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Boden R 44292f4c9a consume neutron-lib resources attr map
Today we shim the RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP in neutron; it references the
equivelant in neutron-lib named RESOURCES.

This patch removes neutron's RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP and cleans up
neutron.api.v2.attributes in prep to delete it.
To do so:
- CORE_RESOURCES and RESOURCE_FOREIGN_KEYS are moved to the single
module that references them respectively and the are made private (no
consumers use them).
- get_collection_info is removed and instead the 2 uses in neutron
just use the get() method of the RESOURCES map. There are no external
uses of get_collection_info.
- References using RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP are switched over to
neutron-lib's RESOURCES.
- The neutron.api.v2.attributes module is removed as it's empty now.
- A few api attribute UTs are removed; there's nothing to test as per
this patch.


Change-Id: Iaacee584d499c4d33d6d2dd9609c7ac0f2cfc386
5 years ago
.. Reset policies after RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP is populated 9 years ago consume neutron-lib resources attr map 5 years ago