OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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# Copyright 2011 VMware, Inc.
# All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may
# not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain
# a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
# WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the
# License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations
# under the License.
from oslo.config import cfg
from neutron.agent.linux import ip_lib
from neutron.agent.linux import utils
from neutron.common import exceptions
from neutron.common import utils as common_utils
from neutron.openstack.common import excutils
from neutron.openstack.common import jsonutils
from neutron.openstack.common import log as logging
from neutron.plugins.common import constants as p_const
# TODO(JLH) Should we remove the explicit include of the ovs plugin here
from neutron.plugins.openvswitch.common import constants
# Default timeout for ovs-vsctl command
OPTS = [
help=_('Timeout in seconds for ovs-vsctl commands')),
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class VifPort:
def __init__(self, port_name, ofport, vif_id, vif_mac, switch):
self.port_name = port_name
self.ofport = ofport
self.vif_id = vif_id
self.vif_mac = vif_mac
self.switch = switch
def __str__(self):
return ("iface-id=" + self.vif_id + ", vif_mac=" +
self.vif_mac + ", port_name=" + self.port_name +
", ofport=" + str(self.ofport) + ", bridge_name=" +
class BaseOVS(object):
def __init__(self, root_helper):
self.root_helper = root_helper
self.vsctl_timeout = cfg.CONF.ovs_vsctl_timeout
def run_vsctl(self, args, check_error=False):
full_args = ["ovs-vsctl", "--timeout=%d" % self.vsctl_timeout] + args
return utils.execute(full_args, root_helper=self.root_helper)
except Exception as e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception() as ctxt:
LOG.error(_("Unable to execute %(cmd)s. "
"Exception: %(exception)s"),
{'cmd': full_args, 'exception': e})
if not check_error:
ctxt.reraise = False
def add_bridge(self, bridge_name):
self.run_vsctl(["--", "--may-exist", "add-br", bridge_name])
return OVSBridge(bridge_name, self.root_helper)
def delete_bridge(self, bridge_name):
self.run_vsctl(["--", "--if-exists", "del-br", bridge_name])
def bridge_exists(self, bridge_name):
self.run_vsctl(['br-exists', bridge_name], check_error=True)
except RuntimeError as e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception() as ctxt:
if 'Exit code: 2\n' in str(e):
ctxt.reraise = False
return False
return True
def get_bridge_name_for_port_name(self, port_name):
return self.run_vsctl(['port-to-br', port_name], check_error=True)
except RuntimeError as e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception() as ctxt:
if 'Exit code: 1\n' in str(e):
ctxt.reraise = False
def port_exists(self, port_name):
return bool(self.get_bridge_name_for_port_name(port_name))
class OVSBridge(BaseOVS):
def __init__(self, br_name, root_helper):
super(OVSBridge, self).__init__(root_helper)
self.br_name = br_name
self.defer_apply_flows = False
self.deferred_flows = {'add': '', 'mod': '', 'del': ''}
def set_controller(self, controller_names):
vsctl_command = ['--', 'set-controller', self.br_name]
self.run_vsctl(vsctl_command, check_error=True)
def del_controller(self):
self.run_vsctl(['--', 'del-controller', self.br_name],
def get_controller(self):
res = self.run_vsctl(['--', 'get-controller', self.br_name],
if res:
return res.strip().split('\n')
return res
def set_secure_mode(self):
self.run_vsctl(['--', 'set-fail-mode', self.br_name, 'secure'],
def set_protocols(self, protocols):
self.run_vsctl(['--', 'set', 'bridge', self.br_name,
"protocols=%s" % protocols],
def create(self):
def destroy(self):
def reset_bridge(self):
def add_port(self, port_name):
self.run_vsctl(["--", "--may-exist", "add-port", self.br_name,
return self.get_port_ofport(port_name)
def delete_port(self, port_name):
self.run_vsctl(["--", "--if-exists", "del-port", self.br_name,
def set_db_attribute(self, table_name, record, column, value):
args = ["set", table_name, record, "%s=%s" % (column, value)]
def clear_db_attribute(self, table_name, record, column):
args = ["clear", table_name, record, column]
def run_ofctl(self, cmd, args, process_input=None):
full_args = ["ovs-ofctl", cmd, self.br_name] + args
return utils.execute(full_args, root_helper=self.root_helper,
except Exception as e:
LOG.error(_("Unable to execute %(cmd)s. Exception: %(exception)s"),
{'cmd': full_args, 'exception': e})
def count_flows(self):
flow_list = self.run_ofctl("dump-flows", []).split("\n")[1:]
return len(flow_list) - 1
def remove_all_flows(self):
self.run_ofctl("del-flows", [])
def get_port_ofport(self, port_name):
ofport = self.db_get_val("Interface", port_name, "ofport")
# This can return a non-integer string, like '[]' so ensure a
# common failure case
return ofport
except (ValueError, TypeError):
return constants.INVALID_OFPORT
def get_datapath_id(self):
return self.db_get_val('Bridge',
self.br_name, 'datapath_id').strip('"')
def add_flow(self, **kwargs):
flow_str = _build_flow_expr_str(kwargs, 'add')
if self.defer_apply_flows:
self.deferred_flows['add'] += flow_str + '\n'
self.run_ofctl("add-flow", [flow_str])
def mod_flow(self, **kwargs):
flow_str = _build_flow_expr_str(kwargs, 'mod')
if self.defer_apply_flows:
self.deferred_flows['mod'] += flow_str + '\n'
self.run_ofctl("mod-flows", [flow_str])
def delete_flows(self, **kwargs):
flow_expr_str = _build_flow_expr_str(kwargs, 'del')
if self.defer_apply_flows:
self.deferred_flows['del'] += flow_expr_str + '\n'
self.run_ofctl("del-flows", [flow_expr_str])
def dump_flows_for_table(self, table):
retval = None
flow_str = "table=%s" % table
flows = self.run_ofctl("dump-flows", [flow_str])
if flows:
retval = '\n'.join(item for item in flows.splitlines()
if 'NXST' not in item)
return retval
def defer_apply_on(self):
# TODO(vivek): when defer_apply_on is used, DVR
# flows are only getting partially configured when
# run concurrently with l2-pop ON.
# Will need make ovs_lib flow API context sensitive
# and then use the same across this file, which will
# address the race issue here.
self.defer_apply_flows = True
def defer_apply_off(self):
# TODO(vivek): when defer_apply_off is used, DVR
# flows are only getting partially configured when
# run concurrently with l2-pop ON.
# Will need make ovs_lib flow API context sensitive
# and then use the same across this file, which will
# address the race issue here.
# Note(ethuleau): stash flows and disable deferred mode. Then apply
# flows from the stashed reference to be sure to not purge flows that
# were added between two ofctl commands.
stashed_deferred_flows, self.deferred_flows = (
self.deferred_flows, {'add': '', 'mod': '', 'del': ''}
self.defer_apply_flows = False
for action, flows in stashed_deferred_flows.items():
if flows:
LOG.debug(_('Applying following deferred flows '
'to bridge %s'), self.br_name)
for line in flows.splitlines():
LOG.debug(_('%(action)s: %(flow)s'),
{'action': action, 'flow': line})
self.run_ofctl('%s-flows' % action, ['-'], flows)
def add_tunnel_port(self, port_name, remote_ip, local_ip,
vsctl_command = ["--", "--may-exist", "add-port", self.br_name,
vsctl_command.extend(["--", "set", "Interface", port_name,
"type=%s" % tunnel_type])
if tunnel_type == p_const.TYPE_VXLAN:
# Only set the VXLAN UDP port if it's not the default
if vxlan_udp_port != constants.VXLAN_UDP_PORT:
vsctl_command.append("options:dst_port=%s" % vxlan_udp_port)
vsctl_command.append(("options:df_default=%s" %
vsctl_command.extend(["options:remote_ip=%s" % remote_ip,
"options:local_ip=%s" % local_ip,
ofport = self.get_port_ofport(port_name)
if (tunnel_type == p_const.TYPE_VXLAN and
ofport == constants.INVALID_OFPORT):
LOG.error(_('Unable to create VXLAN tunnel port. Please ensure '
'that an openvswitch version that supports VXLAN is '
return ofport
def add_patch_port(self, local_name, remote_name):
self.run_vsctl(["add-port", self.br_name, local_name,
"--", "set", "Interface", local_name,
"type=patch", "options:peer=%s" % remote_name])
return self.get_port_ofport(local_name)
def db_get_map(self, table, record, column, check_error=False):
output = self.run_vsctl(["get", table, record, column], check_error)
if output:
output_str = output.rstrip("\n\r")
return self.db_str_to_map(output_str)
return {}
def db_get_val(self, table, record, column, check_error=False):
output = self.run_vsctl(["get", table, record, column], check_error)
if output:
return output.rstrip("\n\r")
def db_str_to_map(self, full_str):
list = full_str.strip("{}").split(", ")
ret = {}
for e in list:
if e.find("=") == -1:
arr = e.split("=")
ret[arr[0]] = arr[1].strip("\"")
return ret
def get_port_name_list(self):
res = self.run_vsctl(["list-ports", self.br_name], check_error=True)
if res:
return res.strip().split("\n")
return []
def get_port_stats(self, port_name):
return self.db_get_map("Interface", port_name, "statistics")
def get_xapi_iface_id(self, xs_vif_uuid):
args = ["xe", "vif-param-get", "param-name=other-config",
"param-key=nicira-iface-id", "uuid=%s" % xs_vif_uuid]
return utils.execute(args, root_helper=self.root_helper).strip()
except Exception as e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
LOG.error(_("Unable to execute %(cmd)s. "
"Exception: %(exception)s"),
{'cmd': args, 'exception': e})
# returns a VIF object for each VIF port
def get_vif_ports(self):
edge_ports = []
port_names = self.get_port_name_list()
for name in port_names:
external_ids = self.db_get_map("Interface", name, "external_ids",
ofport = self.db_get_val("Interface", name, "ofport",
if "iface-id" in external_ids and "attached-mac" in external_ids:
p = VifPort(name, ofport, external_ids["iface-id"],
external_ids["attached-mac"], self)
elif ("xs-vif-uuid" in external_ids and
"attached-mac" in external_ids):
# if this is a xenserver and iface-id is not automatically
# synced to OVS from XAPI, we grab it from XAPI directly
iface_id = self.get_xapi_iface_id(external_ids["xs-vif-uuid"])
p = VifPort(name, ofport, iface_id,
external_ids["attached-mac"], self)
return edge_ports
def get_vif_port_set(self):
port_names = self.get_port_name_list()
edge_ports = set()
args = ['--format=json', '--', '--columns=name,external_ids,ofport',
'list', 'Interface']
result = self.run_vsctl(args, check_error=True)
if not result:
return edge_ports
for row in jsonutils.loads(result)['data']:
name = row[0]
if name not in port_names:
external_ids = dict(row[1][1])
# Do not consider VIFs which aren't yet ready
# This can happen when ofport values are either [] or ["set", []]
# We will therefore consider only integer values for ofport
ofport = row[2]
int_ofport = int(ofport)
except (ValueError, TypeError):
LOG.warn(_("Found not yet ready openvswitch port: %s"), row)
if int_ofport > 0:
if ("iface-id" in external_ids and
"attached-mac" in external_ids):
elif ("xs-vif-uuid" in external_ids and
"attached-mac" in external_ids):
# if this is a xenserver and iface-id is not
# automatically synced to OVS from XAPI, we grab it
# from XAPI directly
iface_id = self.get_xapi_iface_id(
LOG.warn(_("Found failed openvswitch port: %s"), row)
return edge_ports
def get_port_tag_dict(self):
"""Get a dict of port names and associated vlan tags.
e.g. the returned dict is of the following form::
{u'int-br-eth2': [],
u'patch-tun': [],
u'qr-76d9e6b6-21': 1,
u'tapce5318ff-78': 1,
u'tape1400310-e6': 1}
The TAG ID is only available in the "Port" table and is not available
in the "Interface" table queried by the get_vif_port_set() method.
port_names = self.get_port_name_list()
args = ['--format=json', '--', '--columns=name,tag', 'list', 'Port']
result = self.run_vsctl(args, check_error=True)
port_tag_dict = {}
if not result:
return port_tag_dict
for name, tag in jsonutils.loads(result)['data']:
if name not in port_names:
# 'tag' can be [u'set', []] or an integer
if isinstance(tag, list):
tag = tag[1]
port_tag_dict[name] = tag
return port_tag_dict
def get_vif_port_by_id(self, port_id):
args = ['--format=json', '--', '--columns=external_ids,name,ofport',
'find', 'Interface',
'external_ids:iface-id="%s"' % port_id]
result = self.run_vsctl(args)
if not result:
json_result = jsonutils.loads(result)
# Retrieve the indexes of the columns we're looking for
headings = json_result['headings']
ext_ids_idx = headings.index('external_ids')
name_idx = headings.index('name')
ofport_idx = headings.index('ofport')
# If data attribute is missing or empty the line below will raise
# an exeception which will be captured in this block.
# We won't deal with the possibility of ovs-vsctl return multiple
# rows since the interface identifier is unique
data = json_result['data'][0]
port_name = data[name_idx]
switch = get_bridge_for_iface(self.root_helper, port_name)
if switch != self.br_name:"Port: %(port_name)s is on %(switch)s,"
" not on %(br_name)s"), {'port_name': port_name,
'switch': switch,
'br_name': self.br_name})
ofport = data[ofport_idx]
# ofport must be integer otherwise return None
if not isinstance(ofport, int) or ofport == -1:
LOG.warn(_("ofport: %(ofport)s for VIF: %(vif)s is not a "
"positive integer"), {'ofport': ofport,
'vif': port_id})
# Find VIF's mac address in external ids
ext_id_dict = dict((item[0], item[1]) for item in
vif_mac = ext_id_dict['attached-mac']
return VifPort(port_name, ofport, port_id, vif_mac, self)
except Exception as e:
LOG.warn(_("Unable to parse interface details. Exception: %s"), e)
def delete_ports(self, all_ports=False):
if all_ports:
port_names = self.get_port_name_list()
port_names = (port.port_name for port in self.get_vif_ports())
for port_name in port_names:
def get_local_port_mac(self):
"""Retrieve the mac of the bridge's local port."""
address = ip_lib.IPDevice(self.br_name, self.root_helper).link.address
if address:
return address
msg = _('Unable to determine mac address for %s') % self.br_name
raise Exception(msg)
def __enter__(self):
return self
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, exc_tb):
def get_bridge_for_iface(root_helper, iface):
args = ["ovs-vsctl", "--timeout=%d" % cfg.CONF.ovs_vsctl_timeout,
"iface-to-br", iface]
return utils.execute(args, root_helper=root_helper).strip()
except Exception:
LOG.exception(_("Interface %s not found."), iface)
return None
def get_bridges(root_helper):
args = ["ovs-vsctl", "--timeout=%d" % cfg.CONF.ovs_vsctl_timeout,
return utils.execute(args, root_helper=root_helper).strip().split("\n")
except Exception as e:
with excutils.save_and_reraise_exception():
LOG.exception(_("Unable to retrieve bridges. Exception: %s"), e)
def get_bridge_external_bridge_id(root_helper, bridge):
args = ["ovs-vsctl", "--timeout=2", "br-get-external-id",
bridge, "bridge-id"]
return utils.execute(args, root_helper=root_helper).strip()
except Exception:
LOG.exception(_("Bridge %s not found."), bridge)
return None
def _build_flow_expr_str(flow_dict, cmd):
flow_expr_arr = []
actions = None
if cmd == 'add':
flow_expr_arr.append("hard_timeout=%s" %
flow_dict.pop('hard_timeout', '0'))
flow_expr_arr.append("idle_timeout=%s" %
flow_dict.pop('idle_timeout', '0'))
flow_expr_arr.append("priority=%s" %
flow_dict.pop('priority', '1'))
elif 'priority' in flow_dict:
msg = _("Cannot match priority on flow deletion or modification")
raise exceptions.InvalidInput(error_message=msg)
if cmd != 'del':
if "actions" not in flow_dict:
msg = _("Must specify one or more actions on flow addition"
" or modification")
raise exceptions.InvalidInput(error_message=msg)
actions = "actions=%s" % flow_dict.pop('actions')
for key, value in flow_dict.iteritems():
if key == 'proto':
flow_expr_arr.append("%s=%s" % (key, str(value)))
if actions:
return ','.join(flow_expr_arr)
def ofctl_arg_supported(root_helper, cmd, args):
'''Verify if ovs-ofctl binary supports command with specific args.
:param root_helper: utility to use when running shell cmds.
:param cmd: ovs-vsctl command to use for test.
:param args: arguments to test with command.
:returns: a boolean if the args supported.
supported = True
br_name = 'br-test-%s' % common_utils.get_random_string(6)
test_br = OVSBridge(br_name, root_helper)
full_args = ["ovs-ofctl", cmd, test_br.br_name] + args
utils.execute(full_args, root_helper=root_helper)
except Exception:
supported = False
return supported