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LIU Yulong 63ea9d7bcc Set lower addr to avoid IP out of range
Since port creating can result an IP address in the
entire CIDR especially small subnet. And those next
N IP actions can be out of subnet IP range. This
patch gives the original test port a specific IP
addr to prevent this issue.

Closes-Bug: #1812404
Change-Id: I34cb99a518d4469c7d1ca9e2897671608b2b81ad
4 years ago
l3_router Add logging for functional tests 5 years ago
logapi Replace ryu with os_ken 5 years ago
portforwarding Set lower addr to avoid IP out of range 4 years ago
trunk Do not delete trunk bridges if service port attached 5 years ago Add high-level functional/integration DVR tests 8 years ago