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Zuul de1a3a84b6 Merge "port-hint-ovs-tx-steering: agent side" 3 weeks ago
common Remove ovs agent's common constants module 10 months ago
extension_drivers Merge "Support for minimum bandwidth rules in tunnelled networks" 5 months ago
openflow Strictly delete arp_spoofing_protection flows 6 months ago Restructure agent code in preparation for decomp 8 years ago Don't register config options on imports 1 year ago Pass physical bridge informations to OVS agent extension API 2 months ago Cleanup fanout queues on ovs agent stop (part 2) 9 months ago Fix some pylint indentation warnings 7 months ago Merge "port-hint-ovs-tx-steering: agent side" 3 weeks ago ovs: make vlanmanager to handle more vlan mapping per network 9 months ago