OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Jenkins 043f04c159 Merge "Increase default metadata_workers, backlog to 4096" 8 years ago
init.d Rename to Neutron in sample init.d script 9 years ago
neutron Merge "Add an option to turn off DF for GRE and VXLAN tunnels" 8 years ago
api-paste.ini Return request-id in API response 8 years ago
dhcp_agent.ini Update help message of flag 'enable_isolated_metadata' 8 years ago
fwaas_driver.ini Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) Agent 9 years ago
l3_agent.ini Restore GARP by default for floating IPs 8 years ago
lbaas_agent.ini LBaaS VIP doesn't work after delete and re-add 8 years ago
metadata_agent.ini Increase default metadata_workers, backlog to 4096 8 years ago
metering_agent.ini Iptables metering driver 9 years ago
neutron.conf Merge "Added note to neutron.conf" 8 years ago
policy.json Disallow regular user to update firewall's shared attribute 8 years ago
rootwrap.conf Remove last parts of Quantum compatibility shim 8 years ago
services.conf Radware LBaaS driver is able to flip to a secondary backend node 8 years ago
vpn_agent.ini VPNaaS Service Driver for Cisco CSR 8 years ago