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Slawek Kaplonski f2192f1226 Add logging for functional tests
In patch [1] I changed most of functional tests classes to
inherit from neutron.tests.functional.base.BaseLoggingTestCase
class to enable logging of results for such tests.
I missed two classes then, so this patch fixes it and adds
inherit from same base class to tests which still didn't have
logging enabled.


Change-Id: I9afbe241ee26c8cdc807d2f4fa1c285ff1f07d60
5 years ago
.. Fix flake8 H404 errors 5 years ago Rename 'newapi' to 'pecan_wsgi' 8 years ago Populate project info before using it 5 years ago Add logging for functional tests 5 years ago fix a typo: s/paramater/parameter 5 years ago Use constant IP_VERSION_4/6 in functional tests 5 years ago