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Slawek Kaplonski e04ed368ad
Support iproute2 4.15 in l3_tc_lib
3 years ago
common don't clear skb mark when ovs is hw-offload enabled 3 years ago
dhcp Switch to use cast method in dhcp_ready_on_ports method 3 years ago
l2 Clear residual qos rules after l2-agent restarts. 4 years ago
l3 Merge "Do not initialize snat-ns twice" into stable/rocky 3 years ago
linux Support iproute2 4.15 in l3_tc_lib 3 years ago
metadata Remove extra header fields in proxied metadata requests 3 years ago
ovsdb Merge "Kill _connection_to_manager_uri dummy" 5 years ago
windows Fix neutron-openvswitch-agent Windows support 5 years ago Empty files should not contain copyright or license 8 years ago Refactoring config options for l2 agent ext opts 6 years ago Merge "Fix race condition with enabling SG on many ports at once" 5 years ago Add binding activation to OVS agent 5 years ago Divide-and-conquer security group beasts 4 years ago