OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Networking Option 2: Self-service networks

Install and configure the Networking components on the controller node.

Install the components

# zypper install --no-recommends openstack-neutron \
  openstack-neutron-server openstack-neutron-linuxbridge-agent \
  openstack-neutron-l3-agent openstack-neutron-dhcp-agent \
  openstack-neutron-metadata-agent bridge-utils dnsmasq

Configure the server component

Configure the Modular Layer 2 (ML2) plug-in

The ML2 plug-in uses the Linux bridge mechanism to build layer-2 (bridging and switching) virtual networking infrastructure for instances.

Configure the Linux bridge agent

The Linux bridge agent builds layer-2 (bridging and switching) virtual networking infrastructure for instances and handles security groups.

Configure the layer-3 agent

The Layer-3 (L3) agent provides routing and NAT services for self-service virtual networks.

Configure the DHCP agent

The DHCP agent provides DHCP services for virtual networks.

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