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Jenkins 04b3b4dfa8
Merge "Consider baremetal device_owner as compute for nova notify"
7 years ago
agent Merge "Delete conntrack entry with remote_ip on the other direction" 7 years ago
api Merge "Added API extensions to detect sorting/pagination features" 7 years ago
callbacks Separate exception class for retriables in callbacks 7 years ago
cmd enable OVSDB native interface by default 7 years ago
common Refactoring config options for common config opts 7 years ago
core_extensions Respond negatively to tenant detachment of enforced QoS policies 7 years ago
db Merge "Delete HA network if last HA router is migrated" 7 years ago
debug tests: stop validating neutronclient in neutron-debug tests 7 years ago
extensions Merge "Add a unique key to port_id in routerports table" 7 years ago
hacking Add a hacking rule for string interpolation at logging 7 years ago
ipam Fix updating allocation_pools on subnet update 7 years ago
notifiers Consider baremetal device_owner as compute for nova notify 7 years ago
objects Merge "objects: introduce count() API to count matching objects" 7 years ago
plugins Merge "Set bridge_name in OVS trunk port's vif_details" 7 years ago
quota Rename DB columns: tenant -> project 7 years ago
scheduler Merge "DHCP Auto Scheduling for routed provider networks" 7 years ago
services Set bridge_name in OVS trunk port's vif_details 7 years ago
tests Avoid allocating ports from ip_local_port_range 7 years ago Avoid eventlet monkey patching for the tempest plugin 7 years ago Fix module's import order 7 years ago Make service plugins' get_plugin_type classmethods 7 years ago Add a description field to all standard resources 7 years ago Fix params order in assertEqual 7 years ago Support Unicode request_id on Python 3 7 years ago Add the ability to load a set of service plugins on startup 7 years ago Fix the sriov agent config group name 7 years ago Use constants from neutron-lib 7 years ago Fix that api_workers=0 doesn't spawn any api workers 7 years ago Use exceptions from neutron-lib 7 years ago New engine facade from oslo_db: Step 2 7 years ago