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Nate Johnston 2dc61dfbcc Utilize bulk port creation ops in ml2 plugin
Rather than iterating through all ports and leveraging the heavyweight
ml2 method, use a set of optimized functions that attempts to make bulk
port operations as speedy as possible.

The test test_bulk_ports_before_and_after_events_outside_of_txn is
deleted because with the change to using port OVO, the session will
not be closed, and it is not correct to check for it.

Change-Id: Ieea0e6074cd31a2d09ae92f1f3c8d375c6d8ecc2
Implements: blueprint speed-up-neutron-bulk-creation
4 years ago
.. Empty files should not contain copyright or license 9 years ago Utilize bulk port creation ops in ml2 plugin 4 years ago