OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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# Copyright 2011 VMware, Inc.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from neutron_lib.utils import net
from oslo_config import cfg
from oslo_service import wsgi
from neutron._i18n import _
from neutron.common import constants
core_opts = [
cfg.HostAddressOpt('bind_host', default='',
help=_("The host IP to bind to.")),
cfg.PortOpt('bind_port', default=9696,
help=_("The port to bind to")),
cfg.StrOpt('api_extensions_path', default="",
help=_("The path for API extensions. "
"Note that this can be a colon-separated list of paths. "
"For example: api_extensions_path = "
"extensions:/path/to/more/exts:/even/more/exts. "
"The __path__ of neutron.extensions is appended to "
"this, so if your extensions are in there you don't "
"need to specify them here.")),
cfg.StrOpt('auth_strategy', default='keystone',
help=_("The type of authentication to use")),
help=_("The core plugin Neutron will use")),
cfg.ListOpt('service_plugins', default=[],
help=_("The service plugins Neutron will use")),
cfg.StrOpt('base_mac', default="fa:16:3e:00:00:00",
help=_("The base MAC address Neutron will use for VIFs. "
"The first 3 octets will remain unchanged. If the 4th "
"octet is not 00, it will also be used. The others "
"will be randomly generated.")),
cfg.BoolOpt('allow_bulk', default=True,
help=_("Allow the usage of the bulk API")),
cfg.StrOpt('pagination_max_limit', default="-1",
help=_("The maximum number of items returned in a single "
"response, value was 'infinite' or negative integer "
"means no limit")),
cfg.ListOpt('default_availability_zones', default=[],
help=_("Default value of availability zone hints. The "
"availability zone aware schedulers use this when "
"the resources availability_zone_hints is empty. "
"Multiple availability zones can be specified by a "
"comma separated string. This value can be empty. "
"In this case, even if availability_zone_hints for "
"a resource is empty, availability zone is "
"considered for high availability while scheduling "
"the resource.")),
cfg.IntOpt('max_dns_nameservers', default=5,
help=_("Maximum number of DNS nameservers per subnet")),
cfg.IntOpt('max_subnet_host_routes', default=20,
help=_("Maximum number of host routes per subnet")),
cfg.BoolOpt('ipv6_pd_enabled', default=False,
help=_("Enables IPv6 Prefix Delegation for automatic subnet "
"CIDR allocation. "
"Set to True to enable IPv6 Prefix Delegation for "
"subnet allocation in a PD-capable environment. Users "
"making subnet creation requests for IPv6 subnets "
"without providing a CIDR or subnetpool ID will be "
"given a CIDR via the Prefix Delegation mechanism. "
"Note that enabling PD will override the behavior of "
"the default IPv6 subnetpool.")),
cfg.IntOpt('dhcp_lease_duration', default=86400,
help=_("DHCP lease duration (in seconds). Use -1 to tell "
"dnsmasq to use infinite lease times.")),
help=_('Domain to use for building the hostnames')),
help=_('Driver for external DNS integration.')),
cfg.BoolOpt('dhcp_agent_notification', default=True,
help=_("Allow sending resource operation"
" notification to DHCP agent")),
cfg.BoolOpt('allow_overlapping_ips', default=False,
help=_("Allow overlapping IP support in Neutron. "
"Attention: the following parameter MUST be set to "
"False if Neutron is being used in conjunction with "
"Nova security groups.")),
cfg.HostAddressOpt('host', default=net.get_hostname(),
help=_("Hostname to be used by the Neutron server, "
"agents and services running on this machine. "
"All the agents and services running on this "
"machine must use the same host value.")),
help=_("This string is prepended to the normal URL that is "
"returned in links to the OpenStack Network API. If it "
"is empty (the default), the URLs are returned "
cfg.BoolOpt('notify_nova_on_port_status_changes', default=True,
help=_("Send notification to nova when port status changes")),
cfg.BoolOpt('notify_nova_on_port_data_changes', default=True,
help=_("Send notification to nova when port data (fixed_ips/"
"floatingip) changes so nova can update its cache.")),
cfg.IntOpt('send_events_interval', default=2,
help=_('Number of seconds between sending events to nova if '
'there are any events to send.')),
cfg.StrOpt('ipam_driver', default='internal',
help=_("Neutron IPAM (IP address management) driver to use. "
"By default, the reference implementation of the "
"Neutron IPAM driver is used.")),
cfg.BoolOpt('vlan_transparent', default=False,
help=_('If True, then allow plugins that support it to '
'create VLAN transparent networks.')),
cfg.BoolOpt('filter_validation', default=True,
help=_('If True, then allow plugins to decide '
'whether to perform validations on filter parameters. '
'Filter validation is enabled if this config'
'is turned on and it is supported by all plugins')),
cfg.IntOpt('global_physnet_mtu', default=constants.DEFAULT_NETWORK_MTU,
deprecated_name='segment_mtu', deprecated_group='ml2',
help=_('MTU of the underlying physical network. Neutron uses '
'this value to calculate MTU for all virtual network '
'components. For flat and VLAN networks, neutron uses '
'this value without modification. For overlay networks '
'such as VXLAN, neutron automatically subtracts the '
'overlay protocol overhead from this value. Defaults '
'to 1500, the standard value for Ethernet.')),
cfg.IntOpt('http_retries', default=3, min=0,
help=_("Number of times client connections (nova, ironic) "
"should be retried on a failed HTTP call. 0 (zero) means"
"connection is attempted only once (not retried). "
"Setting to any positive integer means that on failure "
"the connection is retried that many times. "
"For example, setting to 3 means total attempts to "
"connect will be 4."))
core_cli_opts = [
help=_("Where to store Neutron state files. "
"This directory must be writable by the agent.")),
def register_core_common_config_opts(cfg=cfg.CONF):
nova_opts = [
help=_('Name of nova region to use. Useful if keystone manages'
' more than one region.')),
choices=['public', 'admin', 'internal'],
help=_('Type of the nova endpoint to use. This endpoint will'
' be looked up in the keystone catalog and should be'
' one of public, internal or admin.')),
def register_nova_opts(cfg=cfg.CONF):
cfg.register_opts(nova_opts, group=NOVA_CONF_SECTION)
placement_opts = [
help=_('Name of placement region to use. Useful if keystone '
'manages more than one region.')),
choices=['public', 'admin', 'internal'],
help=_('Type of the placement endpoint to use. This endpoint '
'will be looked up in the keystone catalog and should '
'be one of public, internal or admin.')),
def register_placement_opts(cfg=cfg.CONF):
cfg.register_opts(placement_opts, group=PLACEMENT_CONF_SECTION)