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Contributor Onboarding
For new contributors, the following are useful onboarding information.
Contributing to Neutron
Work within Neutron is discussed on the openstack-discuss mailing list, as well as in the
#openstack-neutron IRC channel. While these are great channels for engaging Neutron,
the bulk of discussion of patches and code happens in gerrit itself.
With regards to gerrit, code reviews are a great way to learn about the project. There
is also a list of `low or wishlist <>`_ priority bugs which are ideal for a new contributor to take
on. If you haven't done so you should setup a Neutron development environment so you
can actually run the code. Devstack is the usual convenient environment to setup such
an environment. See ` <>`_ or `NeutronDevstack <>`_
for more information on using Neutron with devstack.
Helping with documentation can also be a useful first step for a newcomer.
Here is a list of tagged documentation and API reference bugs:
* `Documentation bugs <>`_
* `Api-ref bugs <>`_
IRC Information and Etiquette
The main IRC channel for Neutron is #openstack-neutron.