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Zuul 98f9aeeb74
Merge "Not remove the running router when MQ is unreachable" into stable/rocky
2 years ago
agent Merge "Not remove the running router when MQ is unreachable" into stable/rocky 2 years ago
api [Security] fix allowed-address-pair issue 3 years ago
cmd Fix exception in neutron-sanity-check 5 years ago
common Packets getting lost during SNAT with too many connections 4 years ago
conf/agent Agent common config 6 years ago
core_extensions Refactor duplicated implementation of _get_policy_obj 5 years ago
db Merge "Make _ensure_default_security_group method atomic" into stable/rocky 3 years ago
debug Change ip_lib network namespace code to use pyroute2 5 years ago
extensions Fix validation of IPv6 subnets with external RAs 3 years ago
hacking Adopt hacking 1.1.0 5 years ago
ipam Update the processing of assigned addresses when assigning addresses 3 years ago
notifiers Add config option ``http_retries`` 3 years ago
objects Filter by owner SGs when retrieving the SG rules 3 years ago
pecan_wsgi Removing deprecated module neutron.api.versions 5 years ago
plugins Ensure drop flows on br-int at agent startup for DVR too 3 years ago
privileged python3: fix netlink_lib delete_entries 5 years ago
quota use get reader/writer session from neutron-lib 5 years ago
scheduler Trigger router update only when gateway port IP changed 3 years ago
services port_forwarding: validate args before invoking db update 3 years ago
tests Increase timeouts for OVSDB in functional tests 3 years ago Don't set use_stderr to False for tests 6 years ago Remove the unit test 'test_ports_vnic_type_list' 5 years ago Add dependency for service plugin 4 years ago Consume ServicePluginBase from neutron-lib 6 years ago Fix context deprecation warnings 5 years ago Avoid loading same service plugin more than once 4 years ago Add unit test to validate non DB base core plugin can be loaded 5 years ago Fix handling of network:shared field in policy module 4 years ago use callback payloads for _SPAWN events 5 years ago Move AgentStatusCheckWorker to PeriodicWorker 6 years ago Update neutron files for new over-indentation hacking rule (E117) 4 years ago Adopt hacking 1.1.0 5 years ago