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Jenkins f0f16bffd7 Merge "fixed incorrect duplicate title" 2012-03-13 00:43:49 +00:00
Jenkins 1173d90ced Merge "add git commit date / sha1 to sphinx html docs" 2012-03-13 00:40:44 +00:00
Jenkins b53e792ed2 Merge "Fixed incorrect title for example 3.10" 2012-03-13 00:37:40 +00:00
Jenkins 9db5d73e31 Merge "Bug #949261 Removing nova drivers for Linux Bridge Plugin" 2012-03-12 19:26:26 +00:00
Mark McClain f0b6de5dce fixed incorrect duplicate title
Fixes bug 951089

Changed the JSON example title to label the port JSON API examples properly.

Change-Id: I0bec330256f1dd3de43bc3202cedada2f9d40c01
2012-03-09 14:50:19 -05:00
Mark McClain beed3d1122 Fixed incorrect title for example 3.10
Fixes bug 950535

Changed title for Example 3.10 to correctly reflect JSON

Change-Id: I0f7fae73efa80b617da0a895b80a95f60cb12c42
2012-03-09 00:11:02 -05:00
Sumit Naiksatam f614a7ddf5 Bug #949261 Removing nova drivers for Linux Bridge Plugin
These have been added to nova, so they need not be in the Quantum
code base any more.

Change-Id: Ibbd88792bfb0f58b2d9d347298964bf0b77baa95
2012-03-07 10:27:45 -08:00
Dan Wendlandt 973f33e530 Remove outdated content from OVS plugin README, point to website instead.
bug 943810

Change-Id: I12c801a83789a2c3f3b0adac4b44f2febf32c523
2012-03-06 13:17:34 -08:00
Jenkins 8d1d6cc94e Merge "remove pep8 and strict lxml version from" 2012-03-05 16:43:13 +00:00
Jesse Andrews 1769ce8581 add git commit date / sha1 to sphinx html docs
Change-Id: Ie286200e3f569d6d5b0debf66baf24229b0b86ab
2012-03-02 16:09:25 -08:00
Dan Wendlandt a59c832a8a more files missing in sdist tarball
bug 943782

Change-Id: I08df8de1280071e5a528af927d5fc1d30868b140
2012-02-29 20:00:25 -08:00
Dan Wendlandt 531ed084cd make sure pip-requires is included in sdist
bug 943711

Change-Id: I21a9d047e9fe00d2fa4a47165dd4728f862fdb9f
2012-02-29 17:15:11 -08:00
Sumit Naiksatam 7ad5d9b093 Introducing the tenant owenrship checks in the Cisco plugin, changes are
almost identical to those in Bug#942713

Change-Id: Ia320116e73db72090d925796bb2c832f31f878de
2012-02-28 22:31:36 -08:00
Dan Wendlandt c029777dd7 Fix some plugins that don't check that nets + ports are owned by tenant
bug 942713. This bug confuses the validate_networks() method of
QuantumManager in Nova, causing it to believe that it is valid for a
tenant to plug into a particular network when in fact that network is not
owned by the tenant, nor the "provider".

The patch also adds unit tests to confirm correct plugin behavior.

This patch fixes the issue for the Sample Plugin, the OVS plugin,
the Linux Bridge plugin, and the Ryu plugin, all of which has the
same DB model.  Validated the fix with the unit tests.

I couldn't run the unit tests for the NVP plugin standalone, but by
inspection, the code seems to handle this case.  I wasn't able to run
the Cisco plugin unit tests, and that code uses its own DB model, so I
am uncertain whether this issue exists in that plugin.

Change-Id: I8c4a5f3eb151b91a1076821dc1916842510dfb90
2012-02-28 12:34:49 -08:00
Jenkins 8853f470a5 Merge "bug 934459: pip no longer supports -E" 2012-02-28 05:44:34 +00:00
Ionuț Arțăriși 8213824569 remove pep8 and strict lxml version from
Change-Id: I671f3e924641cdfdfb5d20d0b0e3c77e1dc714e2
2012-02-27 12:56:22 +01:00
Isaku Yamahata a5f97ccc3b plugin: introduce ryu plugin
blueprint ovs-driver-extention
This patch implements the blueprint ovs-driver-extention

This patch factors out ovs common logic from ovs plugin into ovscommon
and adds Ryu NOS plugin.
This patch enhances ovs plugin for generic OVS controller support and

This patch is to add ofp controller support to OVS.
Store ofp controller address in ovs quantum data base.
- nova firewall_driver
- nova linuxnet_interface_driver

There may be ports unmanaged by nova/quantum. Those ports are used
to connect vm to outside of physical machine. They needs special care.

Changes 12 -> 13:
- rebased to 543e150d6d
  changed files are only,, tools/pip-requres

Changes 11 -> 12:
- ryu agent
  eliminated from quantum.common import exceptions as exc
- ryu.db.api
  eliminated ofp_has_servers
- ryu.nova
  eliminated from quantum.plugins.ryu.nova import ovs_utils
  and eliminate ovs_utils

Chnages 10 -> 11:
- rebased to a945d1a304
- more Maru's review
- fix setup() argument
  This isn't directly related to ryu plugin though
- improve fake ini file when unit test
  remove fake ini file after unit tests.
  use StringIO when no file is required.
- LOG: don't use %

Chnages 8 -> 9 -> 10:
- minor fixes: forgot to commit some hunks

Chnages 7 -> 8:
- rebased to d6bf2b7616
- catch up d6bf2b7616 change
  introduced bin/quantum_ryu_agent
- addressed Maru's review
  - avoid custom patching, use mock for test
    and added mox and mock to pip-requires
  - more pep8
  - avoid \ for line continuation
  - avoid single char variables
  - db.api: first() -> one()
  - utilize implicit conversion
    var is not None -> var
  - and more...

Changes 6 -> 7:
- update comment in ryu/
- make unit tests pass without ryu installed
  PLUGIN_DIR=quantum/plugins/ryu/ ./
  works now

Chages 5 -> 6:
- remove comment

Change 4 -> 5:
- eliminate relative imports
- copyright
- doc string
- naming (s/CONF_FILE/conf_file/g)
- add " check to ryu/nova/ovs_utils
- ryu/nova/linux_net: comment
- ryu agent: eliminated unused methods
- updated ryu/README: add
- added unit tests

Changes 3 -> 4:
- reflected Dan's review
- on-OVS in ryu.ini
- update @author
- some naming

Changes 2 -> 3:
- rebased to 04d144ae0b
- abandoned to share code and duplicated codes from openvswitch plugin
  for ovs plugin stability.
- dropped and added README
- update nova driver to catch up upstream change (gflags -> cfg)

Changes 1 -> 2:
- unbreak openvswtich unit test

Changes 3 -> new 1:
- rebased to 1eb3c693b5
- factor out common loginc from openvswitch plugin into ovscommon
- Introduced a new independent ryu plugin
- try new review due to the previous effort was marked abandoned.
  > Change-Id: I17801a7a74d4087838a8a26c1b1f97f28c2dcef3

- rebased to 9c5c2caef1
- some clean ups

Signed-off-by: Isaku Yamahata <>
Change-Id: Ia9fe87525cebccc87b7c18a533f48607272cd97f
2012-02-26 13:30:25 +09:00
Dan Wendlandt 9f4ec1c723 bug 934459: pip no longer supports -E
Change-Id: I2acdef113d147b7130053088d4bcf8515f61b815
2012-02-25 10:24:39 -08:00
Jenkins 543e150d6d Merge "Return appropriate error for invalid-port state in create port API." 2012-02-25 18:16:09 +00:00
Jenkins c8c2929151 Merge "Initial commit: nvp plugin" 2012-02-25 17:43:44 +00:00
Dave Lapsley 48106bbe0b Fix bug 940732 can't match sql_connection string. can't match sql_connection string in default
ovs_quantum_plugin.ini. A space is missing between sql_connection
and "=" character.

Change-Id: I001e281145c3b6ba23a84e27e3f0e9315c879d96
2012-02-24 20:44:46 -05:00
Madhav Puri b9805bd234 Return appropriate error for invalid-port state in create port API.
Fixes ovs-plugin to return appropriate error code when create port API is passed a port state value other than ACTIVE or DOWN. Fixes bug 919265.

Also added unit-test to test the behavior and verified it using ovs-plugin with devstack.

Change-Id: Ibd4e7bfdf4483c7ad1ef4ca70a336cb164493ae1
2012-02-23 23:05:04 -08:00
Dave Lapsley c812b9dc03 blueprint quantum-ovs-tunnel-agent
Enhance existing Quantum OVS Plugin with a tunneling agent that
enables Hypervisors to be connected via GRE tunnels. The new agent
can be enabled/disabled via configuration file and provides backwards
compatibility with existing non-tunneling OVS Agent.

Change-Id: Id3b79430726b162fcb84f99df152d88a5766328f
2012-02-23 17:45:22 -05:00
Brad Hall 2386a7e2d5 Initial commit: nvp plugin
blueprint: quantum-nvp-plugin

Change-Id: I07c5d7b305928c341ef1b35a0d9b3281abcb03ae
2012-02-22 14:40:51 -08:00
Isaku Yamahata a945d1a304 unittests: setup FLAGS.state_path properly: bug 938637
This patch fixes bug 938637
Quantum unittests doesn't pass with plugin (openvswitch, linuxbridge) in venv
as follows.
This is because config file under <quantum src>/etc/ can't be find due to
FLAGS.state_path points to <python-quantumclient src> which can be different
from <quantum src>.
Set FLAGS.state_path to <quantum src> when quantum unit tests.

 $ PLUGIN_DIR=quantum/plugins/openvswitch ./ -V
    test_extended_action_for_adding_extra_data (quantum.tests.unit.test_extensions.ActionExtensionTest)ERROR
ERROR: test_extended_action_for_adding_extra_data (quantum.tests.unit.test_extensions.ActionExtensionTest)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/quantum/tests/unit/", line 212, in setUp
    self.extension_app = setup_extensions_test_app()
  File "/quantum-src/quantum/tests/unit/", line 474, in setup_extensions_test_app
    return TestApp(setup_extensions_middleware(extension_manager))
  File "/quantum-src/quantum/tests/unit/", line 469, in setup_extensions_middleware
    conf, app = config.load_paste_app('extensions_test_app', options, None)
  File "/quantum-src/.venv/src/python-quantumclient/quantum/common/", line 316, in load_paste_app
    conf_file, conf = load_paste_config(app_name, options, args)
  File "/quantum-src/.venv/src/python-quantumclient/quantum/common/", line 286, in load_paste_config
    "Cannot load application %s" % app_name)
RuntimeError: Unable to locate any configuration file. Cannot load application extensions_test_app
-------------------- >> begin captured logging << --------------------
quantum.extensions.extensions: INFO: Initializing extension manager.
quantum.extensions.extensions: INFO: Loading extension file:
quantum.extensions.extensions: DEBUG: Ext name: Fox In Socks
quantum.extensions.extensions: DEBUG: Ext alias: FOXNSOX
quantum.extensions.extensions: DEBUG: Ext description: The Fox In Socks Extension
quantum.extensions.extensions: DEBUG: Ext namespace:
quantum.extensions.extensions: DEBUG: Ext updated: 2011-01-22T13:25:27-06:00
quantum.extensions.extensions: WARNING: Loaded extension: FOXNSOX
quantum.extensions.extensions: INFO: Loading extension file:
quantum.extensions.extensions: INFO: Loading extension file: foxinsocks.pyc
quantum.extensions.extensions: INFO: Loading extension file: __init__.pyc
--------------------- >> end captured logging << ---------------------

Change-Id: I3b8e1414b22b1a526468488fe885ac39f2e6c420
2012-02-23 02:01:54 +09:00
Bob Kukura d6bf2b7616 Cleanup the source distribution.
Missing text files such as LICENSE and various READMEs are now
included in the tarball source distribution. The Makefile and shell
script for installing the openvswitch agent on xen are also now
included. The openvswitch and linuxbridge agents are included, and
executable wrapper scripts for the agents are provided. The cisco and
linuxbridge nova drivers are now setup to be run from the quantum
namespace rather than copied to nova. Finally, the setup_*.py scripts
have been removed from the project. Fixes bug 925074.

Test by running "python sdist" and examining the generated

Change-Id: I33d336a5eb13678e6d527b575958393b337b6f3d
Signed-off-by: Bob Kukura <>
2012-02-17 17:55:00 -05:00
Jenkins 04d144ae0b Merge "Fix ovs config file location" 2012-02-16 18:59:14 +00:00
Jenkins d8f39dbd4d Merge "Bug 925372: remove deprecated webob attributes (and also specify stable webob version in pip-requires)" 2012-02-16 18:57:11 +00:00
Ghe Rivero cec98a7374 Fix ovs config file location
Change-Id: I957079434e14222e48fffb00e6bc3d58af8e40c8
2012-02-15 10:33:34 +01:00
Sumit Naiksatam 25e22bb750 blueprint quantum-linux-bridge-plugin
Squashed commit of the following:

commit 6c4995736a56349923d34353031eb301780fc6d2
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sat Jan 21 22:31:09 2012 -0800

    Some more explanation in the README.

    Changing defaults in the conf file.

commit 924b118468d7bd21737e9e2cf468ff83d0a20764
Author: Shweta <>
Date:   Sat Jan 21 20:58:39 2012 -0500

    Adding Unit Tests for LinuxBridge Agent

commit 12115650257483172c5e2bc889634dbdf3596d27
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sat Jan 21 05:21:24 2012 -0800

    Adding sqlite requirement

    Changing default mysql port number

    Fixing log statement

commit 0ad1400e5dfc445b94e9024d92321eb3cd0588a5
Merge: 1b7ba8f 9c5c2ca
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sat Jan 21 05:12:44 2012 -0800

    Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into snaiksat/linux-bridge-plugin

commit 1b7ba8f7e7b6657734b669194ddfdcfcbfc833be
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sat Jan 21 04:04:50 2012 -0800

    Fixes to get the tests to run correctly.

    Also incorporated changes to be able to run both sqlite and mysql DBs.

commit 4cead17576c293319dfdfd363dd18e81ba196b3b
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Fri Jan 20 15:32:35 2012 -0800

    Fixed inccorect calls to the DB

commit c4f325729fbd06ee3f5d3520da4d23b2cd8c353b
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Fri Jan 20 12:18:18 2012 -0800

    Removing the specialized db modules (which used InnoDB engine) and
    instead using the Quantum DB now.
    Incorporated changes to setup so that the Linux Bridge plugin can be
    Other changes to README and tests.

commit b9498939d723e353808cface87f4453e33e94b41
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Mon Jan 16 20:00:14 2012 -0800

    Adding unit tests

commit a0ab990fdcbf67a950d08c6b5b6d20ceb850619a
Merge: 60e38cc f268b5e
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Mon Jan 16 18:02:55 2012 -0800

    Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into snaiksat/linux-bridge-plugin

commit 60e38cc44886b5c8c9e47d89d8912d1dee23fbd1
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Mon Jan 16 13:44:37 2012 -0800

    This contains a fix for the earlier reported issue with the DHCP

    The gateway IP address is now applied both to the bridge, and the
    gateway interface.

commit ffea86a3465b8a5ed93b13f818e0afaefa6787ee
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sun Jan 15 20:00:38 2012 -0800

    Fixing an issue in the agent, sometimes the bridges for deleted networks
    were not getting cleaned up

commit 87f76fc34f1c70cd82576b8698d704853c892422
Merge: c8b097a 60d171e
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sun Jan 15 19:40:33 2012 -0800

    Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into snaiksat/linux-bridge-plugin

commit c8b097abc2060b2eae01d84f9fed2c89851d93fd
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sun Jan 15 19:37:08 2012 -0800

    Simplified the logic for creating the bridge on the nova network host.

commit 499dbacd4c5352c5320f3b6e5e8cd7f3629dbcc8
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Fri Jan 13 16:07:53 2012 -0800

    Fix for the DHCP issue, now applying Gateway IP to the bridge

    Also MAC address from original tap device are applied to bridge
    and vlan subinterface

commit 6b4a2aea59702e2c12eeacc86101df9f6770d5ec
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sat Jan 7 14:29:00 2012 -0800

    Optimizations for processing in the loop

commit 01aa47d3572439b193077432c63bf2b85c629edb
Merge: 184f5dd 05df087
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Sun Jan 1 19:04:17 2012 -0800

    Changes to incorporate Operational Status
    Merge remote branch 'origin' into snaiksat/linux-bridge-plugin


commit 05df0870191fac0353fe12a33efff68ef7ed0784
Merge: 31d586b 5b23b5e
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Fri Dec 30 12:30:05 2011 -0800

    Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'

commit 184f5dd8b73bc51025509792c15203ee73cd015e
Author: Sumit Naiksatam <>
Date:   Mon Dec 12 02:09:12 2011 -0800

    Initial checkin for Linux Bridge L2 plugin.

Change-Id: I5b27538be6a768a6f7eb77409197f7d8b4bbc628
2012-02-08 13:32:55 -08:00
Bob Kukura 12b06b1caf Remove quantum CLI console script.
The quantum CLI console script is now installed by the
python-quantumclient project, so remove it from the quantum project's Fixes bug 925596.

Test by running "python install --root <somedir>" and
checking that <somedir>/usr/bin/quantum is not created.

Change-Id: Icd7eff79c8d30511693942a859334829cbf0d9af
Signed-off-by: Bob Kukura <>
2012-02-03 16:20:28 -05:00
Salvatore Orlando a56ad238f2 Bug 925372: remove deprecated webob attributes
(and also specify stable webob version in pip-requires)

Change-Id: Id8dd53368f88042b71fc73a5f94803e635c4140b
2012-02-02 10:56:56 +00:00
Dan Wendlandt 1eb3c693b5 bug 923510: avoid querying all ports for non-detail GET Network call.
Change-Id: I9b4a20e5f6eb22dc234dfa675e7ca4f52893707d
2012-01-29 14:11:03 -08:00
Jenkins 9a1823d72b Merge "Make tox config work." 2012-01-25 09:39:15 +00:00
Jenkins 5143978bc3 Merge "bp/api-filters This changeset implements filters for core Quantum API and provides unit tests" 2012-01-25 09:30:13 +00:00
Monty Taylor 48daa427fa Make tox config work.
Change-Id: Ic81c7bb0fa2fe5c73200a9195630a0d5bb999e7d
2012-01-25 01:23:12 -08:00
Monty Taylor f684bf0b47 Pin versions to standard versions.
Change-Id: Id6f9d2c01caee3f4c780366d19889b7311fba8d6
2012-01-25 01:21:07 -08:00
Salvatore Orlando 3a38a3f70e bp/api-filters
This changeset implements filters for core Quantum API and provides unit tests

Change-Id: I8247b3587c2cc8e53785781a45d1e457980261d2
2012-01-25 08:51:51 +00:00
Jenkins c0cdc0f37a Merge "Split out quantum.client and quantum.common." 2012-01-25 04:56:48 +00:00
Jenkins 609775cc6b Merge "bp/api-error-codes Restructured API error codes for Quantum API v1.1 This changeset provides the following changes: - Only standard HTTP errors for Quantum API v1.1 - Customized fault response body formatting according to API version - Changes to unit tests to deal with version specific status codes" 2012-01-25 02:57:30 +00:00
Monty Taylor 13222958a5 Split out quantum.client and quantum.common.
Change-Id: I1241bcd3305b6859c0cd2bb8c35b523e27aa3b18
2012-01-24 18:49:31 -08:00
Monty Taylor e85f2ea8bf Quantum was missing depend on lxml.
Change-Id: Ie8d582018f2c5f7972f6d9ab8fcf0f79d00f6a99
2012-01-24 17:41:51 -08:00
Salvatore Orlando cc832e5d58 bp/api-error-codes
Restructured API error codes for Quantum API v1.1
This changeset provides the following changes:
- Only standard HTTP errors for Quantum API v1.1
- Customized fault response body formatting according to API version
- Changes to unit tests to deal with version specific status codes

NOTE: Client side changes are not in this branch.
They should be implemented within bp/quantum-client-1.1.
NOTE-2: Fixing references to QuantumHTTPErrors in extensions framework

Change-Id: I56f50b5c59d73fd6f02905106f0c2a3c8341a741
2012-01-25 01:28:30 +00:00
Brad Hall 1dd7766dca blueprint ovs-portstats
This adds an extension to support fetching port statistics from any plugin
that supports it.

Change-Id: Id14ee3c9604878b8a06d668126452cd5a5071b10
2012-01-24 12:47:08 -08:00
Brad Hall 975d5a996b Add support for dealing with 501 errors (notimplemented)
This allows us to return NotImplemented() from an extension if the plugin
doesn't support a given function.

Change-Id: I73c6dec959aea7b2bde1378222b62e6fc82a5d43
2012-01-24 12:47:08 -08:00
Jenkins a645692d25 Merge "Improved VlanMap." 2012-01-24 09:40:07 +00:00
Jenkins 57d69e7301 Merge "Getting ready for the client split." 2012-01-24 00:13:34 +00:00
Jenkins da17af0ed9 Merge "moving batch config out of quantum-server repo." 2012-01-23 17:41:36 +00:00
Ghe Rivero 7a7e8e2bc1 Improved VlanMap.
Simplified logic and less time spent creating  vlans.

Change-Id: I90fda09faa1869b38993aa0aeed64d813d29afa9
2012-01-23 14:40:16 +01:00
Dan Wendlandt f25d1d51b8 moving batch config out of quantum-server repo.
a commit to the python-quantumclient repo will add it there.

Change-Id: Iefc293adbbf1eab552f2184f021f184511f9ddeb
2012-01-22 21:43:21 -08:00