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Jenkins e75f4854a6
Merge "Kill 'Skipping unknown group key: firewall_driver' log trace"
9 years ago
.. Update License Headers to replace Nicira with VMware 9 years ago Send network-changed notifications to nova 9 years ago Create new IPv6 attributes for Subnets 9 years ago Check vxlan enablement via modinfo 9 years ago Calculate stateless IPv6 address 9 years ago Kill 'Skipping unknown group key: firewall_driver' log trace 9 years ago Make neutron.common.log.log print module path 10 years ago Avoid loading policy when processing rpc requests 9 years ago Remove plugin_name_v2 and extension_manager in test_config 9 years ago LBaaS: move agent based driver files into a separate dir 9 years ago Merge "Remove legacy quantum config path" 9 years ago