13 Commits (f037a32556669c72be174d37a0b43b508769bb27)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  LIU Yulong 64abee5aa2 Clean port forwarding cache when router is DOWN 4 months ago
  Brian Haley 7594bb0627 Remove the dependency on the "mock" package 1 year ago
  zhouhenglc 3a6a8c334a Provide correct fip cidr when deleting port forwarding 1 year ago
  Pedro Henrique 06e43dd95d Add description field to portforwarding NAT rules 2 years ago
  Brian Haley b79842f289 Start enforcing E125 flake8 directive 2 years ago
  LIU Yulong 4082e280c8 Not process port forwarding if no snat functionality 2 years ago
  Yang Youseok ec875b42b6 Add router_factory to l3-agent and L3 extension API 3 years ago
  Boden R 9bbe9911c4 remove neutron.common.constants 2 years ago
  Boden R 024802aafd remove neutron.common.rpc 2 years ago
  Slawek Kaplonski 26f5df1dee Move MAX_CHAIN_LEN constants to constants file 3 years ago
  ZhaoBo de9b39ed2c [agent side] L3 agent side Floating IP port forwarding 3 years ago