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# neutron-rootwrap command filters for nodes on which neutron is
# expected to control network
# This file should be owned by (and only-writeable by) the root user
# format seems to be
# cmd-name: filter-name, raw-command, user, args
# haproxy
haproxy: CommandFilter, haproxy, root
# lbaas-agent uses kill as well, that's handled by the generic KillFilter
kill_haproxy_usr: KillFilter, root, /usr/sbin/haproxy, -9, -HUP
ovs-vsctl: CommandFilter, ovs-vsctl, root
mm-ctl: CommandFilter, mm-ctl, root
# ip_lib
ip: IpFilter, ip, root
ip_exec: IpNetnsExecFilter, ip, root
route: CommandFilter, route, root