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Debug Helper Script for Neutron
- Configure
export NEUTRON_TEST_CONFIG_FILE=/etc/neutron/debug.ini
export NEUTRON_TEST_CONFIG_FILE=/etc/neutron/l3_agent.ini
you can also specify config file by --config-file option
- Usage
neutron-debug commands
probe-create <net-id>
Create probe port - create port and interface, then plug it in.
This commands returns a port id of a probe port. A probe port is a port which is used to test.
The port id is probe id.
We can have multiple probe probes in a network, in order to check connectivity between ports.
neutron-debug probe-exec probe_id_1 'nc -l 22'
neutron-debug probe-exec probe_id_2 'nc -vz 22'
Note: You should use a user and a tenant who has permission to
modify network and subnet if you want to probe. For example, you need to be admin user if you
want to probe external network.
probe-delete <port-id> Delete probe - delete port then uplug
probe-exec <port-id> 'command' Exec commands on the namespace of the probe
`probe-exec <port-id>` 'interactive command' Exec interactive command (eg, ssh)
probe-list List probes
probe-clear Clear All probes
ping-all --id <network_id> --timeout 1 (optional)
ping-all is all-in-one command to ping all fixed ip's in all network or a specified network.
In the command probe is automatically created if needed.
neutron-debug extends the shell of neutronclient, so you can use all the commands of neutron