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Arjun Baindur 379a9faf62 Change duplicate OVS bridge datapath-ids
The native OVS/ofctl controllers talk to the bridges using a
datapath-id, instead of the bridge name. The datapath ID is
auto-generated based on the MAC address of the bridge's NIC.
In the case where bridges are on VLAN interfaces, they would
have the same MACs, therefore the same datapath-id, causing
flows for one physical bridge to be programmed on each other.

The datapath-id is a 64-bit field, with lower 48 bits being
the MAC. We set the upper 12 unused bits to identify each
unique physical bridge

This could also be fixed manually using ovs-vsctl set, but
it might be beneficial to automate this in the code.

ovs-vsctl set bridge <mybr> other-config:datapath-id=<datapathid>

You can change this yourself using above command.

You can view/verify current datapath-id via

ovs-vsctl get Bridge br-vlan datapath-id

(please note that other-config is needed in the set, but not get)

Closes-Bug: #1697243
Co-Authored-By: Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez <>

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2019-01-24 16:35:50 +00:00
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