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Welcome to Neutron's documentation!

Neutron is an OpenStack project to provide "network connectivity as a service" between interface devices (e.g., vNICs) managed by other OpenStack services (e.g., nova). It implements the Neutron API.

This documentation is generated by the Sphinx toolkit and lives in the source tree. Additional documentation on Neutron and other components of OpenStack can be found on the OpenStack wiki and the Neutron section of the wiki. The Neutron Development wiki is also a good resource for new contributors.


Installation Guide

Installation Guide <install/index>

Networking Guide


Configuration Reference


CLI Reference


Neutron Feature Classification


Contributor Guide


API Extensions

Go to for information about the OpenStack Network API and its extensions.

  • Neutron document search <search>: Search the contents of this document.
  • OpenStack wide search: Search the wider set of OpenStack documentation, including forums.