OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Zuul 117e25345b Merge "Do not block connection between br-int and br-phys on startup" into stable/queens 1 year ago
releasenotes/notes Remove Floating IP DNS record upon associated port deletion 1 year ago
.placeholder Add reno for release notes management 6 years ago
404-for-quota-tenant-2c09c16759269b21.yaml Return a 404 on quota delete if entry not found 5 years ago
1500-default-mtu-b0d6e4ab193b62a4.yaml Release notes: prelude items should not have a - (aka bullet) 6 years ago
1500-default-segment-mtu-54e2cf6aea9602d5.yaml Release notes: prelude items should not have a - (aka bullet) 6 years ago
Adds-http_proxy_to_wsgi-middleware-24e8271cbd94ffdf.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
Deprecate-plug_new-method-without-link_up-parameter-27f8310eb1e1910a.yaml Allow usage of legacy 3rd-party interface drivers 1 year ago
Dscp-marking-for-linuxbridge-agent-e765d0d934fa4017.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
Ingress-bandwidth-limit-in-openvswitch-agent-51cda9bb6b511885.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
QoS-for-linuxbridge-agent-bdb13515aac4e555.yaml Add support for QoS for LinuxBridge agent 6 years ago
QoS-ingress-bandwidth-limit-54cea12dbea71172.yaml Add QoS bandwidth limit for instance ingress traffic 4 years ago
accepted_egress_direct-cc23873e213c6919.yaml Add accepted egress direct flow 2 years ago
access_as_external_rbac-455dc74b9fa22761.yaml Use network RBAC feature for external access 6 years ago
add-availability-zone-4440cf00be7c54ba.yaml Update the documentation links 4 years ago
add-conntrack-workers-89d303e9ec3b4963.yaml Process conntrack updates in worker threads 4 years ago
add-designate-driver-ssl-options-169c299c96f2aff0.yaml Fix designate dns driver for SSL based endpoints 5 years ago
add-dhcp_release6-ff1b8d62fd7fe76d.yaml DHCP: enhance DHCP release log 5 years ago
add-dns-domain-to-ports-f71359d75909a2d5.yaml Add port dns_domain processing logic 4 years ago
add-dscp-for-tunneling-03e28fe7c2f34e86.yaml Adding DSCP mark and inheritance in OVS and LB tunnels outer header 4 years ago
add-enable-dvr-knob-636268f775bb4569.yaml Allow to disable DVR api extension loading 4 years ago
add-get-me-a-network-56321aeef5389001.yaml Replaced this with "get-me-a-network" 5 years ago
add-igmp_snooping_enable-config-option-6a0e15e4ed0a2cf7.yaml Add "igmp_snooping_enable" config option for OVS agent 1 year ago
add-integration-with-external-dns-f56ec8a4993b1fc4.yaml External DNS driver reference implementation 6 years ago
add-ip-protocols-in-sg-60467a073e771aee.yaml Add popular IP protocols for security group 6 years ago
add-keepalived-vrrp-healt-check-f23ed7c853151484.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
add-minimum-bandwidth-support-sriov-63664b89f4dd1c1b.yaml SR-IOV: add agent QoS driver to support egress minimum bandwidth 5 years ago
add-net-mtu-writable-api-extension-f7038f85f3494a74.yaml Allow to set/modify network mtu 4 years ago
add-osprofiler-support-7fc2de3001187075.yaml Make deepcopy of update body in API layer 5 years ago
add-placement-api-configuration-options-f1611d0909bf6166.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
add-port-data-plane-status-12726c964210b374.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
add-port-ip-allocation-attr-294a580641998240.yaml objects: don't call DeclarativeObject's __init__ twice for rbac objects 5 years ago
add-port-rebinding-chance-33178b9abacf5804.yaml Fix typo 'indepedent' in alembic_migration.rst 6 years ago
add-rbac-qos-8b1154ee756c66df.yaml Make __table_args__ declarative in RBACColumns 6 years ago
add-standard-attr-descriptions-1ba0d7a454c3fd8f.yaml Add a description field to all standard resources 6 years ago
add-subnet-service-types-bc81f6df9834f96e.yaml IP allocation with Service Subnets 5 years ago
add-tag-all-standardattr-resources-6f757cb39cc1dcfe.yaml Tag mechanism supports resources with standard attribute 4 years ago
add-tags-to-core-resources-b05330a129900609.yaml Add filter for resource tag 6 years ago
add-timestamp-fields-f9ab949fc88f05f6.yaml Release note: fix a typo in add-time-stamp-fields 5 years ago
add-wsgi-script-support-e611fa5b5c2043a5.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
add_dhcp_dnsmasq_t1t2_options-3cef427d8109c165.yaml Allow to configure DHCP T1 and T2 timers in dnsmasq 4 years ago
add_is_default_to_qos_policies-f7c6bbac08d474d5.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
advanced_image-8abff2ca91de7f6c.yaml [Tempest] Running Trunk test with advanced image only 4 years ago
advertise_mtu_by_default-d8b0b056a74517b8.yaml Make Neutron attempt to advertise MTUs by default 6 years ago
advertisement-intervals-for-radvd-configurable-6d85b5fdd97a2742.yaml Make advertisement intervals for radvd configurable 6 years ago
allow-non-admins-to-define-external-extra-routes-0d541fc356a5c546.yaml Allow non-admins to define "external" extra-routes 6 years ago
allow_port_create_update_shared_owners-2a57b1c72d91ace2.yaml Allow port create/update by shared nw owners 4 years ago
bgp-support-ef361825ca63f28b.yaml Queries for DVR-aware floating IP next-hop lookups 6 years ago
bug-1311040-dhcp-no-dns-09291c23e2ce800a.yaml Allow to disable DNS server announcement per subnet 4 years ago
bump-default-quotas-810570badb378c50.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
change-of-default-timeout-b09d11683526e27d.yaml Change default local ovs connection timeout 2 years ago
change-oslo-db-defaults-f94df09c30767f95.yaml Don't override default values for oslo.db options 4 years ago
change_external_network_bridge_default-5de3a0c19182eb70.yaml Change external_network_bridge default to '' 5 years ago
clear-allowed-address-pairs-with-none-4757bcca78076c9e.yaml Allow address pairs to be cleared with None 6 years ago
common-agent-extension-api-3fd06ff67329200a.yaml Use same instance of iptables_manager in L2 agent and extensions 4 years ago
conditional_updates-10b9aa66fd144217.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
config-file-generation-2eafc6602d57178e.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
config-host_dvr_for_dhcp-f949aca5bd666e24.yaml DVR: Ignore DHCP port during DVR host query 2 years ago
config-wsgi-pool-size-a4c06753b79fee6d.yaml Add an option for WSGI pool size 6 years ago
correlate-address-scope-with-network-ea16e16b0154ac21.yaml Correlate address scope with network 6 years ago
custom_ethertypes-eae3fcab3293e3a1.yaml Add custom ethertype processing 2 years ago
default-local-dns-a1c3fa1451f228fa.yaml Set default value for dnsmasq_local_resolv to False 6 years ago
default-subnetpool-semantics-1cdc5cdde2be88c2.yaml Add use_default_subnetpool to subnet create requests 6 years ago
deprecate-advertise-mtu-51e3f78475a14efc.yaml Make deepcopy of update body in API layer 5 years ago
deprecate-allow-sorting-allow-pagination-4549c92a74cfe15d.yaml Deprecate allow_sorting and allow_pagination options 5 years ago
deprecate-force_gateway_on_subnet-376855c4e66f4e11.yaml Deprecate 'force_gateway_on_subnet' configuration option 6 years ago
deprecate-gateway_external_network_id-f5c4071cd06714b0.yaml Deprecate gateway_external_network_id option 5 years ago
deprecate-implicit-service-providers-loading-703f984b90351bf0.yaml Lower concurrency on rally port job 5 years ago
deprecate-ivs-interface-driver-b68e06a470c65ccb.yaml Deprecate ivs interface driver 4 years ago
deprecate-min-l3-agents-per-router-15ddaa4c178b23df.yaml Deprecate option min_l3_agents_per_router 5 years ago
deprecate-network-device-mtu-59b78264c9974808.yaml Deprecate network_device_mtu 6 years ago
deprecate-neutron-rootwrap-xen-dom0-124ee3647beecc17.yaml Use os-xenapi for neutron when XenServer as hypervisor 5 years ago
deprecate-of_interface-driver-option-1968f8bf6fcd1a38.yaml Remove obsolete comment 5 years ago
deprecate-ovsdb-interface-b7e7cc5b036e9ef9.yaml Deprecate ovsdb_interface option 4 years ago
deprecate-router_id-34aca9ea5ee9e789.yaml Trivial Fix - Update code to use Pike as the code name 5 years ago
deprecate-send_arp_for_ha-0281853632f58e8d.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
deprecate-supported_pci_vendor_devs-12279b70a1f1fe8e.yaml SR-IOV: deprecate supported_pci_vendor_devs 5 years ago
deprecate_max_fixed_ips_per_port-5e80518cbf25cfd6.yaml Add reno for deprecation of max_fixed_ips_per_port 6 years ago
deprecate_neutron_debug-a578e0adfc9cff4c.yaml Enforce UUID of port/subnet ID for router interfaces 5 years ago
deprecate_prevent_arp_spoofing_option-a09e673fc8f9fee4.yaml Add when enable force_metadata 6 years ago
deprecated-driver-e368e0befc9bee4c.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
designate-driver-keystonev3-8e70d152e84388e0.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
dhcp-domain-removed-cc5bc6e2129fdf7f.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
dhcp-ipv6-address-update-ff18d1eb0c196bce.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
dhcp-lease-time-5c504c3730a4f9ea.yaml DHCP: remove deprecated config dhcp_lease_time 5 years ago
direct-physical-vnic-878d15bdb758b70e.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
dnsmasq-local-service-c8eaa91894a7d6d4.yaml Secure dnsmasq process against external abuse 3 years ago
dnsmasq_dns_servers-d729c04887ce67b4.yaml Add router precommit events 5 years ago
dscp-qos-77ea9b27d3762e48.yaml Add object versioning to QoS DSCP. 5 years ago
dvr-configure-centralized-floatingip-with-new-agent-type-05361f1f78853cf7.yaml DVR: Provide options for DVR North/South routing centralized 4 years ago
dvr-fip-namespace-on-all-nodes-c4da7ccd60ee62f5.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
dvr-ha-support-cc67e84d9380cd0b.yaml HA for DVR - Neutron Server side code changes 6 years ago
dvr-ovs-agent-6052a8d60fddde22.yaml Reno note regarding OVS DVR agent failure on startup 6 years ago
dvr-support-live-migration-b818b12bd9cbb518.yaml Improve release notes for dvr fixes 6 years ago
dvr_handle_unbound_floatingip_port-f12ae806b8be2065.yaml DVR: Configure centralized floatingips to snat_namespace. 4 years ago
enable-bridge-command-openvswitch-agent-d07c0b59ea9f864f.yaml Enable bridge command for openvswitch agent 4 years ago
enable-sorting-pagination-754390289d3311fa.yaml Enable sorting and pagination by default 5 years ago
end-to-end-mtu-00345fc4282cb8fb.yaml Make agent interface plugging utilize network MTU 6 years ago
enhance-tags-1f8915fe3e074069.yaml Enhance tag mechanism 5 years ago
extend-quota-api-2df3b84309664234.yaml Extend Quota API to report usage statistics 4 years ago
fail-on-missing-extensions-bc332124b780875b.yaml Fail if required extensions are missing 6 years ago
fdb_population-70d751c8c2e4395f.yaml Adding FDB population agent extension 5 years ago
fip-janitor-53f0d42a7471c5ed.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
fip-qos-52926bce81c3f8bb.yaml [L3][QoS] Neutron server side Floating IP QoS 4 years ago
firewall_driver_not_needed_on_server-4159669ad834dea6.yaml OVS Mech: Set hybrid plug based on agent config 5 years ago
fix-deferred-alloction-when-new-mac-in-same-request-as-binding-data-2a01c1ed1a8eff66.yaml Fix port update deferred IP allocation with host_id + new MAC 3 years ago
fix-mtu-for-existing-networks-5a476cde9bc46a53.yaml Calculate MTU on every network fetch instead of on create 5 years ago
fix-ovsdb-ssl-connection-4058caf4fdcb33ab.yaml Fixes using SSL OVSDB connection 4 years ago
fix-remote-security-group-no-port-on-host-9177e66d4b16e90c.yaml Check SG members instead of ports to skip flow update 2 years ago
fix-security-group-protocol-by-numbers-48afb97ede961716.yaml Support protocol numbers in security group API 4 years ago
fix-update-port-fixed-ips-on-routed-provider-networks-c54a54844d9a3926.yaml fixed_configured=True when Add/Remove port IPs 2 years ago
hyperv-neutron-agent-decomposition-ae6a052aeb48c6ac.yaml Trivial Fix - Update code to use Pike as the code name 5 years ago
hyperv-security-group-driver-fdbe0c0c292a1505.yaml Expose OVS bridge related options into metering agent config file 5 years ago
ib-dhcp-allocation-fix-a4ebe8b55bb2c065.yaml Use Param DHCP_OPT_CLIENT_ID_NUM 3 years ago
ingress-bandwidth-limit-in-linuxbridge-agent-50a2dad610401474.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
ip-substring-port-filtering-f5c3d89c4a91e867.yaml Support filtering port with IP address substring 4 years ago
iptables-fail-on-missing-sysctl-bridge-firewalling-912f157b5671363f.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
ipv6_first_ip_address_valid-cd94b47bdcc642cf.yaml Allow first address in an IPv6 subnet as valid unicast 2 years ago
keepalived-state-change-server-threads-9ed775e7533dd1a0.yaml New option for num_threads for state change server 5 years ago
l2_adjacency-e6e54e5ff9aad9b7.yaml L2-Adjacency support 5 years ago
l3-agent-api-get-router-info-93c316a792a9d87f.yaml Add a new method get_router_info to L3 agent extension API 4 years ago
l3-agent-extensions-b348ff26aec0fe88.yaml objects: remove support for multiple db models in from_db_object 5 years ago
l3-agent-extensions-ha-state-change-f50ae363a53b0f18.yaml Add a new method ha_state_change to L3 agent extension 4 years ago
linuxbridge-agent-extensions-66bdf9feee25ef99.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
linuxbridge-vxlan-udp-ports-73b260efefa15a46.yaml Allow to set UDP ports for VXLAN in Linuxbridge agent 4 years ago
linuxbridge_vxlan_arp_responder-e9ea91552e1b62a7.yaml Release notes: fix broken release notes 6 years ago
macvtap-l2-agent-2b551d8ec341196d.yaml macvtap: Macvtap L2 Agent 6 years ago
macvtap_assigned_vf_check-f4d07660ffd82a24.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
metadata-proxy-header-vulnerability-60c44eb7c76d560c.yaml Remove extra header fields in proxied metadata requests 2 years ago
metering-driver-stevedore-alias-2c4fdb0556205a3a.yaml Update metering agent to use stevedore alias for driver 5 years ago
metering-iptables-driver-load-interface-driver-ca397f1db40ec643.yaml Update metering driver to load interface driver 3 years ago
mtu-selection-and-advertisement-ab29f9ec43140224.yaml Support MTU advertisement using IPv6 RAs 6 years ago
netns_cleanup_kill_procs-af88d8c47c07dd9c.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
network_ip_availability-d64bd7032b3c15ee.yaml ADD API tests for network ip availability 6 years ago
network_link_prefix-e3fe37e37ea275b7.yaml Add a new configuration variable for api links. 4 years ago
new-vif-type-for-pf-passthrough-33ec560b9b5d246f.yaml sriov-mech: Introduce a new VIF type for PF vnic type 6 years ago
noneutronversions-fbbdb98f350767d8.yaml Remove dead versions code 4 years ago
of_interface-native-by-default-0c07bdbd7365230a.yaml Add RouterPort binding to ha interface creation 5 years ago
oslo-cache-cache-url-deprecated-16cd3d335c5962eb.yaml Switch to oslo.cache 5 years ago
oslo-messaging-notifier-queue-d94677076a1db261.yaml Add separate transport for notifications 6 years ago
oslo-reports-166a169037bf64f2.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
oslo.messaging.notify.drivers-abb0d17b9e1bd470.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
overlay_ip_version-ml2-e6438b570844ef5c.yaml Change tunnel MTU calculation to support IPv6 5 years ago
ovs-ct-firewall-driver-52a70a6a16d06f59.yaml Open vSwitch conntrack based firewall driver 6 years ago
ovs-ipv6-tunnel-endpoints-f41b4954a04c43f6.yaml OVS: Add support for IPv6 addresses as tunnel endpoints 5 years ago
ovs-mac-table-size-config-option-d255d5208650f34b.yaml [OVS] Add mac-table-size to be set on each ovs bridge 3 years ago
ovs-make-inactivity-probe-configurable-39d669014d961c5c.yaml Make OVS controller inactivity_probe configurable 2 years ago
ovs_hardware_offload_support-798d3896ab2c4b1d.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
ovsdb-native-by-default-38835d6963592396.yaml Add RouterPort binding to ha interface creation 5 years ago
ovsdb_timeout_override_for_ovs_cleanup_tool-e6ed6db258d0819e.yaml Override ovsdb_timeout default value in ovs_cleanup tool 3 years ago
path-mtu-back-to-zero-e4f9e8bdd8317ad4.yaml Revert "ML2: Configure path_mtu to default to 1500 bytes" 5 years ago
physical_network-aware-dhcp-scheduling-94e9fadc7c7c5fec.yaml Make DHCP agent scheduler physical_network aware 6 years ago
pluggable-ipam-is-default-15c2ee15dc5b4a7b.yaml Switch to pluggable IPAM implementation 5 years ago
precise-agent-state-transfer-67c771cb1ee04dd0.yaml More accurate agent restart state transfer 3 years ago
project_id-d5ea7a42be428230.yaml tests: don't override base object test class attributes 5 years ago
qos-drivers-refactor-16ece9984958f8a4.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
qos-for-router-gateway-02340f7aa8be3b0d.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
qos-min-egress-bw-rule-b1c80f5675a4c1c3.yaml Add QoS minimum bandwidth rule for instance egress traffic 5 years ago
qos-rule-type-details-api-call-27d792980235aec4.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
remove-advertise_mtu-28933264714453c4.yaml Allow to pass suite flavor to gate_hook to disable dvr tests 5 years ago
remove-allow-pagination-allow-sorting-ff23ca5ccb3007b9.yaml Remove allow_pagination and allow_sorting config options 5 years ago
remove-driver-60eb7e26d95f7322.yaml Remove Openflow Agent(OFAgent) mechanism driver 6 years ago
remove-force_gateway_on_subnet-77cb79f0b35d0c6d.yaml Removing 'force_gateway_on_subnet' option 6 years ago
remove-min-l3-agents-per-router-27aef7d91dec0348.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
remove-network_device_mtu-option-a1a96e99dc7f0a02.yaml Remove deprecated network_device_mtu option 5 years ago
remove-quota_items-d50b4672dd31ea3e.yaml Remove the deprecated config "quota_items" 5 years ago
remove-router_id-b3732089f8f1faa1.yaml Remove the deprecated config 'router_id' 5 years ago
remove-send-arp-for-ha-c1b4a926b8e52b8e.yaml Remove deprecated send_arp_for_ha option 4 years ago
remove-subnetpool-config-b15dbe59237aee7e.yaml Remove deprecated default subnetpools 5 years ago
remove_max_fixed_ips_per_port-64f1fb36748d5756.yaml Remove configuration options max_fixed_ips_per_port 4 years ago
removed_prevent_arp_spoofing-b49e91a92a93e3e1.yaml Remove deprecated prevent_arp_spoofing option 4 years ago
rename-ovs-vsctl-timeout-9df1967c47f394c0.yaml Renamed ovs_vsctl_timeout into ovsdb_timeout 4 years ago
rename-tenant-to-project-b19a4068f8625969.yaml Rename DB columns: tenant -> project 5 years ago
rename-to-nova-metadata-ip-685fd81618c16d9d.yaml Deprecate nova_metadata_ip in favor of nova_metadata_host option 5 years ago
rm-notify-entry-points-aa442134a780469a.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
security-group-port-range-check-73114bdcde459e53.yaml Validate security group rules for port ranges 4 years ago
segment_mtu_to_global_physnet_mtu-9cee5ff09557edeb.yaml Add global_physnet_mtu and deprecate segment_mtu 6 years ago
sending-garp-for-l3-ha-c118871833ad8743.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
set-of-default-qos-burst-value-0790773703fa08fc.yaml Add setting default max_burst value if not given by user 5 years ago
show-all-security-group-rules-for-security-group-owner-6635dd3e4c6ab5ee.yaml List SG rules which belongs to tenant's SG 2 years ago
sorting-pagination-extensions-e66e99e2a8f5e563.yaml Added API extensions to detect sorting/pagination features 5 years ago
sriov-agent-num-vf-0-0c06424247e7efe0.yaml Add standard attributes to qospolicy 5 years ago
sriov_allow_use_many_nics_for_one_physnet-3570aa67a60ce6c4.yaml Allow to use several nics for physnet with SR-IOV 6 years ago
sriov_show_l2_agent_extensions-ca852e155a529e99.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
switching-to-haproxy-for-metadata-proxy-9d8f7549fadf9182.yaml Guard against os-log-merger failure 5 years ago
terminate-macvtap-agt-when-interface_mapping-not-present-3109faf3b44d366a.yaml Terminate macvtap agent when physical_interface_mapping config not present 5 years ago
timestamp_format_change-73eda78566b4690b.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
trunk_inherit-455dc74b9fa22dad.yaml Inherit segmentation details for trunk subports if requested 5 years ago
use-keystoneauth-24f309566001a16b.yaml Fix some inconsistency in docstrings 6 years ago
use-pyroute2-in-ip-lib-558bfea8f14d1fea.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
vhost-user-reconnect-7650134520022e7d.yaml Multiple tweaks for Ocata release notes 5 years ago
vlan-aware-vms-aka-trunk-3341cc75ba1bf5b4.yaml Update the documentation link for doc migration 4 years ago
vlan-type-conntrack-direct-d3d544f8471ed4ff.yaml Add VLAN type conntrack direct flow 2 years ago
vxlan-multicast-groups-distribution-linuxbridge-9337019c961c01a7.yaml Do not use prelude section for individual release notes 4 years ago
web_framework_deprecation-f984b83a1366c5b1.yaml Deprecate web_framework option 4 years ago
web_framework_removed-6e4c5c7ca506523a.yaml Drop the web_framework option 4 years ago