OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Zuul 55de7e5471 Merge "Check interface presence in new namespace" into stable/ussuri 10 months ago
agent Check interface presence in new namespace 11 months ago
api Convert policy.json into policy-in-code 4 years ago
cmd Deprecate config option "ovs_integration_bridge" 3 years ago
common All functional tests logs results now 4 years ago
db Remove FT "test_has_offline_migrations_*" tests 2 years ago
objects Randomize segmentation ID assignation 1 year ago
pecan_wsgi Remove references to unittest2 library 3 years ago
plugins [ovn] Stop monitoring the SB MAC_Binding table to reduce mem footprint 11 months ago
privileged Migrate "netstat" to oslo.privsep 2 years ago
resources [OVN] Add OVN functional tests - part 1 3 years ago
sanity Use pyroute2 for SRIOV VF commands 2 years ago
scheduler Add binding_index to NetworkDhcpAgentBinding 3 years ago
services Revert "DVR: Remove control plane arp updates for DVR" 2 years ago
tests Mark NetcatTesterTestCase tests as unstable 3 years ago tests: removed 'retargetable' framework 5 years ago [ovn] metadata functional tests don't support Chassis_Private 1 year ago TrunkManager for the OVS agent 6 years ago
requirements.txt [ussuri] Fix tests with new pip resolver 2 years ago Wait until workers have been launched 11 months ago Modify api and rpc default number of workers 4 years ago