skip_checks of NetworksTestDHCPv6 didn't call super's skip_checks().

Change-Id: I1c0902e3c06886812029fae0e4435bb6674f57df
Closes-Bug: 1717358
6 years ago
Ihar Hrachyshka 62c5afbd95 Switch to tempest.common.utils.requires_ext
The old (tempest.test.requires_ext) location is deprecated in Pike.

Change-Id: I79a9c3033fb38780808e02f34966280aa9591bc8
6 years ago
Jenkins f772094105 Merge "API test refactoring about create_project" 6 years ago
Jenkins a34c26b916 Merge "[Tempest] Creating sec group rule with integer" 6 years ago
Jenkins 5fc872023c Merge "[Tempest] Testing default security group scenarios" 6 years ago
Genadi Chereshnya dace619580 [Tempest] Creating sec group rule with integer
Instead of providing 'icmp' str in security rule creation, we test
that providing appropriate number instead  works as well.

Change-Id: I094e964c19835d2c66a44abe41c9675fd87ceeee
6 years ago
Genadi Chereshnya 7279aa3585 [Tempest] Testing default security group scenarios
1) Testing connectivity after adding ssh security rule
2) Testing that with ssh security rule you can't ping VM
3) Testing ICMP connectivity between 2 VMs
4) Testing connectivity to external network

Change-Id: I9e8a698f896089b530210735e1243bfff3afcdb7
6 years ago
Kevin Benton 5feac7d8b0 Tempest: Fix cleaning of subnets
Similar to I52428262276c16dbe077fcf77b1890f12dccc97d,
any subnets created with another client were failing to delete
with an HTTPNotFound which was silently ignored. So
we were implicitly depending on deletion of the network to
actually cleanup the subnet.

This adjusts the logic to use the admin_client to delete the subnet
whenever a different client is used.

Change-Id: Ie7d733a501b87fd2334054e72c86b8dae36da37c
6 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara e3d211b265 API test refactoring about create_project
There are some calls to create project in API tests.
This patch prepares create_project method so that the tests use.

Change-Id: I16a1936c04dca206b50026e796d512cf76f1bebb
6 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński ac5328dd39 Tempest: change way how QoS policies are cleaned
QoS policy can't be removed from Neutron if it is used by
port or network. Because of this restriction there was method
to disassociate QoS policy from network/port and it had to be
called in each test where policy was attached to network/port.

This patch changes order of cleaning resources that QoS rules and
policies are always cleaned after all networks and ports are removed.
Thanks that there is no need to disassociate QoS policy from
network or port manually in each test.

Change-Id: Id9f6952fb68e1ad35fcd9ce99b9602247e3a229a
6 years ago
Sławek Kapłoński 35b3e7b3cf Tempest: Fix cleaning of networks after API tests
In case when network was created with different than default
client (like admin_client) network wasn't properly removed in
cleanup_resources method because default client was used to
delete function and 'NotFound' error returned from Neutron
was silently ignored in such case.

Now networks created by different than default client are
added to "admin_networks" list and are cleaned by admin_client.

Change-Id: I52428262276c16dbe077fcf77b1890f12dccc97d
6 years ago
Hirofumi Ichihara 95bbb7385b Fix default qos policy when creating network
In _create_network_policy(), policy object is passed into _get_policy_obj()
although it expects to be passed policy id. This patch passes policy id
instead of policy object and adds a unit test and API tests.

Change-Id: Ic4c755c54d93d7ca3312b432b7c1e6770f25c359
Closes-bug: #1712278
6 years ago
Jenkins 90b4a7c511 Merge "Fix DefaultSubnetPool API test" 6 years ago