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Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez be4e150de9 [OVN] Remove backwards compatibility with OVN < v20.09
This patch removes the compatibility with OVN under v20.09. That
implies the OVN Southbound definition has "Chassis_Private" table.
Any previous check is removed from the code.

This patch also adds a sanity check, testing that the OVN Southbound
database definition is greater or equal to 2.9.0 [1].

The testing OVN NB and SB schemas are updated to the files contained in
OVN v22.09. The new testing NB schema version is 6.3.9; the new testing
SB schema version is 20.25.0.


Closes-Bug: #2002839
Change-Id: If64c967b89099946165bfaf66247def4881af832
3 weeks ago
.. Clean up some of the OVN agent API methods 3 years ago [OVN] Remove backwards compatibility with OVN < v20.09 3 weeks ago