OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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The neutron-openvswitch-agent can sometimes spend too much time handling
a large number of ports, exceeding its timeout value, ``agent_boot_time``,
for L2 population. Because of this, some flow update operations will not
be triggerred, resulting in lost flows during agent restart, especially
for host-to-host vxlan tunnel flows, causing the original tunnel flows to
be treated as stale due to the different cookie IDs. The agent's first
RPC loop will also do a stale flow clean-up procedure and delete them,
leading to a loss of connectivity.
Please ensure that all neutron-server and neutron-openvswitch-agent
binaries are upgraded for the changes to take effect, after which
the L2 population ``agent_boot_time`` config option will no longer
be used.
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The neutron-openvswitch-agent was changed to notify the neutron-server
in its first RPC loop that it has restarted. This signals neutron-server
to provide updated L2 population information to correctly program FDB
entries, ensuring connectivity to instances is not interrupted.
This fixes the following bugs:
`1794991 <>`_,
`1799178 <>`_,
`1813703 <>`_,
`1813714 <>`_,
`1813715 <>`_.