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Monty Taylor 13222958a5 Split out quantum.client and quantum.common.
Change-Id: I1241bcd3305b6859c0cd2bb8c35b523e27aa3b18
2012-01-24 18:49:31 -08:00
Monty Taylor d643608e33 Getting ready for the client split.
Change-Id: Ic2e7d637d2c116dfda3d7ad958ccba39a8da7751
2012-01-19 11:43:18 +11:00
James E. Blair c6ffd875df Base on glance.
This makes setting and calculating the versioning of quantum more
like other OpenStack projects, simplifying the work of the CI
and Release Management teams.

Addresses bug 916018 which prevents the quantum-tarball job from
running correctly.

Change-Id: I5b006ccc3d31c5d213c703853dfa38f04d983918
2012-01-17 16:24:34 +11:00
James E. Blair a90fab1193 Rename .quantum-venv to .venv.
This simplifies a number of Jenkins jobs which currently, other
than directory names, could be the same for all OpenStack
projects. By renaming the virtualenv directory, the redundant
Jenkins virtualenv build and copy jobs can be eliminated.

Change-Id: I93c7f6577b4c3a76b021f002bda59fcb8fac3f95
2011-12-23 15:02:57 -08:00
James E. Blair dadbae9833 Remove plugin pip-requires.
Fixes bug 906636.

The cisco plugin included ncclient, but does not use it when testing.
The openvswitch plugin included SQLAlchemy which is already required
by quantum itself.

I've also changed the script to only look at
tools/pip-requires, so that it behaves more like the rest of the
OpenStack projects.  In Jenkins that's the only file we look at
to see if we need to rebuild the virtualenv, so it would be best
if the project only hade one pip-requires.

Also added .gitignore to ignore files created during testing.

Change-Id: Ic460452ec89aa8377c975ca63b57563119860e6b
2011-12-19 16:30:54 -08:00