OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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David Shaughnessy ea8d60f561 Added agent specific API support to L2 extensions
- Introduces an API to allow l2-agents to access resources within
  the Open vSwitch Agent, specifically the integration and tunnel bridges.
- adds consume_api method to the AgentCoreResourceExtension class.
- modifies the AgentExtensionManager class to accept the AgentExtensionAPI
  class as an optional argument.
- adds the OVSAgentExtensionAPI class.
- modifies ovs_lib and ofswitch to include a list of uuid stamps
  to exempt from flow deletion.
- adds the OVSBridgeCookieMixin class that manages the distribution of
  cookies and maintains the list of reserved cookies.
- modifies OVSNeutronAgent to initialize OVSAgentExtensionAPI and pass
  into the AgentExtensionManager.

Partial-Bug: #1517903
Co-Authored-By: Nate Johnston <>
Co-Authored-By: Thomas Morin <>
Implements: blueprint l2-api-extensions

Change-Id: I7cb61f30689dff2d7895d444060dedc1532a63ec
2016-02-26 17:40:10 +00:00
bin Fixes typos Openstack -> OpenStack 2016-01-18 16:04:56 +00:00
devstack BGP Dynamic Routing: introduce BgpDrAgent 2016-02-18 10:46:55 -08:00
doc Fix tox -e docs 2016-02-24 17:58:45 -05:00
etc Revert the unused code for address scope 2016-02-22 10:48:40 -05:00
neutron Added agent specific API support to L2 extensions 2016-02-26 17:40:10 +00:00
rally-jobs Changes in rally-jobs/README.rst 2015-06-04 10:34:15 -04:00
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tools Add fullstack resources for linuxbridge agent 2016-02-19 13:12:25 +00:00
.coveragerc Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors 2015-09-21 14:31:29 +00:00
.gitignore Automatically generate neutron core configuration files 2015-11-27 15:22:59 +00:00
.gitreview Fix .gitreview to not point at a branch 2015-08-17 13:51:51 -06:00
.mailmap Add mailmap entry 2014-05-16 13:40:04 -04:00
.pylintrc Start using neutron-lib for shared constants and exceptions 2016-02-10 16:41:18 -07:00
.testr.conf .testr.conf: revert workaround of testtools bug 2016-02-19 14:29:07 +01:00
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setup.cfg Merge "macvtap: ML2 mech driver for macvtap network attachments" 2016-02-23 16:51:16 +00:00 Updated from global requirements 2015-09-21 18:56:49 +00:00
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tox.ini Switch "dsvm-functional:" into same pattern as constraints 2016-02-11 18:21:36 -05:00



You have come across a cloud computing network fabric controller. It has identified itself as "Neutron." It aims to tame your (cloud) networking!

External Resources:

The homepage for Neutron is: Use this site for asking for help, and filing bugs. Code is available on at <>.

The latest and most in-depth documentation on how to use Neutron is available at: <>. This includes:

Neutron Administrator Guide

Networking Guide

Neutron API Reference:

Current Neutron developer documentation is available at:

For help on usage and hacking of Neutron, please send mail to <>.

For information on how to contribute to Neutron, please see the contents of the CONTRIBUTING.rst file.