OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Zuul b76800474d Merge "[ovs fw] Restrict IPv6 NA and DHCP(v6) IP and MAC source addresses" into stable/ussuri 4 months ago
agent [ovs fw] Restrict IPv6 NA and DHCP(v6) IP and MAC source addresses 4 months ago
api DHCP notification optimization 5 months ago
cmd Migrate "netstat" to oslo.privsep 7 months ago
common Rely on worker count for HashRing caching 5 months ago
conf/agent Agent common config 5 years ago
core_extensions Add "qos_network_policy_id" to port definition 2 years ago
db Merge "[L3] Check agent gateway port robustly" into stable/ussuri 5 months ago
debug Remove deprecated 'external_network_bridge' option 3 years ago
extensions Improve Network delete performance 5 months ago
hacking Allow usage of assert_called_once method in unit tests 2 years ago
ipam IPv6 accepts first address only for routers 2 years ago
notifiers Add config option ``http_retries`` 1 year ago
objects Auto-delete dhcp ports on segment delete 1 year ago
pecan_wsgi Removing deprecated module neutron.api.versions 4 years ago
plugins Merge "Change reference to OvnDbNotifyHandler._watched_events" into stable/ussuri 5 months ago
privileged Migrate "netstat" to oslo.privsep 7 months ago
quota use get reader/writer session from neutron-lib 3 years ago
scheduler Revert "DVR: Remove control plane arp updates for DVR" 7 months ago
services [OVN] Fix: Disabling snat after it was enabled 4 months ago
tests Remove references to unittest2 library 2 years ago Don't set use_stderr to False for tests 5 years ago Remove the unit test 'test_ports_vnic_type_list' 3 years ago Open Ussuri DB branch 2 years ago Consume ServicePluginBase from neutron-lib 5 years ago Remove some unnecessary usages of verify() 1 year ago Fix context deprecation warnings 4 years ago Open Ussuri DB branch 2 years ago Add unit test to validate non DB base core plugin can be loaded 4 years ago Fix the sriov agent config group name 5 years ago Fix handling of network:shared field in policy module 2 years ago fix test nit 2 years ago Forbid contract migration scripts for Ocata 5 years ago Switch to use cast method in dhcp_ready_on_ports method 2 years ago use SqlFixture and StaticSqlFixture from neutron-lib 2 years ago